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New carton and box products in the converting industry

Foil Capsules Launch Sales

Like many forms of packaging, the foil converted by Sparflex of California for use on wine, champagne, spirits, and water bottles provide both tamper evidence and decorative appeal. Capsule materials are converted using the same type of equipment and technologies as other forms of packaging, such as boxes, bags, tags, and labels


Upgraded UV System C3 is a new reflector design for company's UV curing systems


Pouch Machine Saves Scrap The 750 servo pouch machine uses a single web of film to produce two-up, stand-up resealable pouches. Uses less scrap than multiple


Flexible Die-Cutting at Lower Cost The Eagle 360 flexible plate rotary die-cutting system provides cost reductions to 50% compared to solid dies. Replacement


Gearing Products Offered Company offers a comprehensive range of standard open gearing products including spur, helical, miter, bevel, worms, and worm

Lean & Green

As your customers look to improve their sustainability efforts, new substrates on the market offer recyclability and weight reduction with no loss of performance.


Inspect Web for Quality EasyInspect 100% web inspection system detects defects and irregularities in film, optical film, paper, foil, nonwovens, and laminated


Proofing Paper Is Company offers Validation SG3 premium inkjet contract proofing paper designed specifically for SWOP-grade 3 proofing. Paper base is

Narrow Web & Label Products: March 2009

Move/Stage Rolls Safely Ergonomic VCRD-1000 V-cradle roll dollies are said to make moving and staging rolls safe, fast, and easy, while keeping valuable

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Top Ten Products for Converters

What's New Products

Inks Low in VOCs Triumph sheet-fed process inks from Kohl & Madden feature a low-VOC ink technology that is high in renewable raw materials and is said

Narrow Web & Label Products

Splicer Is Compact The MLS automatic lap splicer for nonstop unwinding at full press speed has a compact design said to make it ideal as a mid-press splicer

What's New Products

Rolls Aid Web Control Idler rolls feature hundreds of precision-machined grooves that allow air to escape from between the roll and web to provide better

Narrow Web & Label

Mount Plates Cost-Effectively The VPM400 updated plate mounter is said to provide high quality video plate mounting technology at a cost-effective price.

What's New Products

Move Large Rolls Without Damage The Big Wheel RollMover is designed to move larger rolls of tissue, toweling, and nonwovens gently, without damaging outer

New Product Digest

Quick Delivery For Non-Adhesive Products Fast Face ordering program provides rapid delivery of lower volume, custom-slit orders of select non-adhesive

August What's New Products

Mid-Gloss Strengthened Raflacoat Plus is upgraded version of company's mid-gloss paper. Machine-coated 80-g stock is said to be stronger and more rigid,

August 2008 PFFC What's New Products: Part two

Process Tags, Tickets With RFID The STP (Smart Tag and Ticket Processor) incorporates company's 2nd-generation RFID technology with the ability to read

August 2008 PFFC What's New Products: Part three

Mounting Materials Eliminate Press Bounce Designed to handle easily, E/bak Cushions allow for printing on rough surfaces while eliminating gear banding

What's New Products

Neutralize Static Effectively Super Ion air knife uses 8.7 scfm of compressed air at 5 psig to entrain high volumes of surrounding room air for effective

What's New Products

Higher Output UV LED Lights Black Diamond 365 Series UV LED curing units reportedly provide a shorter single-peak 365nm UV light wavelength and higher

TOP 10 EClips PFFC's electronics clipping service for converters

#1UV Inks & Coatings Are Odorless Customizable UV inks and coatings are formulated without odor for most applications. The products reportedly are user-

What's New Products

Rolls Feature Tough Screen Isoten vacuum rolls feature a durable steel screen that distributes vacuum suction evenly across the roll face. Company says


Controller Has 60 Settings The MP2000 single-loop viscosity controller has 60 settings to accommodate solvent- or water-based products and level control.

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