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Principles of Narrow Web Slitting

For those veterans in the slitting-winding community, this commentary is not necessarily new information, but reviews are always good too. 

Marina King Hired as First Director of Sales at Leverwood Knife Works

Leverwood Knife Works, a leader in custom, precision-ground industrial blades and brand of EDGE Industrial Technologies, hired Marina King as director of sales.

The Merits of a Repurposed Slitter Rewinder

When a converter approaches an OEM supplier with a need for a slitter rewinder, project goals and scope must be conveyed precisely and clearly.

Double E Group Debuts New Appleton Side Load Slabber for the Converting Industry

New Side Load Slabber Reduces Cut and Strain Injuries While Increasing Efficiency In Slabbing Operations.

Danny Kasper New Regional Sales Manager at TGW International

TGW International, a leader in industrial machine knives and brand of EDGE Industrial Technologies

Do Not Ruin a Good Thing... Practice Good Static Control in Slitting

Good static control is needed in slitting because this is often the last production operation before shipping to the customer.

TGW International Launches New and Improved Seafood Blade Range

The key difference maker is a new corrosion resistant proprietary process step for the company’s line of seafood blades.

AZCO Corp.'s Innovative Blister Cutter

A Cost-Effective Solution that Eliminates the Need for a Punch Station

New Product Alert – Stripper Plates and Gloucester Blades at TGW

TGW manufactures the fullest range of bag knives and stripper plates for Gloucester 418 and 421 bag machine lines.

A New Slitter

An Often-ignored Way to Improve Packaging Productivity

Your Creation. Our Know How.

DIENES Group was founded by Karl Rudolf Dienes of Remscheid, Germany in 1913.

Maxcess Launches the Tidland Advantage Series Knifeholder

High slit quality for narrow widths meets competitive pricing and easy maintenance

New GR360 from Lundberg Tech Cuts Tough Waste Materials Down to Size

Waste handling equipment manufacturer Lundberg Tech has introduced the GR360 granulator.

Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions Has Full Line of Blades

Score slitter and perforator blades covert rolls to sheets

American Cutting Edge Offers Variety of Blades

Stock blades and custom blades in many materials and coating are available at American Cutting Edge

Azco Knife Assemblies Give Clean Cuts

SUR-CUT guillotine knife assemblies from Azco can be mounted in any position, cut a variety of flexible materials cleanly, and feature many options

Microtrace Offers Molecular Taggant for Liquids or Solids

A molecular taggant, available in multiple delivery formats, is suited for high-volume bulk materials identification

AWA Presents Specialty Paper Event

The Specialty Paper Industry Conference 2012 will offer topics that include printed electronics, sustainability, recycling of p-s labeling, and more

Knifeholder Sets Up Easily

Performance Series Knifeholder, offered in three sizes, can accommodate shear, crush, or razor slitting of almost any material. Features a 180-deg reversible

Blade Exchanger Cuts Setup Times

Razor blades are changed automatically and safely in razor blade exchanger. Exchanger is attached to the positioning carriage of the cutter adjustment

Sharpen Your Own Blades

Blade sharpening system allows customers to maximize productivity and reduce costs by sharpening their own blades on their own timetable. Knife cartridge

Double E Partners with Mario Cotta

WEST BRIDGEWATER, MA | The Double E Co. has acquired the exclusive rights to sell and service Italy-based Mario Cotta's line of slitting systems, knifeholders,

A Team Effort

Founded in 1990 in rural Darien, WI, Protect-all prides itself on being a team that is determined to meet new customer application demands through the

Upgrade the Old, Bring in the New!

Noven Pharmaceuticals may not be a household name, but the patented creation of this 500-employee company helped revolutionize the way people receive

Taming Plastics

Plastics may be flexible, brittle, or stretchable; thin, medium, or thick; clear to opaque; really easy to tear, easy to tear, tough to tear, or impossible to tear; have excellent "memory" or have no "memory"; react readily to heat or don’t react to heat at all; allow air to pass through them or actually prevent bullets from passing through them. You get the picture. So how do you cut, crease, and perforate such incredibly diverse (and perverse) materials

New Materials Extend Wearability and Blade Life

Whatever your slitting method, blade life can be improved dramatically if you have the right knife in the right holder, properly angled, explains Keith

The Catbridge Difference

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