Dielectrics and Their Role with Corona Treaters

Plastic films are non-porous and typically have low surface tension. Inks, coatings, and adhesives do not readily wet out or adhere. Corona treatment raises the surface energy of these materials in a way that is uniform and not discernible to the eye.

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Austenitic Stainless Steel Overlays

As the oil and gas industry looks to reduce cost in the current market, higher efficiency processes are more sought after than ever. Overlaying stainless steel seat pockets and ring grooves with submerged arc welding, for example, appears much more economical than gas tungsten arc welding or shielded metal arc welding.

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What is Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTAW)?

Are you looking for a more economical way to overlay your components with a metallurgical bonded, high hardness, corrosion resistant, or high-wear metal matrix material? Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTAW) may be the solution for you with up to 20% savings over laser cladding and other solutions.

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Easy Open Application in Flexible Packaging: Snack N’ Seal

What is great about this new packaging is the resealable top designed to help keep the cookies fresh. The design is called snack n’ seal” and that’s an amazing.

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Enterprise Print Group Case Study

Enterprise Print Group recently purchased a SEI Laser Labelmaster to expand capabilities, efficiency and profit potential. Investing in the Labelmaster advances the mission of Enterprise Print Group by delivering true digital finishing, including rapid setup and on-the-fly cutting without the need for tooling and die inventory.

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The Power of Laser: How TRUE Digital Finishing Can Transform Your Future and Profits

Learn how SEI Laser’s high-performance solutions for cutting, scoring, micro-perforation and engraving enhance label, commercial print, folding carton, wide-format and flexible-packaging applications in addition to delivering market-leading capabilities and improved profitability for your business! SEI Laser reduces production costs, changeover times and waste while streamlining workflow processes, speed-to-market and the ability to meet orders quickly. You can also request samples or a live video demo here.

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The Importance of Bladder Inflation Monitoring in the Converting Industry

By Michael Van Deurse, Edited by Kyle Willis

Companies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors with higher quality products, increased throughput, and reduced waste. It is more important than ever to have proper quality assurance in place on your production line to make sure your company delivers value to the customer. This article discusses critical, yet often overlooked, components of the converting process, the unwind and rewind shafts, and how their bladders affect production quality and safety. We detail how these components impact the production process and new ways to guarantee that your operators are using them correctly.

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Web Tension Control Fundamentals

Web tension control refers to the process of controlling tension while transporting a web. Accurate and stable tension control ensures the highest product quality and productivity. An optimized web tension control system will ensure that the correct tension is maintained for any type of material, at any section of the machine and regardless of speed or process conditions.

This paper is a review of the fundamentals of web tension control, covering the following topics; Machine sections (unwinds, rewinds and driven machine sections) and the critical tension control issues for each. Web tension sensors and components, dancer systems and accumulators. Load cell selection and dancer system design criteria. Methods of tension control, open and closed loop control. Modes of tension control i.e., speed and torque and their proper application. The effects of web compliance on tension control and control method considerations.

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Methods and Design Considerations for the Application of Hot Melt Coatings
- Written by New Era Converting Machinery’s Tom Lombardo and Bob Pasquale.

As the use of hot melt coatings continues to grow and evolve so too have the operating parameters and requirements for applying these coatings. This article covers several of the coating methods currently used to apply hot melts, including a review of the typical operating parameters and conditions for each method. as well as the associated advantages or disadvantages. Additionally, we discuss the critical features that should be incorporated into the design of the application system. Though we touch upon the systems that are used to melt and deliver the hot melts to the coater, we do not cover them in any detail.

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