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Microtrace Offers Molecular Taggant for Liquids or Solids


MINNEAPOLIS, MN | Microtrace, a supplier of taggant technology, announces a molecular taggant that can be used in liquids or solids. Company says the technology is detected at very low levels, making it suitable for high-volume bulk materials identification.

Reported benefits and applications include:

• Dilution detection as low as 10%

• Detection of mix ratios

• Completely invisible and otherwise undetectable taggant

• Low loading ratio

•Economical tagging of high-volume bulk materials

Soluble taggants for fluids

• Standoff detection.

Taggants are available in multiple delivery formats and are said to be well suited for all types of materials and surfaces. They can be delivered in the following formats:

• Formulated with customer raw material

• Plastic masterbatch

Security ink

Spray carrier.

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