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New GR360 from Lundberg Tech Cuts Tough Waste Materials Down to Size

Waste handling equipment manufacturer Lundberg Tech has introduced the GR360 granulator. Featuring a 14.17-inch (360 millimeter) inlet width, the GR360 granulator was developed to match the dimensions of the full width of the web for digital presses, allowing on-the-fly job changes for different layouts and colors without costly machine stoppages.

Specified in the company's automated vacuum waste removal systems, the GR360 granulator reportedly sets a series of long-wearing metal knives on a rotor to cut the waste to a targeted length for reduced waste volumes and higher densities while matching the speed of the press, slitter, or other machinery. High speeds up to 33,600 cuts per minute serving multiple machines at the same time may be achieved.

A sustainable waste management approach, the GR360 granulating system automatically captures, cuts, and removes label matrix, textiles, carpeting, plastics, Kevlar, and other stiff and/or thick waste materials for recycling or disposal without manual handling or changing equipment.

Expanding the company's line of granulators to 10 standard models, plus custom designs, the durable granulator is machined from a single piece of high carbon steel for solid performance over the long term with minimal maintenance.

A choice of optional accessories is offered to meet the requirements of nearly any installation or material as thin as 20 micrometers. Some of those options reportedly include non-stick coatings and lubrication systems for labels and adhesives, variable speed drives for adjustable waste size, coated knives for extra wear resistance, and hole shields to meet specific waste size requirements.

The GR360 granulator is designed and manufactured at the company's headquarters and includes a quality guarantee. Knife sharpening and spare parts are offered from the company's Newark, Delaware facility.

For more information, visit https://lundbergtech.com.

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