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Quick Delivery For Non-Adhesive Products

Fast Face ordering program provides rapid delivery of lower volume, custom-slit orders of select non-adhesive products. Paper and film stocks can be used for a variety of applications. Visit booth 1339.
UPM Raflatac | 828-651-4800 | www.upmraflatac.com

Adhesive Is Ultra-Removable

Covinax acrylic, polymer-based PSA formula is said to offer optical clarity that can be used on any application requiring a transparent adhesive. Reportedly offers the advantages of a water-based formula, including high coating speed. Company says ultra-removable adhesive adheres to and easily lifts from diverse surfaces and performs well as a removable tape or label on most surfaces. Product is FDA compliant for use with most food and drug packaging. Said to offer durability and to maintain constant, smooth peel adhesion with clean removability, even after extended aging. Visit booth 1559.
Franklin Adhesives | 800-487-4583 | www.franklinadhesives.com

Dust Collector Meets OSHA Standard

PAC Sonic Jet Dust Collectors feature a low-maintenance, safety-first design that places all serviceable components on the outside of the casing to permit inspections, part replacement, and other maintenance to be performed without requiring workers to enter the unit. This allows compliance with OSHA's 29 CRF 1910.146 regulating permit-required confined space entry. Visit booth 5722.
Precision AirConvey | 302-999-8000 | www.precisionairconvey.com

Soy Ink Prints Clean

Soy-Flex printing ink is made from soy polymer, a naturally produced and renewable resource said to offer the advantage of cleaner printing. Ink reportedly is 20% more degradable and more readily recyclable. System runs on flexo presses on all paper products, including direct and indirect thermal stocks, top-coated and treated films, and foils. Visit booth 5620.
Alden & Ott Printing Ink Co. | 847-364-6817 | www.aldenottink.com

Printing Units in Offset & Flexo

The Alprinta-V continuously size-variable web press line now features two static printing units, one offset and the other flexo. Offset version features a quick-change cylinder; flexo version has a quick-change sleeve. With rapid-change technology allowing for a complete press size change in minutes, units reportedly can make package production more profitable by reducing labor costs, makeready times, and start-up waste. Visit booth 5924.
Muller Martini | 631-582-4343 | www.mullermartini.com

Get Digital Flexibility

The Digital System Integration (DSI) is a drop-on-demand inkjet module for narrow web applications. Powered by contactless Piezo technology, the modules are compatible with most of the latest generation printing presses. Allows user to switch between dedicated digital and hybrid-process printing runs without needing to change presses or rolls. Said to offer competitive changeover times, low consumable costs, and speeds to 35 mpm. Visit booth 529.
Stork Prints Group | +31 0485 599296 | www.storkprints.com

Water-Based Ink Increases Productivity

AquaPro water-based ink is said to offer superior print densities, user-friendly press stability, and excellent performance on paper and film substrates. Also provide enhanced thermal resistance and easy cleanup. Finished blending and process inks available. Visit booth 6123.
Sun Chemical | 513-830-8500 | www.sunchemical.com

Control Static Completely

The PerforMAX IQ allows user to be in total control of static electricity, company says. Includes a narrow profile static bar and microprocessor-controlled and -monitored module designed to identify and display any residual electrostatic charge on the material surface downstream of the ionizer. Offers closed loop feedback communications with IQ power supply to enhance the neutralizing efficiency of the system. Also features a communication module. Visit booth 1309.
Simco | 215-822-6401 | www.simco-static.com

Deliver Eye-Catching Color

Flexo ShrinkPac shrink-sleeve inks reportedly deliver eye-catching color reproduction plus superb shrink performance on PCV, PETG, OPS, PLA, and other substrates. Said to provide superior adhesion on all shrink films. Company says there is virtually no solvent attached when running OPS, which eliminates distortion issues and the need for constant adjustments. Visit booth 1318.
INX Intl. Ink Co. | 800-233-INKS | www.inxinternational.com

Silicone Liners Are “Green”

TEGO RC silicone acrylates and TEGO RC epoxy silicones are UV-curable release systems. Silicones can be applied to very thin recyclable films due to their cold curing technology. Liner is BOPP, which features a low carbon footprint and is 100% recyclable. The siliconized film can be regranulated and reshaped, and its diminished thickness reportedly allows for the production of more labels and less handling. Visit booth 5300.
Evonik Goldschmidt Corp. | +49 2011732525 | ww.corporate.evonik.com

Tension Sensing Roll Is Light, Durable

The TNT-Series web tension sensing roll is described as a sensitive strain gauge system coupled with a durable, high performance, lightweight aluminum tube to produce an integrated sensing roll. Company says roll fits virtually any application and features flexible mounting options. Comes in a wide variety of sizes and in many load ranges. Visit booth 5738.
The Montalvo Corp. | 800-226-8710 | www.montalvo.com

Film Suited for Tough Labels

DPM CVE is a UV-resistant velvet embossed polyolefin film overlaminate for outdoor durable labels. Said to offer the velvet textured finish and performance of traditional PC overlaminates at lower cost. Coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive that reportedly offers excellent UV resistance. Product is backed with a 71# clay-coated release liner for increased smoothness and flowout of adhesive. Visit booth 1311.
FLEXcon Co. | 508-885-8200 | www.flexcon.com.

Ink Pump Has Remote Control

Two-piece (pump and control box) remotely controlled peristaltic ink pump has a compact design. Standard PPS pump head is mounted to a splash-resistant motor enclosure of reduced size that allows it to be mounted within press frames or in restricted spaces. Speed-direction controls are enclosed in a separate box. Box now can be mounted in any operator-friendly location. Visit booth 1445.
Graymills Corp. | 773-477-4100 | www.graymills.com

Clean Many Webs

The Wide Web Cleaner System cleans webs more than 160 in. wide of any composition. Thickness range is 0.001-0.060 in., and web speeds are to 2,000 fpm. Traversing tape can be placed into the step and clean (collection) or continuous cleaning mode. Tape rolls are mounted “shaftless” using spring-loaded gudgeons for quick and simple roll changes. Tape rolls move outside of machine frame for tape changes while the web is being cleaned, allowing nonstop operation. Visit booth 1500.
Polymag Tek | 800-787-0830 | www.polymagtek.com

Power Cabinet Is Energy Efficient

UVT PowerSmart power supply is stepless and offers infinitely variable power. With a reduced footprint and decreased energy usage, equipment is complementary to UV user concerned with floor space and energy requirements. Features self-diagnostics, full-integration with the press, and convenient expansion capabilities. Visit booth 319.
Mark Andy | 800-700-6275 | www.markandy.com

Achieve Balanced Adhesion

Fasson S8025 adhesive engineered for the durable goods market offers balanced adhesion across a wide range of substrates, including low-surface-energy applications. Facestock and adhesive combination provides high strength, durability, and dimensional stability, company says, and is offered in an assortment of clear, white, or metallic constructions. Said to maintain consistent converting and die-cutting characteristics for high on-press performance. Visit booth 119.
Avery Dennison | 800-944-8511 | www.na.fasson.com

Digital Line Guide Has Auto Setup

The AccuBeam3 combines a linear array sensor with multiple LED illumination colors to detect all the colors in the visible light spectrum. Features auto setup and real-time display and can be configured to work in tandem with company's WideArray edge detector to maintain control of the web during splices or other printed line interruptions. Also said to allow fast changeover. Visit booth 937.
AccuWeb | 888-422-2893 | www.accuweb.com

Sleeves Are Lightweight

Polywest sleeves are said to offer greater cut resistance and excellent stability. Available for use with UV, water-based, and solvent-based inks. Visit booth 529.
Anderson & Vreeland | 886-282-7697 | www.andersonvreeland.com

Label Stock Is Durable

Résiste Rx pharmacy-grade direct thermal label facestock is said to provide superior chemical resistance to household cleaners, soaps and lotions, water and humidity, and more. Crisp, clean imaging reportedly lasts full life cycle of a prescription. Visit booth 1515.
Appleton | 920-734-9841 | www.appletonideas.com

Inks Change Color With Temperature

Thermochromic flexo/gravure/offset inks, which change color as their temperature changes, are available in water-based, UV-cure, and solvent-based formulas. Below the activation temperature, inks are colored. Above the activation temperature, they are clear or lightly colored. As the ink cools, the original color returns. Applications include hot and cold beverage labels, ice cream packaging, and microwavable products. Standard and custom temperature formulations are available. Visit booth 2010.
CTI | 719-592-1557 | www.ctiinks.com

Laser Technology Aids Changeover

The Mod-Tech web converting system features the Edge laser module, said to provide flexible manufacturing solutions for complex geometries, precision products, and quick changeover. Servo-controlled robotic arm for laser module repositioning allows user to change the location of the laser for a variety of processes. System features no minimum or maximum repeat, tight tolerance, adjustable depth, and a variety of cuts. Visit booth 3008.
Delta Industrial | 800-279-3358 | www.deltaind.com

LED Inspection Light Is Green

Battery-powered Pocket Pixel is a pulsed LED light for high-speed inspection applications. With zero ozone emissions, unit reportedly has double the output of other lights in its class. Lamps are said to have a long service life, and unit can be returned for recycling. Visit booth 1457.
Unilux | 201-712-1266 | www.unilux.com

Get Crisp Digital Details

The 3300 digital color label press offers 1,200 dpi at four bits/spot and a top speed of 63 fpm. Said to generate high image quality, while exceptionally sharp and crisp details enable the addition of pin-sharp micro text. Company says an in-line densitometer and high-performance process algorithms provide uniform and accurate colors and perfect color registration. Includes five color stations, four for standard process colors and the fifth for spot colors, as well as opaque white and special security toner. Visit booth 6135.
Xeikon | 630-438-7900 | www.xeikon.com

Shrink Sleeve Inks Can Be Combined

Water-based and UV inks designed for shrink sleeve applications reportedly provide high graphic quality, fast production speeds, and excellent shrink performance on widely used shrink sleeve materials. New formulations can be combined to obtain the economy of water-based inks with the outstanding opacity and sleeving efficiency of UV inks. Visit booths 1011/1200.
Water Ink Technologies | 800-426-4657 | www.waterinktech.com

Software Includes Support for SAP

Easylabel 5 Platinum includes XML (Extensible Markup Language) support for SAP enterprise management systems. XML Monitor will “watch” a file directory or TCP/IP port and automatically print RFID or bar code labels when a compatible XML file is received. This feature provides a direct connection to SAP or any other application capable of generating a properly formatted XML file. Visit booth 1807.
Tharo Systems | 330-273-4408 | www.tharo.com

Inspect With Many Features

The Super HandyScan 4000 web inspection unit features a high-resolution digital camera, Virtual Repeat Technology, a graphic user interface, touchscreen image navigation, 100% scan, and Combi-Scan. Options include in-line color monitoring and job recipe save. Company says it offers ease of use as well. Visit booth 837.
BST Pro Mark | 630-833-9900 | www.bstpromark.com

Chucks Fix Baggy Webs

Sliding safety chucks are said to be safer, easier to operate, and more rugged than tilting designs. Chucks can be flange- or foot-mounted, fixed or with sidelay adjustment. Sidelay adjustment chucks and rotary tables are available to compensate for misalignment and/or baggy web edges; a fixed drive shaft also is available. All models can be manufactured for pneumatic operation. Design features allow for nuances in niche or custom applications. Visit booth 200.
Double E Co. | 508-588-8099 | www.doubleeusa.com

Inspect Print Quality To High Standards

The LVS 7500 in-line print quality inspection system for thermal and thermal transfer printers allows user to inspect 100% of the printed label. Has the ability to perform ISO verification inspection of bar codes (1D) and matrix codes (2D) in any logical orientation and multiple codes. Visit booth 6448.
Label Vision Systems | 800-432-9430 | www.lvs-inc.com

Ink Supplier Enters Narrow Web Market

Label Flex high-strength economy ink, designed for tags and p-s labels, is said to offer a great blend of press stability and performance. Film Flex high-performance ink for surface print on films and foils reportedly offers excellent adhesion and resistance properties without sacrificing press performance and is suitable for most heat-shrink applications. Graphic Flex, a universal line for a diverse mix of substrates and applications, also is available as a pH stable system. Visit booth 3827.
Graphic Sciences | 888-546-4465 | www.graphicsciences.com

Paper Products Aid Forest Management

The Bloom line of eco-aware products is said to help customers ensure paper products originating from managed forests are handled appropriately throughout the supply chain. The line includes eight environmentally friendly facestocks, ranging from 30%-100% post consumer waste, as well as two Earthfirst polylactic acid (PLA) prime films. Most products are customizable. Visit booth 143.
MACtac | 866-262-2822 | www.mactac.com

Measure Speed And Length

The LaserSpeed 4000-3 noncontact length and speed measurement gauge uses Laser Doppler Velocimetry technology to measure the length and speed of any moving product or surface to an accuracy of ±0.05% or better. Features Ethernet communication and configurable I/O, reportedly making it easy to integrate product into any control or monitoring system. Company says savings are achieved through increased accuracy, reduced scrap, less product giveaway, reduction of charge backs, and reduced maintenance/calibration costs. Visit booth 6414.
Beta LaserMike USA | 937-233-9935 | www.betalasermike.com

Make Cotton Pads in Many Shapes

RSM rotary die-cutting systems feature an integrated packaging line for the production of cotton pads in round, square, rectangular, or irregularly shaped products. Company says rotary design reduces noise levels; setup and machine adjustments are easy; and maintenance costs are low. A maximum web width of 27.5 in. is available. Visit booth 5600.
Schober USA | 513-489-7393 | www.schoberusa.com

Camera System Is Easy to Use

The ELSCAN OMS 4 digital camera system integrates two cameras, enabling the system to display the complete repeat and to keep an eye on the registration mark. Navigation is called simple and user-friendly. Strobe lighting is said to be especially effective on highly reflective surfaces. System, which is available in a manual or motorized version, is upgradable and includes features such as image stabilization, print screen, and display of the last 16 images. Visit booth 1417.
Erhardt + Leimer | 864-486-3000 | www.erhardt-leimer-us.com

Screen Inks for Combination Print

CombiScreen VOC-free inks, available in Pantone base colors, are said to be ideal for combination printing and can be used on all types of substrates. Company reports inks are durable and offer excellent opacity, making them ideal for beverage, health and beauty, and no-label-look applications. Visit booth 5713.
Flint Group Narrow Web | 734-781-4600 | www.narrowweb.flintgrp.com

Two Machines Save Time

The Finecut sheet-fed laser cutting machine picks up sheets and feeds them, so sheets are being continuously moved to the proper position under the laser beam with no stopping or starting delays between sheets. The Finecut high-speed laser cutting machine features speeds to 90 mpm. Visit booth 3452.
Spartanics | 847-394-5700 | www.spartanics.com

Sleeve Press for Labels

ELS-D Series servo-driven press features dual-axis print heads, utilizing cantilevered sleeved plate cylinders, automatic registration, electronic job storage, and remote diagnostics capability. Offered in 10-, 13-, and 16-in. web widths, press provides infinite repeat capabilities. Visit booth 343.
Aquaflex | 814-695-5521 | www.aquaflex.com

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