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Mount Plates Cost-Effectively

The VPM400 updated plate mounter is said to provide high quality video plate mounting technology at a cost-effective price. Enhanced verification capability is provided via LED-lit dual cameras with a single split screen. Plate cylinder mounting rails add accuracy, and an adjustable mounting table allows for faster changeovers.
Mark Andy | 800-700-mark | www.markandy.com

See Splices Easily

ARclad 7147 is a 5.0-mil, PS film coated on one side with an aggressive synthetic rubber-based PSA. It is formulated for use in roll-to-roll butt splicing of extruded PS foams and films in printing and thermoforming processes. Film conforms to FDA 21 CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact, and its bright blue color makes splices easily identifiable.
Adhesives Research | 800-445-6240 | www.adhesivesresearch.com

UV Inks Make Processing Fast

Company offers nyloflex FAB and nyloflex FAB Digital plates for UV inks. Can be used with water- and alcohol-based printing inks. Flexibility makes them well suited for small-diameter printing cylinders, company says, and plates offer excellent exposure latitude even with small relief depths. Short exposure times make processing fast.
Flint Group | +49 711 9816-0 | www.flintgrp.com

Mounting Tapes Are Resilient

The 12 Series Cushion-Mount Plus tapes are said to offer increased resiliency, better stability with less bounce on faster presses, cleaner fine-type reverses, and richer halftones. Tapes feature microchannels in the adhesive that allow air to release and eliminate bubble problems for easier, virtually air-free mounting.
3M | 800-257-0646 | www.3M.com

Envelope Material Is Absorbent

Tyvek Plus envelope substrate features an absorbent surface and a stiffer sheet structure, reportedly enabling improved print quality and ease of handling. Designed for inkjet printing of bar codes and other variable data printing, material is said to offer excellent results with offset litho and flexo printing. Also makes envelopes easier to handle in both automated and manual processes.
DuPont | 800-448-9835 | www.dupont.com

Variable Data Module Offered

An optional bar code and variable data inspection and verification solution is available for the PrintVision/Helios II platform. The solution will enable label printers to comply with 1D and 2D variable bar codes as well as e-Pedigree requirements. The module can inspect and verify 100% of printed 1D bar codes, 2D data matrix bar codes, and human-readable items. Able to detect and alert in-line duplications, missing codes, bar code quality and readability, or any other code validity problem.
Advanced Vision Technology | 770 -541-9780 | www.avt-inc.com

Entry-Level Digital

The 3000 digital label press is company's entry-level counterpart of the 3300. Offering a top speed of 31.5 fpm and a monthly duty cycle of 1,500,000 ft, the press can print the four process colors plus a range of standard or custom spot colors on a wide range of substrates. Also can apply special security toner for anti-counterfeiting applications and opaque white to create the no-label look on transparent labels.
Xeikon, a div. of Punch Graphix | 630-438-7932 | www.xeikon.com

Adding Security

The Traceless thermal transfer ribbon automatically deposits a covert security marker on each label or item printed. The markers can only be detected with company's handheld Traceless Imaging Reader, providing brand owners with a highly secure authentication tool said to be nearly impossible to compromise. Allows goods producers to add ultra-covert markers to their labels automatically by simply changing the printer ribbon with no impact on production processes or workflow.
Kodak | 203-845-7115 | www.kodak.com

Digital Press Is Fast

Advancements on the new DP-9500 digital color press include an increased printing speed of 32 fpm color and 36 fpm black and white, said to improve productivity. Offers added material flexibility with a total media width of 12 in. and a lower fusing temperature, increasing the variety of materials that can be used with the machine.
Degrava Systems | 678-323-0340 | visit www.degrava.com

Updated Software Makes Flow Smooth

Revised version 4 of the Software Suite 7 highlights interoperability among company's workflow components. Reportedly, file exchange has been made seamless between editor and workflow platforms. Updated BackStage features a new “Product” tool that brings basic asset management to the print production room. New BackStage Viewer, combining different use cases and an extensive set of file formats for Mac and Windows clients, is targeted for all packaging and label facilities that conduct prepress QA.
EskoArtwork | 800-743-7131 | www.eskoartwork.com

Offset for Short Runs

The TCS 250 offset press now features a rotary die unit well suited for short-run, high quality applications such as pharmaceutical and OTC markets. Finished label is produced inline in one go. Features servo-controlled, single-drive technology and modular extendability. Short setup and changeover times make the press economical, company adds.
Gallus | 800-248-7649 | www.gallus.org

Print Labels at Higher Speeds

A new higher-speed version of company's Vivo! short-run digital color label printer prints at a speed of 3 in./sec, a 50% increase in speed over the previous model. The electrophotographic digital label printing system is said to print photo-quality color labels on roll-fed label stock, allowing on-demand label printing with variable label content, including photos, graphics, and bar codes.
Quicklabel Systems | 877-757-7978 | www.quicklabel.com

Cylinder Aids Production

The HoLo magnetic embossing cylinder is designed for use with holographic film shims or plates. Holds films or plates magnetically and performs at temperatures in excess of 400 deg. Said to provide a 50% production increase in customer use.
Bunting Magnetics Co. | 800-835-2526 | www.buntingmagnetics.com

Stocks for “Green” Wine Labels

Three additions to the Fasson brand line of EcoFriendly wine label stocks ensure recycling stream efficiencies and feature new materials and finishes designed for sustainability. All are made from 30% PCW and facesheets are paired with a 1.2-mil PET recyclable liner and wash-away adhesive that allows consumers or recyclers to remove labels cleanly from bottles after immersing them in water above 100 deg F.
Avery Dennison | 800-944-8511 | www.fasson.com

Guide with Control

Compact web guide, engineered for precise control of narrow webs, is said to fit easily onto production machines with minimal space and effort. Edge or center-line guiding is done via single or dual IR sensors. Features a user-friendly membrane keypad and an operator control panel that is easily removed and remounted on machine in location best suited to operator.
BST Pro Mark | 630-833-9900 | www.bstpromark.com

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