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UV Inks & Coatings Are Odorless

Customizable UV inks and coatings are formulated without odor for most applications. The products reportedly are user- and environmentally friendly, recyclable, repulpable, and economically priced.
Rhino Performance Products |866-601-6241 |

Synthetic Paper Made for Indigo Press

White synthetic paper with a special top coating on two sides is designed for Indigo printing. Hop-Syn T2 rigid, weather-resistant, and UV-durable substrate is suitable for ID card, menu, and RFID applications. Developed with a heat-activated coating that allows it to laminate to itself or to thermal laminating film, the grade's high dyne level and smooth matte finish reportedly produce higher quality graphics at a faster production rate than conventional plastic.
Hop Industries | 800-524-0757 |

Measure Coat Weight Accurately

The Spot-On X-Ray coating weight gauging solution is said to provide accurate differential coat weight measurement regardless of substrate. Reportedly offers tighter control over the entire web for material savings and scrap reduction. According to the manufacturer, it completely accounts for base substrate effects to ensure that only the coat weight is measured, improving measurement capabilities and accuracy on basis weight sensors.
NDC Infrared Engineering | 626-960-3300 |

Slit Quickly & Efficiently

An automated slitter positioning system reportedly reduces costs and improves efficiency. Is said to increase speed, accuracy, and reliability of current slitting system. Has fewer moving parts to reduce the frequency and complexity of maintenance.
Tidland Corp. | 800-426-1000 |

Laminate Six Layers

Two-roll heated laminating system with adjustable gap meter will laminate up to six layers of melt-blown nonwoven, edge trim, and rewind the laminated filter material to maximum 700 mm dia roll. Six-station unwind section accommodates rolls 270-650 mm wide × 600 mm dia mounted on cantilevered air shafts. Individual unwind tension is controlled through an ultrasonic diameter measurement feedback system.
Independent Machine Co. | 973-882-0060 |

Web Cleaning Sleeves Are Disposable

Jemm-Tac web cleaning sleeves slide over existing idler rollers, reportedly eliminating the need for special roller cores. The rubber sleeves feature a tacky surface with quality release properties. Said to be ideal for picking off surface dirt and contaminates from substrates.
Jemmco | 262-512-9559 |

Digital Flexo System Offers Offset Quality

The Flexcel NX digital flexographic system is said to provide near-offset print quality on a variety of substrates. System includes thermal imaging layer, a choice of Trendsetter NX narrow or mid imager, laminator, flexographic plates, and the Prinergy workflow system for packaging. The thermal imaging layer is imaged using Squarespot technology said to produce dots as small as 10 microns. Company says imaging occurs in about half the time as other digital flexo plates.
Kodak | 866-563-2533 |

Rewinder Is Eco-Friendly

The ER610 Eco-logical slitter/rewinder helps protect the environment through reduced power consumption, eliminated hydraulics for oil-free operation, unlubricated compressed air for zero oil/air emissions, and less steel in a more compact design. Designed to process 53-in. (1,350-mm) and 65-in. (1,650-mm) web widths at a maximum running speed of 1,476 fpm (450 mpm). Minimum slit width is 1.97 in. (50 mm) with a maximum rewind diameter of 24 in. (610 mm) on twin cantilevered, differential rewind shafts.
Titan | 973-226-8000 |

Security Fibers Prevent Counterfeiting

Security fibers and yarns, made from most common textile polymers, can be custom-designed for specific applications, including authentication of currency and other secure documents. Each fiber incorporates brand owner-specific information that traverses the center of the fibers and might include logos, product coding, country of origin, country of destination, distribution sites, and simple numbers, letters, and patterns. Authentication reportedly can be achieved with the use of a bench-top microscope.
ARmark Authentication Technologies | 877-727-6275 |

Metallic Graphic Films Are “Virtual”

Polychrome Argent and Polychrome Satin graphic films mimic the look of metal. Polychrome Argent is a high-shine film that comes standard in silver with a smooth, glossy finish. Polychrome Satin also comes standard in silver and features a low-gloss, textured finish that matches the look and feel of sand-blasted metal. The films are self-adhering and flexible with a print-ready surface said to be ideal for silk-screening and inkjet printing.
Creative Film Corp. | 732-367-2166 |

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