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Rolls Feature Tough Screen

Isoten vacuum rolls feature a durable steel screen that distributes vacuum suction evenly across the roll face. Company says fine mesh creates a smooth surface for mark-free web handling, while providing better control in transporting or pulling wet webs and/or isolating web tension. Rolls are offered in diameters from 12-20 in. and lengths to 160 in. with wrap angles from 30-180 deg. Several roll covering options are available.
Webex | 920-729-6666 | www.webexinc.com

Match Colors with New System

The Goe System is an updated version of company's color matching product. Featuring more than 2,000 new colors, it includes modern tools and interactive software to drive collaboration and improve versatility. Said to provide a simpler, more complete, user-friendly workflow. Colors are arranged in an intuitive, chromatic order for easy, precise, cross-media color selection and specification.
Pantone | 201-935-5500 |www.pantone.com

IR Heaters Last Long

The Elstein brand of ceramic IR radiators offers a heating surface temperature capability to 900 deg C and emits medium- and long-wave IR energy of 2-10 µm. Said to offer long service life, clean heating surface, and easy installation. Heating surface does not oxidize and is available in many sizes, wattages, and operating voltages.
Hotset Corp. | 800-937-4681 | www.hotset.com

Put Color on Clear Films

Company reports a patent for a transparent pigment for application on clear films or substrates. Pigment undergoes a color change reaction from white to black, forming a positive image when exposed to a computer-controlled, low-power CO2 laser. Process does not require inks, ribbons, or other consumables, reportedly making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
DataLase | +44 1477 539539 | www.datalase.com

Drive Has 8 Digital Outputs

The ST10-Si stepper drive delivers 24-80 VDC with an output current to 10.0 A peak and is engineered to protect against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temp, and external output shorts. Provides eight digital inputs and four digital outputs. Drives are programmable for stand-alone operation with intuitive Si Programmer Windows-based software.
Applied Motion Products | 800-525-1609 | www.applied-motion.com

Paperboard Is Recycled, Offers Stability

StaSquare 32 recycled paperboard grade is used in the manufacture of POP displays and more. Said to offer sheet profile stability, favorable grain ratio, and desirable density, and to ensure layflat quality through the gluing process to meet customer requirements.
Caraustar Industries | 770-948-3101 | www.caraustar.com

Predict Spot Colors

The SmartColour portfolio of color management tools allows user to predict the outcome of spot color on a given substrate to provide the consistent color that brand owners require, company reports. Allows everyone in the packaging design workflow to view predicted spot color at every stage of the process. Three tools create a digital database of brand-specific colors; digitally printed color references for service provider color standards or the creation of product prototypes; and the ability to print hard copies from digital references in the exact brand colors specified.
Sun Chemical | 708-562-0550 | www.sunchemical.com

Replace Chrome Rollers

Line of chrome replacement rollers includes Arcotherm TC100 Ceramic with high resistance to wear and scratches; Arcotherm TK400 Tungsten Carbide rollers, said to more than double the life of chrome; and Arcotherm TH200 anti-dent ceramic, featuring superior impact resistance to prevent denting and worming. All reportedly offer improved performance, increased productivity, and lower costs.
American Roller | 800-285-6750 | www.americanroller.com

Workflow Is “Universal”

Company has expanded the capabilities of its Trueflow PDF- and JDF-based prepress production workflow. With Trueflow SE one workflow application drives the print provider's separate output systems in a hybrid offset-digital printing environment. “Universal” workflow is capable of managing production to multiple CtP and digital printing systems on a single network. Workflow generates the necessary data for printers to use output devices on demand.
Screen USA | 800-372-7737 | www.screenusa.com

Backlit Film Aids Print Quality

A water-resistant, 5-mil, front print backlit film is said to offer an outstanding print surface with excellent vivid color and high image resolution for indoor and outdoor light box and backlit signage applications. Single-sided solvent media is available in rolls of 36, 54, and 65 in. wide. Compatible with OEM and mild solvent inks and printers.
KAPCO Graphic Products | 800-791-8963 | www.kapco.com

Less Weight, More Control

Carbon fiber rolls reportedly provide exacting performance in applications requiring greater control throughout the web converting process, especially with new substrates such as thin-gauge films and nonwovens. These live and dead shaft custom composite rolls are a lightweight alternative to steel and aluminum rolls.
NimCor | 888-464-6267 | www.nimcor.com

Proof Plates Efficiently

The Control Station CtP PRO inspection and correction stations are functionally designed for making plate proofing and spot checking CtP and conventional offset plates more efficient. Available in three sizes and capable of inspecting plates from a standard 48¾ × 35½ in. to an oversized 80 × 59 in. Station is equipped with an asymmetrical proof light for even illumination of the plate, and vertical control panel allows comfortable and easy positioning of plates.
JUST Normlicht | 800-248-just | www.justnormlicht.com

Roll Alignment Kit Offered

Kit facilitates the alignment of rollers, shafts, and web-handling systems. A digital receiver and display provide readings of roller position relative to the placement of a laser light and allow operator to determine roller orientation to within 0.001 in. Kit is said to allow quick, precise, and quantitative measurements over large machines with many rollers.
Pinpoint Laser Systems | 800-757-5383 | www.pinlaser.com

Manage Color On-Line

The Maxwell on-line color management system is based on a central web-enabled color repository. System is said to allow easy upload and download of profiles, color measurements, and other color data files, at any time and from any place. Also offers device trending, color profiling, profile sharing, and measurement services. Imports and exports popular file formats.
Chromix | 866-247-6649 | www.chromix.com

Find “Green” Papers

Eco*Guide is said to make it easier for users to find and specify the right environmental papers. Guide features Beckett Concept, Beckett Expression, Strathmore Writing and Script, Mohawk Options, Mohawk Via, and Mohawk Color Copy. Each product line is described, highlighting its environmental attributes. A reference chart makes it easy to see which papers are FSC certified, Green-e certified, Green Seal certified, and/or made carbon neutral.
Mohawk Fine Papers | 800-the-mill | www.mohawkpaper.com

Shaft Collars Can Be Customized

Custom shaft collars can be engineered to match specific requirements with regard to configuration and materials of construction. Featuring tolerances to 0.0005 in., collars can be machined from many materials. Available in I.D. sizes from ⅛-16 in. and can include one- or two-piece clamp-types and set screws.
Stafford Mfg. Corp. | 800-695-5551 | www.stafford.com

Calibrate Presses to Spec

Company reports its CMYK Optimizer now is available in a single package with IDEALink Curve, reportedly making G7 proof and press calibration within reach of most prepress and print providers. The IDEALink Curve software calibrates and verifies all systems. The CMYK Optimizer's press calibration option allows prepress operators to import IDEALink Curves and use NPDC and ICC-based calibration methods to calibrate presses according to ISO 12647 and GRACOL or SWOP specs.
Alwan Color Technology | +33 4 72 16 08 82 | www.alwancolor.com

Test Roll Splitter for Free

Company is offering a free video test service on its roll splitter, inviting converters and others to send a sample roll of material for removal on the automated equipment in company's in-house testing lab. The test, which will be conducted on Model 30 roll splitter, accommodates rolls as long as 30 in. with diameters to 15 in. that are wound with plastic film, paper, foil, or nonwovens, including coated or multilayered materials. Service includes a DVD featuring the actual test and its outcome in live action video.
Precision AirConvey | 302-999-8000 | www.airconvey.com

Nip Rolls Have Many Uses

Nip rolls are said to be durable and are designed for a variety of converting applications, including thermal bonding, compacting and squeezing webs, creating composite webs, web pulling or braking, and web calendering. Precision rolls are engineered for temperature-controlled nip applications and are available in a variety of surface finishes and coverings.
PFE Rolls | 978-544-7803 | www.pferolls.com

P-S Vinyls Are Reflective

REFLECTAmark FMG is a fleet marking grade, glass bead coated, reflective cast vinyl film that offers 7-yr durability. Said to be ideal for reflective vehicle graphic applications that require conformability and permanence. REFLECTAmark PG is a promotional grade, glass bead coated, reflective polyester film offering 2-yr durability. This version is suited for use with long-range bar code scanning, durable reflective stickers, emblems, promotional labels, or short-term safety signs.
FLEXcon | 508-885-8300 | www.flexcon.com

Send Anilox Rolls For Cleaning

The MicroClean anilox roll cleaning service is offered to flexo and offset printers that wish to clean their anilox rolls off-press to maintain uptime without investing in the cleaning equipment. Rolls are sent to company for cleaning and returned within days. As part of the service, customer receives a roll analysis report that includes microphotographs of the cells before and after cleaning as well as critical cell dimensions such as volume, depth, opening, and wall thickness.
Flexo Concepts | 888-782-5233 | www.flexoconcepts.com

Spray Systems Need No Contact

Spray systems apply water, chemical solutions, or powder onto webs in a “contactless” manner. For liquids, the system employs a series of spinning cups that spray drops onto the web surface. Spray format can be tailored to a specific web width. For powder, system employs a dosing module that meters powder in the range of 20-60 microns through a series of individual spray nozzles.
WEKO North America | 631-543-3597 | www.weko.net

Wind, Unwind Many Rolls

Safety chucks reportedly provide an efficient core shaft support and transmission system for web winding and unwind equipment. Will accommodate winding needs from the lightest (low torque) material rolls to those with high torque and weighing more than 10,000 lbs.
Goldenrod Corp. | 800-465-3763 | www.goldenrodcorp.com

Film Aids Productivity

Form-Tite packaging film is engineered for optimum performance on high-speed Multivac FormShrink machines. Said to triple the equipment's productivity and lower total costs compared to rotary chamber shrink systems. Films are also said to provide good gloss and clarity and high shrink and to create tight, crystal-clear packages to deliver a superior branded presentation in meat or dairy case.
Curwood | 920-303-7300 | www.curwood.com

Stripping Tool Aids Performance

Rollstock stripping tool has four design features to optimize performance: Flat, tapered inserter nose targets and accelerates wrap and/or damaged ply selection; wide, smooth bottom generates a hydroplaning effect across the face of the roll, ensuring a smooth glide path and no digging, scoring, or marking; shearing ridge running along the spine of the leading edge snaps open the selected wrap or wraps; and contoured shoulder and horizontal finger grips provide ergonomic control and comfort.
Duckbill | 616-456-9705 | www.duckbill-inc.com

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