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Label Paper Has Green Benefits

EcoPoint Plus high-performance bottle label paper, featuring 10% PCW recycled fiber, is third-party chain-of-custody certified to the Forest Stewardship

Heat Transfer Fluid Is Stable

GLT heat transfer fluid is said to be a thermally stable, economical, high-performance solution for both high- and low-temperature processes. Formulated

Print Labels with Lower Costs

The LX900 color label printer produces labels at speeds to 4.5 in./sec. Company says separate ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black keep

Resin Enhances Shrink Applications

A film extrusion grade of cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), designated 9903D-10, extends the commercial glass transition temperature range down to 33 deg

PP Adds Gloss

Value Plus 2-mil PP for clear-on-clear prime labels is said to offer outstanding clarity and high gloss to achieve label. Corona treated for excellent

Bar Code Creation Simplified

Easylabel 5 Platinum's GS1 Barcode Wizard makes creating GS1 bar codes a four-step process. Newly added are GS1 Datamatrix and GS1 Databar, said to make

Produces Quality Images

Auraia DM (digitally modulated) screening technology enables the current imaging optics (of both thermal and violet platesetters) to produce images that

Tabletop Slitter Die-Cuts to Register

The Flexor 250TD+ tabletop slitter/rewinder is said to produce high quality labels at low cost. Offers a maximum web width of 250 mm, the ability to die-cut

Software Aids Bagmaking

New release of Business VantagePoint software includes enhancements that aid multiwall bag manufacturers better in tracking rollstock from the raw roll

Shrink Film for Beverages

Polyphane Fit roll-fed shrink film delivers shrink ratios to 50%. Targeted primarily to the beverage category, product can wrap up to 60,000 bottles/hr;

Slit with Many Features

The Omega HSR high-speed slitter/inspection/rewinder runs at speeds to 1,312 fpm. Available in web widths of 13, 17, and 21 in., unit is equipped for

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Coatings Are Metallic Alternative & Green MiraFoil coatings are an environmental alternative to metallic foil laminates. Claimed fully recyclable, coatings

Printer Uses Water or UV Inks

The Cooper Miniflex off-line flexo web printer is said to be simple and compact and can be run with water-based or UV inks as well as varnish or digital

Press Setups Are Fast

The Performance Series P7 press is said to offer faster setups and changeovers, ease of operation, expanded capabilities, open access, reduced waste,

Topcoated PP Is Tough

Product 3-2363 is a 2.0-mil, clear gloss topcoated PP with permanent adhesive and siliconized polyester liner. Topcoating is said to provide good resistance

Treat Many Materials

Uni-Dyne treating systems, designed for use with digital printing finishing equipment, include both in-line and sheetfed systems that can solve primer,

Clean Static-Sensitive Parts

The Controller anti-static clean room foam swab is constructed from compressed 100 ppi (Z) open-cell PU foam that is thermally bonded to the handle, eliminating

Blender Now Has Lift

The Weigh Scale Blender now features a patented Pneumatic Loader Lift that raises a platform on which loaders are mounted, allowing access to material

Tube Film for Many Products

Apex 7862 barrier tube film can be formed into an easy-to-seal, easy-to-open, single or sample-use tube package for a wide variety of healthcare, personal

Line Is Modular

The Medicon converting line is based on a platform in which several function modules can be integrated. The single modules are equipped with control units.

Two Inspection Systems Available

An inspection system with SpectralCam accurately measures color information in the printed image. SpectralCam delivers L*a*b* data for precise, cost-effective

Produce Hybrid Dot

The Cyrel XD Hybrid Digital Plate System allows flexo platemakers to produce a hybrid digital dot using their existing digital workflows. The resulting

Coatings Are Suited for Food

A number of grades of company's Plate Kote paper plate and tray coatings comply with all applicable food additive regulations of the US Federal Food,

Options Add Benefits to Printer

Two new options are designed to boost the flexibility and productivity of company's Onset UV flatbed printer. One option provides new print techniques

Sensors in AC/DC

Econo-Vue photoelectric sensors now are offered in AC/DC versions. Series is offered in five sensing modes and more than 100 models. Said to be likely

Thickener Lasts Long

Aqua Thix 600 water-based thickener is compatible with the full range of aqueous inks, coatings, and adhesives. Features a solids profile of 33%, which

Hot Melt PSAs Are 'Green'

The Acrynax adhesives line of acrylic polymer hot melt PSAs is said to be good for both the environment and costs. This environmentally safe alternative

Analyze Powder Flow

The Powder Flow Tester reportedly delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior. It also can perform QC checks on incoming materials, quickly

LDPE Tough on Contaminants

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) food packaging LDPE film seals at low temperatures and maximum f/f/s speeds, even with contaminants such as blood, fats,

Get Infinitely Adjustable Air

Long Super Air Knives produce a laminar sheet of air flow to blow off, dry, or cool surfaces to 96 in. Compact, energy-efficient design minimizes compressed

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