New Products

Measure Temps Without Contact

MI3 IR noncontact temperature measurement sensors are said to deliver high performance and flexibility. Features include a broad choice of sensing head

Press Has Open Architecture

The STAR-Print press from Edelmann Graphics offers open-platform architecture with towers that accept inserts for offset, flexo, gravure, and silkscreen.

Protect Rolls In Tough Applications

Roll Handler system protects single and multiple rolls in demanding shipping applications. Uses custom endboards and plastic sleeve plugs along with interlocking

Servomotors Are Long Lasting

A high-inertia version of the 1FK7 servomotor reportedly has a robust control response and is suitable for high- and variable-load inertia applications,

Cut Sheets In-Line

The VLS-650 fully servo-driven sheet cutter allows jumbo rolls of plain or preprinted material to be fed through and converted to sheets, resulting in

Adhesives Are Sticky And Versatile

Ultra-removable microsphere technology features tiny spheres invisible to the human eye. Microsphere adhesives are said to be powerfully sticky orbs that

R&D Coater Offered

The Labo Combi 400 coater/laminator, sized at 17 in. wide, is suited for R&D applications and is said to accommodate a wide variety of coatings, including

Embossing Die Adds Value

The Texture Flexi die for embossing high quality textures on labels is designed to produce luxury labels. Said to add high value at low cost and reduce

Test COF of Board

The Inclined Plane Tester (IP2) is a stand-alone instrument for determining the static friction coefficient of flat surfaces. Designed for use in the

Cut Cores Accurately

The A400P precision core cutter offers a hydraulic-powered cut-off system said to make clean and accurate cuts with precision control. Reportedly able

Flexo Press Uses EB Technology

The F4FLEXOEfficiency CI press offers technology that suits the needs of traditional converters as well as label manufacturers by eliminating photoinitiators

Detect Small Objects

RLG28 Retro-Reflective Area Sensors feature six light beams that generate a constant 60-mm detection field to consistently detect objects as small as

Get Accurate Color

The ColorQuick/Clarios for company's GMI ColorQuick platform is said to offer high productivity, ease of use, and color accuracy. In-line ISO-specified,

Get Instant High Quality Gravure Proofs

The K Gravure Proofer compact benchtop device enables users of press viscosity gravure ink to generate high quality proofs on any flexible substrate instantly.

Test for Package Weathering

Solutions for accelerated weathering of packaging for food and drinks include xenon arc weathering instruments for realistic lightfastness testing. Xenon

Cylinders Decrease Bounce

Lightweight, precision-balanced carbon fiber flexographic print cylinders are said to decrease bounce between the print cylinder and impression drum so

Rollers Reduce Wrinkling

Grooved rubber-covered spreader rollers are called a cost-effective solution to persistent web wrinkling when optimizing machine alignment and roll geometry

Option Card Offered

The VLT PROFINET MCA120 Option Card expands the Ethernet communication capabilities of the VLT Automation Drive to PROFINET-based networks. Card handles

Assess Employee Skills

A Press Operator Aptitude Assessment Kit helps converters assess the potential of a new recruit or the knowledge of existing employees regarding flexo

Blades Last Long

Wavy Scallop Edge Blades combine the ability to cut tough materials with a longer blade life to outperform standard beveled edge blades on individual

Rollstand Eases Loading

Dual-position shaftless rollstand allows the loading of one unwind position during operation, uses a small footprint, and can be equipped with a powered

Get Consistent Color

The Spectrovue VM-10 miniature integrated spectrophotometer connects to the printhead of the ValueJet 1608HS hybrid printer to help automate the process

Cover Stock Aids Package Graphics

Duraprint Forest Stewardship Council-certified turned-edge cover stock is engineered to withstand repetitive and aggressive folding without cracking,

Cut Multiple Core Diameters

The Instant Diameter Change (IDC) mandrel system enables core cutting of multiple core diameters with a single mandrel and interchangeable sleeves. The

Inspection Brings Quick ROI

The VisionPro Surface software package for inspecting the surface of materials combines a visual defect detection and classification technology with a

Sealant Films Are Strong

TreaTear PP sealant films are said to provide easy, precise directional tear for retort pouches. Films work as the sealant layer in any type of pouch

UV Lampheads Save Energy

The e-System range of UV lampheads offers increased UV output with reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Company says systems are integrated easily

Chiller Line Expands

Line of Iceman portable chillers has been expanded with a unit that offers from ton to 40 tons of cooling capacity in both air- and water-cooled designs.

Plates Are Stable, Robust

The Flexcel SRX system reportedly offers the print stability and robustness of a conventional flexo plate with the tonal reproduction of a digital system

Measure Intensity & Dose

The Accu-Cal 50-LED radiometer is said to offer accurate intensity and dosage measurements for LED curing equipment. Photo-sensor assembly provides repeatable

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