New Products

Pouch Machine Is Versatile

The CT60D+Q (large- and small-format bags) stand-up pouch machine incorporates a shuttle for stopping the web to punch a hole needed for pinch bottom

Plates Offer Stability

The AWP water-washable flexo plate is said to offer environmental benefits, hold smaller dots than those of thermal processed plates, and provide high

Coating Takes Heat

T-605-C single-pass, two-part aqueous matte coating can be used on most plastic film. It can withstand heat seal temperatures to 350 deg F. When properly

Calculate Savings Online

Visitors to company's website now can access the KeyColor Cost-Savings Calculator, which enables sheet- and web-fed printers to project potential cost

Sensor Helps Produce Flat Film

The FG710S IR optical sensor measures the thickness of clear, filled, voided, and pearlized films with a patented optical design, selection of discrete

Plasma Treater Aids Profitability

The Plasma4 surface treating system adds value to engineered films, wovens, and nonwovens by cleaning, etching, and functionalizing surfaces. Reported

Films Yield Special Effects

Aurora Special Effect Film is engineered so white light striking the film partially reflects from each layer. Films are said to be flexible in both mechanical

Adhesives Cure Quickly

Purelam Fastcure two-component urethane solventless adhesives feature long, stable viscosity said to provide hours of run time. This flexibility is coupled

Switches for Safety

Interlock switches are designed for safety applications for the automation and specialty machine market. Switches are used to protect personnel by monitoring

PSAs Free of APEs

Permanent PSAs are free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs), said to be damaging to aquatic environments. Company reports it can draw on this technology

Label Stocks Deliver High Color

A digital product range includes high quality paper and film label stocks certified for use with the HP Indigo WS2000 press and the WS4000 family of presses.

Inks for Shrink Films

SunSpectro Symphony water-based inks are suited for flexo-printed shrink film applications. Said to eliminate concerns for film adhesion and cracking

Holograms with Transparency

HRI holographic films provide a wide array of alternatives to create attractive and innovative designs with a transparent feature. Films are available

Films Meet VOC Directives

Label-Lyte OPP film grades 50LL539 and 60LH538 for p-s labels comply with EU directives limiting the emission of VOCs during manufacture. Both two-side

Print on Secondary Packaging

The Aquamarine printing system is targeted at high quality, multicolor batch printing of EPS fishboxes, chill boxes, cartons, and other secondary packaging.

Winder Offers Easy Change

The modular design of the Atlas CW800 center winder for both plain and metallized films is said to enable easy change of unwind options, slitting systems,

Cut Cores Cleanly

The A301 core cutter features a powered core pusher combined with a programmable PLC said to eliminate the need for full-time operator attention. Suited

Closed Loop Static Control Aids Quality

The 977CM Pulsed DC controller continuously monitors output from the ionizing bars and automatically adjusts input voltage to compensate for the adverse

Monomer Has Many Uses

CD420 UV/EB-curable monomer fits a wide range of applications, including specialty coatings for metals and plastics, inkjet and screen inks, and adhesives.

Web Guiding Interface Is Flexible

The Simple Operator Interface (OI-S) for D-MAX Series web guiding systems features a compact design and icon-based interface said to be easy to learn

Materials Substrates: Building Blocks

Curve Appeal is a patent-pending system encompassing Fasson Curvy film labels that work together in a machine application process to label complex, curved

Coatings Add Many Characteristics

Marathon hard flame sprayed coatings give rollers or parts any one of hundreds of different coating dimensions, including release and nonstick, corrosion

Double Plugs Aid Stacking

Patented plastic double plugs with a cone tip help speed stacking and palletizing of slit rolls, whether done manually or with robotic handling. Used

Laminating Adhesive Is Stable

Liofol LA7773-21 with Liofol LA6016-21 curing agent is a two-component, solventless PU adhesive for flexible packaging laminating. The adhesive cures

Brakes Hold Securely

The RB Series, Generation II linear profile guide rail brakes for stopping and holding in e-stop and power-off situations are said to deliver high spring

Upgraded Slitter Reduces Costs

Upgrades to the Pluto II slitter/rewinder are said to enhance performance and efficiency while keeping costs down. An additional adjustable roller will

UV To Aid Digital Plates

UV exposure technology is expected to enable digital flexo plates to achieve 1:1 file-to-plate imaging, improving print image reproduction. Easily integrated

Print Code in Tough Environments

The A300SE+ system is designed to print multiple lines of code on beverage products manufactured in harsh environments. Said to provide high-speed, high

Ensure Proofs Match Specs

Verify is a tool used for a quick Pass/Fail analysis of G7 and ISO12647-7 metrics. Provides a printable sticker-sized report to ensure proofs and/or press

Link Converters & Designers

The Process Metallic Color system provides a communication link for graphic designers with printers and converters. In addition to conventional paper,

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