New Products

Improve Web Flatness

The MoistureTech steam applicator is designed to improve a coated web's cross-directional flatness and impart the proper amount of moisture without slowing

Multilayer Labels In Unlimited Colors

The Servo 3000 Infeed + Reregister System is said to offer benefits for the production of multilayer labels, including an unlimited amount of colors,

Power Supplies Save Energy

The next generation of e-Brick power supplies incorporates new design elements to increase energy efficiency. Now users can select the power level required

Layflat Is Stable

Semi Gloss Layflat is engineered to remain stable and flat after flexo and laser printing, providing easy collating and packaging. With gloss finish reportedly

Driver Support for Bar Code Printers

Company reports Teklynx Intl. has developed drivers for the Godex line of bar code printers. Drivers can be downloaded at This driver

Interactive Tools Aid Packaging Design

The Studio 10 range of interactive 3D packaging design tools now includes the new Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves, a Studio Toolkit for Labels, and

Press Offers High Image Quality

The 3500 press handles web widths from 200-512 mm wide and prints at a speed of 19.2 mpm, regardless of the amount of colors used. Called ideal for the

Substrates Work With HP Presses

Company offers 12 new HP Indigo-compatible substrates, one of which is a greener alternative for exterior window applications. Products are applicable

Create Durable Auto Labels

Two label materials, the XF-592 (polyimide) and XF-807 (aluminum), are said to provide durability for use in under the hood applications for the auto

Inspect for Many Defects

The LT 100% web inspection system, based on pixel resolution, detects defects such as broken and missing characters, registration of print and die-cut,

Inkjet Coatings Are Offered

RhinoFlexx Inkjet Receptive Coatings are for application to paper, foil, and synthetic substrates. Coatings are available in high-gloss, satin, and matte

Label Paper Performs Well

OptiLabel HB is a 54# high-performance, general-purpose label paper for p-s markets. Said to maintain a premium appearance and consistently perform well

Tapes for Solar Cell Uses

SOLARFAST UV-cure solar bonding tapes are designed for assembly solutions in solar cell applications. Tapes (SF-1003 and SF-1005) are designed to withstand

Cure, Shrink With Many Features

No. 853 500-deg-F electrically heated belt conveyor oven is suited for curing coating and heat shrinking plastics. Safety and control equipment includes

Upgrade Core Cutting Solutions

Automation upgrades are said to provide efficient technology for core-cutting needs without the need for new equipment. Solutions such as automatic core

Plate Provides Good Ink Transfer

A conventional version of the nyloflex FSC printing plate offers hardness of 26 Shore A. Plates are said to demonstrate good ink transfer, especially

Maximize Drying in Limited Footprint

The ModuleDryer can combine the full range of heating, drying, and cooling technologies. Multiple zoning allows the system to be tailored to customer

Keep Polymer Waste Off Still Walls

AV Injection Oil keeps polymer still bottoms flowable to simplify removal from a still and minimize maintenance. Special formula reportedly provides greater

Primer for Strong Adhesion

Michem Flex P1883 water-based extrusion primer is said to provide strong adhesion to aluminum foil and paper, bond well to extrusion-coated resins, and

Sheeter Is Modular

The Sure Size sheeter is said to be easy to use and reliable. Called ideal for film, foil, paper, nonwovens, laminates, composites, and more, sheeter

Stack Sheets Continuously

Delivery system is designed for continuous stacking of sheet sizes of 8 11 to 11 17 in. in counts as low as 25 and as high as 1,000. Compact design includes

Get Accurate Sample Coatings

The K101 Control Coater is said to provide quick, accurate, and repeatable samples of surface coatings and is recommended where repeatability is essential,

Mounting Tapes Meet Many Needs

Enhanced line of DuploFLEX mounting tapes is said to provide more solutions for a wider variety of printing parameters. Foam flexibility in the range

Inspect with Lights

New products for LED stroboscopic inspection include the LED 2X2, a compact unit available with flood or spot capability, and the LED 15X2 and LED 20X2,

Embosser Creates Complex Designs

The Rhino in-line flat hot foil embosser for roll material is equipped with a revolving foil head that allows the creation of complex designs. Multi-stepping

Clean Webs in Many Applications

The ShearClean noncontact web-cleaning system is suitable for sectors ranging from narrow web label printing (litho, gravure, flexo) and converting to

Two Facestocks Added

Company has expanded the OptiPrime family of p-s facestocks with Matte and Digital Matte. Both are designed for applications requiring a high-end, durable

Hot Melt PSAs Are Removable

Permanently detachable adhesives L1 1164 and Collano L1 1202 are solventless hot melt PSAs said to be ideal for producing wash-off, clear-on-clear labels

PSAs Offered

Three new technologies are available. Micronax microsphere repositionable adhesives are said to provide a high degree of repositionability of any type

Get Varying Gloss Levels

The DIVA module produces different gloss levels high gloss, semigloss, satin, matte, etc. with a single fluid in a single pass. It is completely digital,

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