New Products

Get Consistent Color

The Spectrovue VM-10 miniature integrated spectrophotometer connects to the printhead of the ValueJet 1608HS hybrid printer to help automate the process

Overlaminate Film Offers Clarity

DURApro OF 100 Clear V-22 42 white PP-8 is a fluoropolymer film for graphic overlaminate applications. This 1-mil film features a versatile, permanent

Register Guide Cuts Waste

The Autotron 2600 with ClearLogi register guidance system is described as an integrated, flexible, cost-efficient tool for minimizing waste and improving

Coating Adds Barrier to PLA

NanoSeal coating technology is said to improve moisture vapor and oxygen barriers on clear, biodegradable PLA packaging films. The coating system also

EB Systems Added

New EZCure EB systems include EZcure-HS, a high-speed EB system capable of instantaneously curing inks, coatings, and adhesives at 500 mpm; EZcure-LS,

Rolls Certified to Meet Standards

Pressure vessel rolls are certified in-house to rigorous ASME code standards with R, U, and UM stamp approvals. Each pressure vessel is engineered for

Sleeves Record Data

Company manufactures sleeves for the system from Fischer & Krecke. All rotec sleeves for the system have an RFID chip and a register sensor, meaning relevant

Reduce Print Inspection Time

The AccuProof Print Check tool is said to provide quick and accurate inspection of all text and image documents. It is seamlessly implemented within all

Create Smart Labels

Easylabel's RFID Wizard reportedly allows the easy creation of EPC and DoD smart labels. RFID projects that do not require the EPC or DoD RFID code can

Brake Handles More Torque

The Global Brake Model F, originally rated to deliver up to 250 lb-ft of torque, now can be placed in applications in which up to 325 lb-ft of torque

Label Paper Is Certified for HP

OptiPrime Digital HP Indigo-certified label paper is designed for printing high quality, p-s labels. Said to be pre-optimized, allowing converters to

Measure Nip Quickly

DigiNip is a hand-held device for obtaining nip measurements for small printing and coating rollers. When the unit's two durable sensor elements are placed

Optimize Web Handling

The apex of the Ajusta-Bow roll can be adjusted while in use to optimize web handling and performance. Said to improve web control by distributing lateral

Stamp Holograms With Four Zones

Hologram stamping system is designed for company's ProCut 53 flatbed die-cutter. System has four individually controllable heating zones, and holograms

Encoder Self-Diagnoses

The MNI40 Incremental Rotary Encoder features intelligent diagnostics suitable for a wide range of applications. Magnetic, noncontact encoder delivers

Materials Suited for Healthcare Uses

Two grades of p-s label material are qualified for use in the Epson SecurColor printer for optimized, color-enhanced printing in healthcare applications.

Control Static In Production

The 977CM static control unit is said to provide powerful and consistent static control when in production. Also has the capability to interface with

Flexo Press Has Fast Changeover

The Flexpress 15-S compact, CI flexo press has a printing width to 49 in. and repeat lengths from 14.6-34.6 in. Said to require minimum floor space and

Coating Suited for Freezer Use

Freezer Release Coating is called an eco-friendly, across-the-board solution that will reduce waste and increase profitability in corrugated applications.

Adhesive Adheres to Textured Surfaces

SureLock permanent adhesive is designed to adhere to textured surfaces, reportedly without being gummy or leggy. Adhesive is said to exhibit high tack

Measure Creases in Folding Cartons

The Carton Force Analyzer measures the forces that limit the running speed of folding boxboard packaging. Allows individual creases to be analyzed and

Protect Contents From UV Light

A UV-light absorber masterbatch is designed to protect packaged contents from UV light damage. Said to offer improved content protection for thin-gauge

Measure Color Precisely

The SpectroDens Premium color instrument package offers speeds of 1 sec/measurement; high accuracy; precise feedback for accurate color adjustments and

Measure Battery Coatings Accurately

Company announces enhancements to the Spot-On software platform for its TDi (Total Distributed Intelligence) System, helping battery makers operate their

Laminators Are Reliable, Precise

CL 850/1000 high-performance laminators are said to provide a consistent level of performance, user-friendliness, and increased production uptime whether

Process Scrap Cost-Effectively

The redesigned Model 450 WM XHD Dual Drive Scrap Chopper is said to be a cost-effective way to dispose of plastic and PET strapping efficiently. Benefits

Handle a Variety Of Webs

Turn bays allow converters to change web paths 90 deg, reverse web direction, and flip webs over. Simple design and rugged construction can accommodate

Papers Are 'Green"

Loop recycled and environmentally preferable papers are made with renewable energy and post-consumer fiber. Line is said to offer a large selection of

Workstations Save Labor

NB Series mobile powered workstations are said to save labor and improve productivity. Patented, ergonomic carts can carry computers (desktops, towers,

Doctor Blades Extend Roll Life

StraightPoint doctor blades for use in flexo and offset coating applications meter all types of inks and coatings from anilox rolls, reduce anilox scoring,

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