New Products

Gusset Boards Are Light

Gusset boards are said to reduce friction, eliminate heat buildup, and weigh almost half as much as traditional wooden gussets. Newer designs allow for

Rollers Add Precision

Redesigned GripLock Rollers give its Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft extra speed and precision in differential winding applications, company reports.

Digital Plate Is Durable

Company expands its digital plate portfolio with Aeon long-run, high-resolution, non-preheat thermal CtP plate. Said to provide owners of 830 nm thermal

Inspect in Many Applications

The MaxEye.F surface inspection system is designed in harmony with company's QC-In-Line concept. Includes all perceivable functions with detailed data-gathering

Generate Less Waste

The ECS 340 press offers a short web path requiring less material and generating less waste. Press integrates company's traditional technology for the

Modular Benefits At Less Cost

The Alpha Multi flexo press can print up to nine colors in a footprint of just 5 sq m. Said to offer a short web path and quick job change as well as

Printing Unit Display Is Portable

The Flexo New Generation printing unit with electronic gear is able to move all the drums with web-synchronized movements with no mechanical or electronic

Digital Press Is Flexible

The X-Jet from Omet, a digital version of the X-Flex line, is offered as a single unit of four printing heads (standalone) or in combination with an X-Flex

Press Sets Up Quickly

The P5, part of the Performance Series, is said to provide fast changeovers, simple operation, and superior print quality. Has simple, repeatable settings

Inspect Any Label

The PrintVision Helios II 100% automatic inspection system delivers process control and quality assurance capabilities throughout entire print production

Short Runs Are Economical

The EDM200 semi-rotary, servo-driven UV flexo overprinting press uses sleeve technology for both print and anilox cylinders. Featuring chambered doctor

Inspect Webs for Quality

The POWERScope 4000 video web inspection system features a completely digital system design and an intuitive operation concept. Said to offer good image

Move Heavy Rolls Safely & Easily

The battery-powered RollMover is said to increase productivity and ensure worker safety when heavy loads must be moved. With the power to move loads ranging

Color Sensors Are Speedy

The SMARTEYE ColorWise sensor reportedly will solve difficult color applications at higher speeds than color cameras or other sensors. Said to be ideal

Integrate for Efficiency

ES Connect allows the integration of TWiST and MiSTRAL software with the ES Core, combining technical processes such as preflighting before printing or

Inks Give Bright, Bold Colors

High-performance metallic inks include UV flexo gold and silver, UV screen silver and UV flexo VMP (Very Bright Foil Replacement) silver. Inks are said

Substrates Offered in Short Runs

HP Indigo-compatible substrates, with 12 new entries, are topcoated with company's DigiPRO TC-338 or TC-413 topcoats and can be shipped in five days or

Save Power in Print Enhancements

The Eagle System range of ultra-green-friendly print enhancement equipment features Eco-Power drive, said to ensure the equipment uses less power than

Coatings Safe for Food Contact

Aqualene 5001 is a water-based, repulpable, biodegradable, high-OGR (oil and grease resistant), environmentally safe coating for the paper converting

Flexo Press Has Many Features

The Telia 8 FSC gearless flexo press has interchangeable printing decks with identical mechanical components. Other features include dual, high-precision

Sensors for Many Applications

Cylindrical (tubular) magnetic proximity sensors designated PRX+3800 (Form B) and PRX+3900 (Form C) are said to deliver the advantages of reed switch

Laminator Cuts Makeready

The Mini 36 TPM-SUV sheetfed laminator has the ability to inkjet print a spot UV, LED-curable varnish in-line on top of matte film. Company says makeready

Resin Offers Downgauge Opportunities

Enable mPE 35-05 grade resin for tough, stiff, high-clarity films expands company's portfolio of metallocene PE resins. Reportedly provides converters

LED-Based Densitometers Are User Friendly

XPress densitometers offer advantages of LED technology, including instant, automatic 1/10 sec measuring with no buttons to press for density, dot gain,

Servomotors Ship Quickly

Company is offering a new service for its line of 1FK7 servomotors. Using a configurable options menu to build exactly the motor required, customers now

Chip Offers Fast Melt Rate

The WizChip hot melt adhesive chip utilizes company's proprietary adhesive chemistry for an optimum quick melt rate. Flat-rounded chip is said to offer

Calculate Printing Carbon Footprint

Green Action Plan includes a Carbon Footprint Calculator that allows printers to estimate paper used, energy consumption, carbon footprint, and associated

Proof with Many Types of Ink

Benchtop color communication devices include the K Printing Proofer, said to produce high quality proofs with gravure, gravure-offset, or flexo inks.

PSA Line Expands

Expanded line of acrylic transfer PSAs includes the 600 Series (high shear, moderate LSE, and high-temperature shear); 800 Series (lower cost, high peel,

EB Output Device Is User-Friendly

The U-eLektron provides EB output with adjustable acceleration potentials of 10-50 keV. Features include touchscreen control system; adjustable amperage

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