New Products

Eliminate Static from Two Feet Away

Static eliminators from Trinc feature one bar ionizer sending both positive and negative ions from different needles. Typically mounted to a machine or

Place Parts Precisely

Mod-Tech converting system is custom-designed and engineered to meet specific application requirements, including medical, pharmaceutical, label, security,

Adhesives Suited For Medical Uses

Medical adhesive solutions for direct-to-skin and medical device assembly are designed for high performance and are tested according to ISO 10992-5/-10

Shrink Sleeve Film Is Efficient

Pentalabel PETG roll-sleeve films for shrink-label packaging are said to provide the high shelf impact of full-body shrink sleeves for high-volume applications.

Print on Unsupported Materials with Inkjet

The Jetrion 4830LED UV inkjet system and a newly developed flexible ink set allow printing on unsupported and heat-sensitive materials, including shrink

Press Has Many Features

The HP Indigo 5500 press offers ElectroInk liquid ink technology; printing to seven colors; special and spot color capabilities; and high definition dot

Ribbon Is Economical

EM211 wax/resin near edge ribbon formulation is designed as an economical solution for high print performance on a broad range of materials for flexible

Material Is Flame Retardant

XF-603 1-mil white polyimide, halogen-free label material is designed and recognized by UL to meet the VTM-0 level of flame retardants per the UL94 standard.

Automate Business Practices

Pal software applications for mobile computers offer four applications said to provide businesses with the basic functionality to automate their core

Slitter Saves Power

The Titan ER610 twin-shaft, cantilever compact slitter is said to be an environmentally friendly solution. It has reduced power; an all-electric, oil-free

Neutralize & Clean Wide Surfaces

Long Super Ion Air Knives neutralize static electricity while blowing away dust and particulates from printed surfaces, paper, plastics, and 3D shapes

Refurbish Dies

A die refurbishing service can extend the life of monolayer and coextrusion foam dies, company says. Can be an effective alternative to purchasing a new

Debonder Adds Absorbency

AROSURF PA 780 debonder for use in fluff pulp manufacturing is said to raise the bar in debonder absorbency, minimizing impact on fluff pulp absorbency

Rollstock Offered with Zipper Closure

E-Z ZIP reclosable zipper technology is offered on rollstock engineered for horizontal f/f/s pouch applications on KHS packaging machines. Film is offered

Plugs Help Prevent Crushed Cores

Heavy-duty core plugs are said to offer high strength to help prevent crushed cores on large rolls. Available in plastic, metal, and wood in sizes from

Hot Foil Unit Has Automatic Features

Hot foil unit from Omet slides on rails to increase the production potential of its X-Flex machine system. Unit can be deployed quickly and easily at

Films Suited for Pharma Blister Packs

The Pentapharm film line now includes kpVantage polyester films for pharmaceutical blister packaging. High-performance films incorporate a wide range

Bowed Roll Is Adjustable

The Perma-Bow fixed bowed roll features an adjustable apex that helps converters achieve optimal web engagement and control over the web. Adjustable bearing

Diagnose Presses

Proactive Care diagnostic service analyzes every alert, makes an educated diagnosis, alerts the press crew, and determines the best solution before press

Drives Have New Option

RG3 linear drives now are available with an extra bearing option that doubles the axial thrust capacity of the drive unit without significantly increasing

Tape Saves Money

Sheeted adhesive tape is said to provide more sheets per roll in addition to a lower price. Designed to be used in company's equipment as well as any

Paper Offered in Two Varieties

Acadia uncoated, machine-finished paper, offered with or without grease-resistant treatment, is designed for use in a variety of packaging applications.

Remote Monitors Are Offered

VisuNet remote monitors and industrial direct monitors have passed the Emerson Alliance Program testing. The VisuNet EX1 Remote Monitors are suitable

Monitor Ionizing Systems

The 904CM monitoring unit for company's AC ionizing systems is said to be easy to fit and operate and to provide accurate monitoring of the performance

Entry Level Slitter Option

Starslit ECO ultra-compact double spindle machine is designed for low-volume production. At a maximum speed of 450 mpm, machine winds finished rolls up

Improve Coating Process Control

SpecMetrix systems monitor wet or dry coating thickness as low as 0.5 microns. Can monitor multiple layers of coating (including UV and adhesives) simultaneously

Sludge Press Offered

The ASP (Auto Sludge Press) features what is said to be low-cost plug and play technology for small volumes, sludge dewatering solutions, and as a stand-alone

Apply Thin Coatings

Coating rolls have as little as 1 micron TIR, allowing them to apply very thin coatings. Most coating rolls are also company's ThermEx heat transfer rolls,

Wash Gravure Surfaces

Company's brand Enviroxi offers the Sitexco laser surface washer, designed for cleaning ceramic and gravure surfaces. Said to provide excellent cleaning

Lidding Films Seal Well

LumiLid printable and metallized polyester lidding films seal to a variety of tray substrates. Said to maintain seal integrity while offering an excellent

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