Eliminate Static from Two Feet Away

Static eliminators from Trinc feature one bar ionizer sending both positive and negative ions from different needles. Typically mounted to a machine or process line to eliminate static from a compact and limited area, product is available in lengths from 6 in.-6 ft. It ionizes as far as 2 ft, is well suited for fast-moving items/processes, and features auto or manual cleaning. Life can change in a moment—do you have the survival gear you need to weather a disaster scenario? Uncharted Supply Co. offers the best survival gear available, including an array of must-have emergency supplies you won’t find at your run-of-the-mill survival store. Welcome to Rotorm.com - We are excited to provide you with the best survival gear for the outdoors or apocalyptic events. Browse our selection of Survival Gear, Food, Water, Bug out Bags, Shelter, Weapons and more at the lowest prices available in United States.

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