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Coating Keeps Dies Flexible

Coating for company's Repel flexible die product line provides a clear, nonstick finish said to repel the most aggressive adhesives. Coating keeps the

Inks Are Resistant

PremoFilm ETS water-based ink system for flexo-printed PE bags is said to provide excellent and stable printing properties over a wide range of press

Inks Suited for Containers

The Fryflex line of inks is designed mainly for shipping containers. Color intensity, rub, and hue meet general requirements usually specified for commodity

Manipulate with Precision

Pneumatically powered Famatec Friendly ergonomic manipulator counterbalances heavy loads precisely to allow an operator to effortlessly suspend, rotate,

Inks for Minimal Plate Swell

INXFlex ITX Free UV process inks are formulated to provide minimal plate swell for flexo printing. Environmentally friendly inks are formulated without

Adhesives Offered For Flexo

Flex line of permanent, removable, and repositionable water-based adhesives enables printers to run adhesives on their flexo equipment. The line includes

Mount Flexo Plates for Better Print Quality

Cushion-Mount Plus Tapes with Easy Mount Adhesive are designed for mounting flexo print plates to cylinders or sleeves. Foam mounting tapes are said to

Many Flex-Pack Inks Available

Company offers a variety of inks for high-speed flexible packaging applications, including water-based surface film inks, water-based lamination ink,

Simulator for PV Applications

The Oriel Sol3A family of Class AAA solar simulator products for photovoltaic (PV) applications features an output beam of 12 12 in. Constant-wave sources

Inspect Color on Many Surfaces

Colorscan is a 100%, fully automatic optical color in-line quality inspection system for technical surfaces, including film, paper, and nonwovens. Inspects

Alternative Ink Is Offered

Pro-series inks are formulated as a like-for-like swap for the most popular large-format solvent and eco-solvent printers. Company says there is no need

Adhesive for LSE

Synthebond 7201 LSE is an emulsion acrylic adhesive designed for p-s applications that require excellent adhesion to low-energy surfaces (LSE). Formula

Get Stainless Look in Film

Company now offers cross-hatch and Tru-Stainless patterns for what is said to be a rich, stainless steel look in a film. Patterns are available with any

Inkjet Printer Runs Unattended

The DL-5400UV roll-to-roll wide format inkjet printer features robust master roll handling system designed to enhance Roland inkjet printers for digital

Get True Measurement

The SpectraLab is said to provide a true spectrophotometric measurement of printed colors on virtually all flexible substrates. ISO-compliant product

Atomize Fluids for Coating & More

Internal mix spray nozzles atomize fluids in a range of spray patterns for uses that include coating, cooling, and treating. Nozzles combine liquid and

Overlaminate a Clear Winner

Item N21010 is a clear PP overlaminate on a clear polyester release liner. Features a clear BOPP with an ultra-clear emulsion acrylic adhesive system

Label Stock Suited for Short Runs

Company offers iGO p-s materials for use in HP Indigo roll presses. Materials provide a label stock said to be useful for short-run, on-demand digital

Primer Aids Ink Transfer

DigiPrime 6029 HP-approved primer for WS6000 Series Indigo presses is said to produce superior ink transfer, ink adhesion, and rub resistance on embossed

Options for Tamper-Evident Labels

SAR 60 tamper-evident label material is said to give flexibility for use of designs other than the traditional image. Reverse-printed caution words will

Holographic Film Is Transparent

Holo-white and Holo-black holographic films with transparent metallization are said to protect the holographic embossing, making it more visible and evident.

Knifeholder Sets Up Easily

Performance Series Knifeholder, offered in three sizes, can accommodate shear, crush, or razor slitting of almost any material. Features a 180-deg reversible

Pulse Generation Kit for Many Uses

The terahertz (THz) pulse generation kit uses a sub-35-fs Ti:sapphire amplifier system. Kit can be integrated with a Ti:sapphire amplifier to generate

Waste System Is Upgrade

Version 11 of the Scrap Trakker, a waste data collection and reporting system designed to help corrugated facilities take better control of waste, includes

Software Will Modify Parameters

Packmage packaging structural design software for corrugated and folding cartons features architecture said to combine the best of web technology with

Thermoset Inks Resist Abrasions

The TP LEC base system thermoset inks for 3-pc metal decorating are formulated for fast makeready and low-temperature bake. Company says these bright,

Label Press Has Foiling Options

The 330/430 label press supports UV offset, UV flexo, rotary screen, hot foil embossing, and cold foil printing, individually or in combination. Finishing

Label Stock For Rx Use

MACScript 2 direct thermal label stock is designed for the prescription labeling market. Advanced thermal chemistry design is said to virtually eliminate

Release Varnish Saves Money

UV flexo release varnish for peel and read booklet labels offers what is said to be a low-cost alternative to conventional cationic chemistry. Reportedly,

Tubing for Idlers

WINertia aluminum tubing is designed, engineered, and patented for idlers. Design is said to allow smoother, higher-speed operation. Company can install

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