New Products

Get High Bond Strength

Polaqua 103-L lamination and printing primer is designed for PP and a range of other films. Said to provide high bond strengths using only minute application

Rollstands for Winding Control

Solution Series shafted rollstands range from a simple A-frame with brakes, safety chucks, and a shaft to more complex systems with closed or open loop

Inspect In-Line

The EasyMac.MC print inspection system is based on company's QC-In-Line concept. Compact camera systems are placed in-line with production process, allowing

Ink Has High Bond Values

PolarTek universal flexo white laminating ink reportedly can be used over many existing ink systems to deliver high bond values with all laminating processes,

Turners, Aerators Can Stop Injuries

Mobile Pile Turners and Mobile Jogger Aerators double as electric pallet-trucks, which are self-propelled, battery powered, have a built-in charger, and

Cantilever Press Is Offered

Cantilever press features direct servo-driven sleeve, anilox rolls, and automatic registration. Constant speed is ensured at roll change with either roll-to-roll

Get Accurate Tension Reading

The EasyView tension indicator is a compact, low-cost, general-purpose web tension amplifier with display. Indicator is powered by 24 volts DC and amplifies

Servomotors Shorten Cycles

Company says additions to the 1FT7 line of high-performance servomotors result in shorter machine cycles due to higher dynamic response, gained through

Proofing System Tracks & Trends Performance

Proofing package features a stand-alone module that allows customers to monitor and create pass/fail stickers for proofs. Includes a database to track

Print Banner on Both Sides

FLEXmark 6180 blockout banner provides offset printers an alternative to vinyl constructions and competitive synthetic products. This 9-mil white opaque

Choose Data Logger Features

Data Logger Selection Guide provides multiple selection factors, including instrument displays, remote probe availability, alarm options, wireless/Ethernet/battery-operated

Rollers for Quality Finish

Calender rollers ensure a quality web finish with precision nip pressures applied to a variety of substrates. Rolls are used to produce unique finishes

Print Digital UV At High Speeds

The Inca Onset S20 4th-generation flatbed printer is a high-speed, UV digital model featuring Dimatix Spectra SE128 printheads with 156 printheads arranged

Software to Manage Multiple Plants

Enterprise is an extension of company's software package designed for printers with multiple plant operations. One fully integrated system integrates

Battery Cells Offered

Company manufactures primary and secondary battery cell and modules for production of Ni-MH, Li-Ion, and super capacitors. Offers consultation to define

Wind Forward And Reverse

The Centrum CS blown film center surface winder is able to wind in forward and reverse modes. Floating Suspension System is said to provide outstanding

Test Roll Hardness with Accuracy

The PaperSchmidt rebound hammer designed for paper roll hardness testing is said to provide previously unachievable roll-profiling accuracy and repeatability.

Wind with Less Vibration

The Goebel optiwind two-drum winder handles materials to 7,000 mm at a speed of 3.000 mpm. Variable drum roller geometry is said to enable rollers in

Anilox Roll for CtP

The E-Flo anilox roll is designed to work with CtP technology. Developed for the flexible packaging and narrow web market place, the roll's cell formations

Keep Cores from Deforming

Leaf air shafts reportedly provide the ideal support for thin wall cores of 1 in. or larger to keep cores from deforming during winding. Trapper leaf

Process Plates For Fine Details

The nyloprint WS 230 S digital stencil plate is water washable and supports environmentally friendly plate processing. Company says plate combines highest

Save Blade Changeover Time

Refined design of patented rotary perforator unit allows for pre-setting of a replacement blade off-line while machine is running production with the

Making Business Easier

Version 8 Estimator incorporates all of the features of its regular program plus a new series of Management Reports detailing Sales Efforts, Profitability

Control Color in Wide Format

ColorServer wide-format color management software allows users to achieve uniform results across different manufacturers. Automate color space conversions,

UV Imaging for Fine Detail

The Acuity Advance flatbed featuring wide-format UV digital imaging technology is 35% faster than previous models. Designed for print applications requiring

Cut Ultrasonically

The Cut'n'Seal process uses ultrasonic energy to cut or punch out a range of thermoplastic and synthetic materials, while at the same time sealing the

Diagnose Sheeters Remotely

Upgraded sheeters include both Ethernet and serial ports that allow remote diagnosis of drive, logic control, operator interface, and safety faults. This

Inks Impart Texture

Aqua-Puff aqueous inks can impart 3-D texture and design effects. They are overprintable by flexo, gravure, and screen technology. Inks are hot-stampable,

Quality Branding Aid

SEETHRU-SIGN (STSWBF7030) is said to offer superior image quality and ease of installation and removal for branding campaigns. It offers 70% image area

Emulsion Improves Resistance

Michem Guard 7140 is a versatile and efficient new water-based, large-particle emulsion said to improve rub and abrasion resistance in pigmented and semi-gloss

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