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Inks Low in VOCs

Triumph sheet-fed process inks from Kohl & Madden feature a low-VOC ink technology that is high in renewable raw materials and is said to produce ultra-high press performance. Reportedly, inks offer outstanding litho performance at high production speeds, have fast ink-setting properties, and dry rapidly to produce a tough abrasion-resistant ink film that improves job finishing success.

Sun Chemical | 973-404-6007 | www.sunchemical.com

Recyclable Services

Company offers what it calls “green” roll protection to help the environment and the bottom line. Line includes endboards, sleeve plugs, pallets, and H/U channels that are all recyclable through recycling services. Company partners with a variety of industries to collect larger volumes of unwanted roll packaging components.

Badger Plug | 920-757-7300 | www.badgerplug.com

Register Control for Offset and Flexo

The AR4000 register control system for offset and in-line flexo presses has an ultra-compact CCD camera package with intelligent image processing. This is said to ensure perfect control of color-to-color register, front-to-back control, and color-to-cut or perforation and color-to-lacquer or varnish on flexo presses.

BST Pro Mark | 630-833-9000 | www.bstpromark.com

Winder Is Versatile

Portable winder offers what is said to be a safe, nonelectric, “set-and-forget” efficient method of winding in either direction for any web, including edge trim. Winding speed follows the line of the material while pneumatic drive system, without gears or clutches, allows for stop-go or stalled motion. Micro-setting adjustments permit infinite speed and torque control. Other features include core or coreless winding, unwinding, variable speed, positive speed, and tension control.

Daven Industries | 800-834-8848 | www.davenindustries.com

Laminating Adhesive Is Efficient

Solventless Mor-Free L75-164 flexible packaging laminating adhesive is said to deliver speed and processing efficiencies and to meet FDA food packaging requirements in an environmentally advanced fashion. Recommended for general and medium-performance packages as well as hot fill applications, adhesive typically attains full cure at ambient temperatures in three days. Formulation doesn't contain water, alleviating air handling and drying needs in addition to improving adhesive shipping, handling, and warehousing efficiencies.

Rohm and Haas Co. | 877-288-5881 | www.rohmhaas.com

PrimerAdheres Well

Polaqua 197 water-based primer reportedly provides superior adhesion for films that are difficult to print. Said to improve ink laydown on press and final adhesion values and to permit adhesion of PVDC to LDPE and PVC films. Contains no organic solvents or ozone-depleting agents.

Aqua Based Technologies | 201-767-6040 | www.aquabased.com

Digital Presses Are Economical

The 52DI and 34DI digital offset presses reportedly deliver environmentally friendly, high quality, short-run, four-color offset printing that is economical in run length quantities from 250-20,000. Said to bridge the profitability gap between conventional offset and digital toner-based presses.

Presstek | 603-595-7000 | www.presstek.com

Soy Inks Offer Consistent Color

EcoPure HPJ soy renewable resource inks comply with ISO 2846-1 and are suitable for GRACoL G7 certification. Said to offer superior ink transfer and high trap percentages, with consistent color density throughout each run. A wide water window makes ink easy to work with and “forgiving” on press, company says.

INX Intl. Ink Co. | 800-233-inks | www.inxinternational.com

Paper Certified Green

Premium cast-coated Kromekote is now fully Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. The ultra-glossy material is said to be the first triple cast-coated brand to achieve full FSC certification, which confirms that fiber originates in or supports forests that are managed to meet the social, economic, and ecological needs of present and future generations.

Smart Papers | 800-443-9773 | www.smartpapers.com

Adhesive Solutions Can Be Customized

Pattern-coated solvent-based adhesives are said to provide users with wide range of product solutions requiring the highest degree of adhesion in harsh or difficult operating environments. Company will customize a design solution in hot melt, emulsion/water, or solvent. Patterns can be provided in either permanent or removable adhesive formulations.

3Sigma Corp. | 800-347-3091 | www.3sigma.cc

Shrink Film Has Green Benefits

PLAnet proprietary PLA biodegradable shrink film is said to reduce the output of greenhouse gases during production. Doesn't emit toxic fumes when incinerated, requires less water usage than other polymers, reduces oil consumption by half, and can be composted, company says, making it a wholly renewable packaging option. Also reported to offer high-gloss printing and on-package sparkle and clarity. Able to run on existing shrink packaging equipment with minimal modifications to maximize productivity.

Clysar | 888-425-9727 | www.clysar.comPFFC-ASAP 410

Clean Anilox Rolls Safely

ReNew Orange cream is said to offer flexo and offset printers a safe, effective, and eco-friendly option for fast, in-press anilox roll cleaning. Designed to quickly restore cell volume between deep cleanings, product is compatible with all types of inks and coatings. Formula has no VOCs and is biodegradable, non-toxic, water-soluble, and nonflammable. It is quick and easy to use, company says, and roll can remain in the press during cleaning to minimize downtime.

Flexo Concepts | 508-830-9506 | www.flexoconcepts.com

Smooth, Clean Torque Control

Magnetic particle clutches and brakes are suitable for processes that require smooth torque while maintaining a clean, dust-free environment. The ability to engage across a range of input power is said to make magnetic particle designs excellent for tension control applications where a less than fully locked up condition is an advantage. Magnetic particle clutches and brakes allow particles to slip against each other to eliminate stick-slip behavior (even down to single-digit RPMs) when low engagement force and low speed are applied.

Warner Electric | 800-234-3369 | www.warnerelectric.com

Concentrates for Biodegradable Use

PLA-carrier color concentrates have a petrochemical carrier resin and are recommended for biodegradable blown film and other applications requiring greater flexibility than 100%-PLA formulations provide. Packaging applications include bottles, bags, wraps, and trays, as well as shopping bags, trash bags, cutlery, and more.

Teknor Color Co. | 800-554-9885 | www.teknorapex.com

Lamination Ink Offers Quality

AquaLiona water-based flexo lamination ink prints on a wide range of substrates. Suited for both adhesive and extrusion lamination, ink is said to offer low solvent retention and provide high-strength colors. Company says this environmentally friendly product is suited for high quality, high-performance applications.

Toyo Ink Mfg. America | 201-937-7324 | www.tima.toyoink.com

Film Biodegrades

Ceramis-PLA biodegradable barrier films, made from the annually renewable resource corn starch, are fully biodegradable. A silicon oxide nanocoating combines high barrier protection against oxygen, water vapor, and other gases with superior optical clarity and high gloss, says company. Applications include fresh food, dairy, snacks, pet food, and shelf-stable food, as well as household, personal care, and industrial products.

Alcan Packaging | 773-399-8000 | www.alcanpackaging.com

Sheet Waxed Paper

Cut size sheeter is suited for converters servicing the fast food and bakery markets with waxed paper goods. It converts master rolls into small sized sheets in one operation and is able to run a single web of grades as light as 10# paper or multiple rolls for greater production. Producing lengths from 9-24 in., machine has a slitter rig that allows an incoming web to be slit into as many as seven streams to produce multiple pile service across the width of the sheeter.

Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. | 401-596-0162 | www.maxsonautomatic.com

Clean Even Stubborn Ink

Ink-Eater flexo ink cleaner and degreaser is a gel-like concentrate that starts dissolving ink and grease immediately upon contact. Company says micro-bead abrasives assist in scrubbing and dissolving even decade-old, dried, and stubborn ink, grease, or oil from any press part. Super-concentrated formula can be applied at full strength with no water or dilution needed to any ink spot and can used on any hard metal, concrete, or other hard surfaces. It is said to be a biodegradable, environmentally friendly formula.

FlexoCleaners | 888-353-9625 | www.flexocleaners.com

Reduce Energy Use

Designed to offset energy costs associated with dryers in heatset web printing, E-Tac chill roll tacking system uses electrostatic charges to hold the web in intimate contact with the chill roll so boundary layer between web and roll is eliminated. Web temperature then can be reduced by 59-68 deg F (15-20 deg C), depending on the charging current and web speed.

MKS ION Industrial | 860-310-3334 | www.mksinst.com/ion-industrial

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