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Neutralize Static Effectively

Super Ion air knife uses 8.7 scfm of compressed air at 5 psig to entrain high volumes of surrounding room air for effective neutralization of static electricity while blowing away dust and particulates from printed surfaces, paper, and plastics. A 48-in.-wide laminar air stream increases surface exposure to static-eliminating ions from an electrically powered static control bar for effective cleaning at high speeds from up to 20 ft away.

Control Color with Plate

The Electra XD thermal plate is said to exhibit impressive prepress and on-press stability for excellent resolution, run length, and color control throughout the press run. Helps printers reduce overall plate consumption and energy usage while maintaining print quality. Plate is a non-ablative, no-preheat, positive working digital plate capable of printing 10-micron FM screening. Said to be ideal for medium- to long-run sheet-fed and heatset/coldset web offset operations.

Clean Plates Safely

FlexTex plate wipes are heavyweight, low-linting wiping pads that can absorb up to 10x their own weight in ink or cleaning fluids. Reportedly will not damage or scratch either photopolymer or rubber flexo plates when used on press for end-of-job cleanup or mid-run plate maintenance.
Correct-Touch Graphic Arts | 877-820-6301 | www.ctgraphicarts.com

Measure Light Flexibly

The flexOptometer light-measuring instrument is a radiometer/photometer designed to operate as either a stand-alone instrument or a computer-controlled, full-function photometric, radiometric, or fiber optic measurement tool. Available with a single head or with up to four interchangeable detector heads for optimal flexibility. Said to be easy to integrate into existing lab instrument architectures.

Send Rolls Out For Cleaning

The MicroClean roll cleaning service is suited for printers that maintain multiple ceramic and chrome rolls and wish to have them cleaned off-site. Reportedly, company gives them a thorough cleaning and returns them in a few days with cells restored to their original volume. Service preserves roll investment and reduces downtime for cleaning.

Platesetter Is Automated

The DPX 4 Eco poly-platesetter eliminates multi-bath chemistry process, resulting in a more economical and ecologically friendly solution, company says. Unit is fully automated and capable of outputting 27 processed, dried, cut-to-size, and ready-to-use plates/hr at 2,540 dpi.

  • ECRM Imaging Systems | 800-537-ECRM | www.ecrm.com
    PFFC-ASAP 405

Protect Products from Degradation

Antimicrobial protects plastics from staining and degradation caused by bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi and does not compromise end-product safety by migrating out of the plastic or being rubbed off the surface, company reports. Provides an environmentally sustainable means of prolonging the useful life of consumer and industrial products and addresses the growing demand for medical products with hygienic cleanliness. Contains no VOCs, heavy metals, arsenic, or polychlorinated phenols.

Process Plates With Ease

The stack-style Orbital X is an all-in-one unit that processes water-washable photopolymer plates (polyester or metal-backed). Features an orbital washout, exposure section, three-drawer dryer, and an optional post or detack section. Said to be simple to use and versatile, processor is available for plates 12 × 18 in. and 24 × 30 in.

Verify Text and Graphics

Multicheck image inspection solution can verify 100% of the copy and graphics on cartons, labels, and other materials by performing image comparisons, text comparisons, reading and verifying bar codes, and performing Optical Character Recognition on documents and applications with variable data. Database component allows master documents to be cataloged with inspection types and zones already set.

Plate Products In Two Forms

Two sheet photopolymer products include the MAX analog plate for use in most package printing applications and Digital MGC for corrugated board print applications. MAX reportedly delivers low dot gain in process color printing with smooth ink laydown for bold solids. Digital MGC offers quick washout and the ability to hold fine detail, plus excellent resolution and imaging capability, company says.

Get EB at Less Cost

The BroadBeam LE Series is designed to incorporate the benefits of EB in a smaller footprint at a lower cost. Suited for web offset and flexo printing and laminating, product offers what company calls “smarter energy,” the combination of a smarter package with the smarter technology of EB energy. Space-saving package is tailored for the lower voltage range needed for printing applications, and “side fire” orientation provides easy access for foil changes.

The Digital Advantage

Company says nyloprint digital offers the advantages of digital plate processing (CtP technology) in letterpress. Eliminates potential processing faults caused by the use of negative film and provides smaller, more uniform halftone dots with steeper shoulder profiles. Plates are available on polyester and on steel base and can be processed on all commercially available digital imaging devices.

  • Flint Group Flexographic Products | 800-795-2273 | www.flintgrp.com
    PFFC-ASAP 411

Drives Fit in Small Space

The AC890PX family of modular AC drives is available in ratings through 600 hp and voltage ranges from 38-690 VAC. Patent-pending design features pluggable power modules for quick replacement, virtually eliminating downtime. Installation and servicing are said to be very easy. Model has a very small footprint and communicates with all popular protocols.

Digital Imager for Wide Web

The Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) Advance Cantilever is designed for the imaging of large-format sleeves as well as optional large-format flexo plate imaging. Built for the wide web flexible packaging market, CDI comes with a cantilever air cylinder, allowing a very fast exchange of print sleeves without additional handling equipment. Options include the EasyClamp III vacuum drum sleeve, a pneumatic clamping mechanism that accelerates plate loading.

Color Indicates When Adhesives Are Cured

See-Cure technology help users know when they have dispensed enough adhesive and when it is cured. Adhesives formulated with the technology are bright blue in color in the uncured condition, making them easy to see on the surface of substrates, in deep wells, or when sandwiched between two layers of materials. Color will not stain permanently. As adhesive cures, blue color fades and ultimately turns clear upon full cure.

Platesetters Offer Quality

The Prosetter range of violet platesetters is said to offer high quality and reliability. Printing plate is precisely aligned in a half shell and held in place by a vacuum during imaging. Laser is moved along half shell and images the plate one dot at a time. Laser spot is guided via a rotating prism, delivering precision down to thousandths of a millimeter, company says.

Platesetters Offer Quality

The Prosetter range of violet platesetters is said to offer high quality and reliability. Printing plate is precisely aligned in a half shell and held in place by a vacuum during imaging. Laser is moved along half shell and images the plate one dot at a time. Laser spot is guided via a rotating prism, delivering precision down to thousandths of a millimeter, company says.

PSA Is for Med Uses

Enhanced line of single- and double-coated PSA systems is designed for use in surgical drape applications. Expanded platform features three categories of adhesion: maximum, medium, and gentle hold. Systems are tested according to ISO 10993-5/-10 standards for cytotoxicity, skin irritation, and skin sensitization.

Proofer Saves Money

Veripress server-based softproofing technology system includes a built-in, self-managed certification system to any print standard. Touchscreen control with instant response gives printer immediate access to any part of the printing job. Reportedly offers a combination of color-accurate display and high-speed delivery to any press console and helps users save on proofing costs, as there is no “click charge” or ongoing consumable expenses.

Detect Flammability With Accuracy

Company reports its complete line of PrevEx flammability analyzers received ATEX approval. All models monitor a number of common vapors and are said to be unaffected by temperatures. Reportedly, detection system will perform accurately and reliably, ensuring high safety and ultra-fast response time, even when sampling a mixture of several different flammable vapors.

Collars Cut Downtime

EasyLock shaft collars install quickly without special tools for nonslip holding of tools and rolls on smooth, case-hardened shafts. Quick-release feature facilitates frequent changeovers to help reduce downtime and maintain high production rates. Available in eight sizes for shafts with metric diameters of 10-40 mm.

Cool Fluids Inexpensively

The C3 Cold Climate Cooler System uses ambient air temperature to cool fluid in a closed loop system that does not require make-up water or expensive chemical treatments. System is available with cooling capacities to 140 tons and flow capacities to 390 gpm. Said to save water and energy and to be environmentally friendly. Overall design provides for long life and durability, company adds.

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