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Gearing Products Offered

Company offers a comprehensive range of standard open gearing products including spur, helical, miter, bevel, worms, and worm gears. Also provides stock altering services along with custom gearing design and manufacturing. The BostSpec program assists engineers with gearing selection and provides CAD drawings in popular 2D and 3D formats.

▶Boston Gear, an Altra Industrial Motion co. | 815-389-6227 | www.altramotion.com
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Create Transparent Coatings

The chamber doctor blade type AGS 2500 “System BASF” is able to coat solvent and solventless coating medias and works with two separate pressure chambers. Reportedly allows user to produce perfectly transparent coatings, free of foam, and the performance of the rear barrier chamber prevents entry of air into the chamber doctor.

▶Polytype Converting | +41 26 426 1111 | www.polytype.com
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Inkjet UV Coater Eliminates Waste

The JETvarnish off-line digital inkjet spot UV coater offers increased margins and lower turnaround times by bringing spot varnishing in-house. Runs can range from 1 to thousands of 20×29-in. sheets at speeds to 2,500 sheets/hr. The Eco-Concept environmentally friendly design is said to virtually eliminate raw material and packaging waste, is ozone- and solvent-free, and uses “green” consumables.

▶MGI USA | 321-751-6755 | www.mgi-fr.com
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Apply Coatings Quickly

Kompac Kwik Finish off-line coating and curing system is said to provide a quick, easy way to apply UV, Sapphire, aqueous, and specialty coatings to a variety of substrates. Standard auto feeder and optional stacker and IR dryer offered. Runs 5,500 sheets/hr.

▶Kompac Technologies | 800-541-5702 | www.kompactech.com
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Controller Is Reliable

Company offers NanoPositioning Piezo stages and a three-axis controller/driver. Line is said to offer reliable, multilayer, low-voltage piezoelectric transducers and delivers nanometer resolution with fast response time. Available with high-resolution strain gauge position sensors for accurate and repeatable motion.

▶Newport Corp. | 800-222-6440 | www.newport.com
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Modules Ease Roll Changes

SimpLok unwind and rewind modules are said to increase capacity, improve web control, and ease roll changes for increased production or for adding unwind or rewind stations to an existing converting machine. Shaft holders and unwind/rewind modules, available in standard, medium, and heavy-duty versions, handle rolls from 50-5,000 lb. Modules are available with brake or drive mounting provisions.

▶Converter Accessory Corp. | 800-433-2413 | www.converteraccessory.com
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Reuse Cores, Recycle Scrap

The Safe-Slab Core Recycler is said to remove leftover roll material quickly and safely so cores can be reused and scrap material recycled at a higher value. Unwinds remaining material for blade-free waste separation and core recycling without risk of injury to workers or damage to the core. Variable unwinding speeds allow for quick handling of rolls to 5 ft wide and 18 in. dia.

▶Appleton Mfg. | 800-531-2002 | www.appletonmfg.com
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Measure Polyolefins

The VTM mechanical laboratory analyzer for polyolefins uses advanced software to gather a wide range of rheological data. Measures properties in a pressurized sample chamber, said to reduce edge effects and potential contamination and improve repeatability. Software package allows users to create their own testing protocol, selecting multiple data points to be gathered from a single sample or to compare historical data.

▶Dynisco | 508-541-9400 | www.dynisco.com
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Recycle Solvent Automatically

ECO next-generation solvent recyclers are for flexo presses that have onboard wash-up systems and flexo platemaking equipment. Recyclers, said to be fully automated and virtually maintenance free, remove all contaminants from used solvents and distill them back to their original form for re-use in the process.

▶PPC Technologies & Solutions | 262-695-7536 | www.ppcts.com
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Coater for Liquid Laminations

The VersaCoater XL 60 with new roll-to-roll option can perform liquid lamination at 300 sq fpm at fewer than 4 cents/sq ft, company says. This feature is said to give users of the 60×80-in. XL wide-format UV coater a competitive edge and to reduce costs while increasing speeds.

▶Drytac | 800-280-6013 | www.drytac.com
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Laminator Has Safety Features

A 64-in. laminator for the automotive gasket market features a 36-in. product unwind, an 18-in. adhesive unwind, and a 60-in. product rewind. Safety features include 18-in. light curtains prior to the nip, as well as emergency stop switches at all four corners of the machine. Machine features speeds of 0-80 fpm, pneumatic tension control, and 8.0-in. nip rolls covered with 55-65 durometer silicone that provide up to 60 pli of adjustable nip pressure.

▶Advanced Greig Laminators | 800-276-2664 | www.aglinc.com
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Coater Has Wider Operating Window

Single and double-sided in-line coaters for films provide reproducible perfect coating profiles in MDO and TDO direction. A wider operation window in regard to different web speed, web thickness, and coating thickness has been achieved with this technology, leading to foam-free coatings with a brilliant transparency and a shiny surface appearance. Features the AGS 2500 S “System BASF” pressurized chamber system.

▶Pagendarm BTT GmbH | +49 40 89096 0 | www.pagendarm.com
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Hot Melt Coater Offers Easy Setup

Hot melt dispensing systems for coating and laminating applications offer fast, easy setup with minimum adjustment from job to job. Systems offer repeatable performance through a range of units with standard capacities up to 450 kg.

▶Valco Melton | 513-874-6550 | www.valcomelton.com
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Additive Aids Performance

Polaqua AD water-based additive is said to improve the performance of inks, adhesives, coatings, and resins. Reportedly, only small amounts are needed to work with virtually any liquid to improve flow, laydown, wetout, and other characteristics. Lubricity allows enhanced pumping of any liquid, from water to pigment slurries.

▶Aqua Based Technologies | 201-767-6040 | www.aquabased.com
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Press Is Gearless

The FW 300 gearless, eight-color press designed for short and medium runs features Direct Direct Drive (DDDrive) gearless technology and “Simotion” servo deck positioning. An advanced web inspection system automatically sets both registration and impression.

▶Comexi North America | 413-789-3800 | www.comexinorthamerica.com
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Lens Is Versatile

Ultra-thin, high-resolution 200 lenticules/in. lens reportedly offers smoother motion transitions and a 3D effect equal to heavier, more costly lens structures. Satin-like surface is said to support the reading of bar or mobi codes and fine or low point type printed on or beneath the lens. Can be used as a small overt security badge or a decorative in-mold label.

▶National Graphics | 262-442-4086 | www.extremevision.com
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Five Sensor Variations

Model C shaft-mount tension transducers are dual-beam strain-gauge sensors. Available in five mounting variations, transducers include Piloted Flange mounting and are offered in dead shaft and live shaft models.

▶Dover Flexo Electronics | 603-332-6150 | www.dfe.com
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Purge Contaminated Film Lines

Purgex 460 Plus commercial purging compound for cleaning film lines is said to purge heavily contaminated lines effectively. Reportedly results in shorter cleaning cycles, lower purging material costs, and greater reliability in controlling the release of contaminants during production runs. Company adds that product is effective in purging new biodegradable and compostable PE resins.

▶Neutrex | 800-803-6242 | www.purgexonline.com
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Predict, Produce Printed Packages

Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic System is said to reproduce consistently labels, sleeves, pouches, and cartons using different presses in different countries with gravure-like results. Approval NX Digital System includes proofing software to reproduce on the final substrate accurate spot colors, adjustable density and curves for color matching flexibility, and Approval packaging color donors for maximum color gamut. Prepress and platemaking use Prinergy PowerPack Workflow System 4.0. Prepress provides a single color fingerprint test; a compensation curve is applied to achieve standard target digital flexo plate curves; and uses offset separation with offset angles. Plates require no solvent processing and, by eliminating oxygen between a laminated Thermal Imaging Layer and the plate, user can achieve flat-top dots and up to 300 line screens. Durable plates can be reused to minimize the environmental impact.

▶Kodak | 866-563-2533 | www.kodak.com
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Custom System Aids Development

The VCM (Versatile Converting Machine) is custom configured and built under the strictest of customer confidentiality agreements. Applications include developing new coated products, testing substrate receptivity, quality control purposes, pilot runs, high tech and security products, and specialized PS-tape/label production. Customers can choose from more than 15 different printing and coating systems, including hot melt, reverse roll, gravure-offset (printing and coating), knife-over-roll, rotary screen (printing and coating), and more.

▶RK Print Coat Instruments | +44 0 1763 852187 | www.rkprint.com
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