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Rolls Aid Web Control

Idler rolls feature hundreds of precision-machined grooves that allow air to escape from between the roll and web to provide better web control. Roll finish is said to improve web tracking and reduce web drift, slippage, and web marking, especially with lighter webs and faster line speeds.
Webex | 920-729-6666 | www.webexinc.com

Film Is Clean, Removes Easily

MF15LT premium clean, optically clear protective masking film was developed for electronics and display applications that require cleanliness and easy removability. Film is coated in a clean room environment to avoid contamination and reportedly leaves no adhesive residue after removal. Can be produced to 63-in. adhesive width on 1.5-mil optically clear polyester base, with haze values of less than 3% and transmittance greater than 87%.
CPFilms, sub. of Solutia | 276-627-3332 | www.solutia.com

Cold Foil Optimized for UV

Luxor/Alufin KPW-OP monochrome, metallized cold foil for web printing improves the ability to overprint with UV-cured inks. Said to work well with shrink sleeves. KPS-OP, designed for sheet-fed applications, also is suitable for both UV adhesives and inks.
Kurz Transfer Products | 800-950-3645 | www.kurzusa.com

Emboss, Cut, and Strip

The Varimatrix 105 CSF die-cutter can be used for hot foil embossing and as a die-cutter with stripping function. Metallic effects and multistage/relief embossing can be applied in a single pass using the hot foil module. It is possible to heat only specific zones, so the complete plate does not have to be heated when working with small formats. A variety of feeds optimizes foil use, and the touchscreen control enables cost-effective embossing and metallic surface finishes for short and very short runs, says company. Able to process a wide range of substrates.
Heidelberg USA | 888-472-9655 | www.us.heidelberg.com

Wax Emulsions Aid Processing

Michem Lube nanoscale wax emulsions are said to improve processing and performance. Mostly carnauba- and paraffin-based, line reportedly is very stable and is compatible with ingredients used in many industries. Emulsions can enhance a wide range of surface properties, including barrier properties, block resistance, gloss, peelability, release, seal strength, and slip. Low-VOC formulations are available.
Michelman | 800-333-1723 | www.michem.com

Laser Kit Aligns Rolls

RollCheck is a visual laser tool to facilitate quick and accurate field replacement of process rolls. A laser emitter unit mounted on a reference roll projects two Class 2 fanned 635 nm laser lines onto a reflector unit mounted on the roll to be moved, allowing the operator to view both the vertical angle (pitch) and horizontal angle (parallelity) as the roll is adjusted into alignment.
Seiffert Industrial | 800-856-0129 | www.seiffertindustrial.com

Foil Press Offers Durability, Precision

Geitz FSA 1060 Foil Commander press reportedly offers speeds to 8,000 sph without sacrificing quality. Vacufoil foil transporation system makes it possible to process large diameter rolls at maximum speeds. The 1060×760-mm size covers established and new formats in the B1/40-in. size range. Smart Register sheet registration system compensates for inaccurate sheet cut and in-feed errors as well as sheet distortion.
Matik | 860-232-2323 | www.matik.com

Drives Have Higher Horsepower

ACS350 machinery drives are designed to make it easy for volume machine builders to increase average throughput time via an average 2-sec programming time/unit. Ratings of the drives have been extended to 15 hp at 240V and 30 hp at 480V, and units are RoHS-compliant, with coated boards. Features are designed to minimize installation and commissioning time and cost.
ABB | 845-278-6810 | www.abb.com

Communicate Easily

The TS8015 operator interface panel with a bright TFT XGA display and touchscreen has a built-in web server and FTP server/client said to make remote communications quick and easy. This HMI (human-machine interface) can be used on converting machinery such as a laminators, coaters, extruders, or printers to control and operate the VFDs that power the line. Allows operators to view the drive diagnostics, change setups or recipes, or view production trends.
Parker Hannifin | 704-583-8101 | www.ssddrives.comPFFC-ASAP 408

Replace Treater Rolls

Company will provide replacement rolls to exacting specifications. It engineers and produces high-tolerance corona treater rolls with a variety of finishes, including rubber-covered, chrome-plated, or plasma- coated surfaces. Roll lengths of 315 in. are common, but company can produce rolls to 500 in. long in diameters to 62 in.
PFE Rolls | 978-544-7803 | www.pferolls.com

Re-Machine Collars And Couplings

Precision-machined shaft collars and couplings include a pilot hole to let users re-machine them to match their own requirements. Collars can be re-bored and threaded to match the size of worn or replacement shafts; couplings allow for the effective mating of dissimilar-sized shafts. Both are made from steel.
Stafford Mfg. Corp. | 800-695-5551 | www.staffordmfg.com

Cool Blown Film

The BFC Series of Blown Film Air Coolers reportedly offers an increase in blown film productivity, especially in warmer climates or other environments where ambient air temperatures rise during the summer. Boosts productivity by eliminating production variables in air ring supply, including air temperature, pressure, and volume. Design provides for long life, durability, and accurate air ring process control, says company. Available in sizes from 600-7,500 CFM.
Mokon | 716-876-9951 | www.mokon.com

Small Footprint, Big Benefits

The EHG Series half-sheet (22 × 30 in.) press has a small footprint yet reportedly maintains quality, accuracy, and fast makereadies. Total press area is 44 sq ft and work area is 135 sq ft. Features the EZ Load Magazine, which allows the entire magazine to be lowered or raised with the turn of a switch.
Brandtjen & Kluge | 800-826-7320 | www.kluge.biz

Viscometer Has New Features

The redesigned DV-II+Pro viscometer features bi-directional communication when used with a dedicated computer. Said to offer easy operation for single-point viscosity measurement or can be configured to run automated tests in stand-alone mode for comprehensive flow curve characterization without involvement from operator or computer.
Brookfield Engineering | 800-628-8139 | www.brookfieldengineering.com

Emboss, Print, Cut With Accuracy

The 3530 hot foil press offers print/embossing and die-cutting stations with a system for adjusting the impression weight or depth of cut that reduces the number of components to a minimum. Operators can control adjustments with micro-millimeter accuracy, reducing setup times.
Newfoil Machines | +44 0 161 627 0550 | www.newfoilmachines.co.uk

Filter Fountain Solutions

The CT-EX chiller system offers a direct in-line filtration system said to result in pure fountain solutions. Features an intermediate tank and separate cooling storage, allowing the volume of the fountain solution to be reduced by up to 60%. System is said to reduce disposal costs, lower the amount of additives needed, reduce reaction times of additive dosing, and reduce the total amount of energy.
Grafix | 866-grafix8

Toggle Design for Even Pressure

The Majestic Series high-speed die-cutting, embossing, and foil stamping press reportedly offers quality, reliability, and ease of maintenance. Has a toggle design to ensure even pressure throughout the platen. Produces 7,500 impressions/hr and features automatic centralized lubrication and a pneumatic chase lock-up system.
Diversified Graphic Machinery | 732-933-4865 | www.dgmna.com

Sheeting Is Uninterrupted

Sheeters feature a continuous run discharge to permit uninterrupted production while operator changes skids of material without rejecting any acceptable sheets. At a preset count, sheeter automatically ramps down to a reduced speed. When the last sheet assigned to the pile enters the stacker, the load table automatically lowers to the off-load position without exposing operator to danger.
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. | 401-596-0162 | www.maxsonautomatic.com

Rewind Aids Productivity

The LRH automatic transfer rewind is a nonstop roll changer said to be ideal for mid-web printing, laminating, and converting processes. Provides continuous, roll-to-roll productivity for a wide range of applications and materials and reportedly delivers maximum productivity with minimum effort. Cantilevered spindle design eliminates the need to handle heavy coreshafts. Offered in standard widths to 32 in. and standard diameters to 72 in., with wider widths and custom engineered features available.
Martin Automatic | 815-654-4800 | www.martinautomatic.com

Coat with Control

Patch-coating versions of company's Liberty slot die systems apply coating materials intermittently at controlled intervals along a continuous web or onto discrete sheets or panels. In an automated process, special valves start and stop coating application; this action is coordinated with movement of the die toward and away from the substrate to promote a clean break in the coating and prevent formation of edge beads.
Extrusion Dies | 715-726-1201 | www.extrusiondies.com

Cold Foil Adhesive Is Solvent-Free

Select Inks FUV 1504 UV flexo cold foil adhesive is a free radical-based product designed for use in conjunction with a suitable cold foil for the high quality transfer of metallic particles using the wet lamination process. Adhesive is solvent-free and has excellent press stability with no drying on the plate or rollers during stoppages or makeready.
DSI Group | 860-413-9510 | www.dsi-grp.com

Medical Adhesives Aid Healing

Adhesive systems for transparent dressings are offered in a product portfolio of conformable transparent films with three levels of breathability. Adhesives are produced under strict process controls for high quality. Systems incorporate a variety of product constructions to accommodate different converting methods and dressing styles. Said to have a great affinity for skin yet remove cleanly with no residue. Adhesives offer good oxygen and moisture vapor exchange to keep a chronic wound moist and accelerate healing. Said to be impermeable to liquids, bacteria, and viruses.
MACtac | 866-262-2822 | www.mactac.com

Guide with Ease

CLS Pro 600 is a technology for guiding continuous or broken printed lines, contrast, or web edges with ease of use. Uses automatic LED lighting and a color CCD camera for laser-guided precision. A high-resolution color display and icon controls reportedly bring a new level of intuitive operation.
BST Pro Mark | 630-833-9000 | www.bstpromark.com

Air Chucks Are Light

The COR-LOK-XE model air chuck utilizes a pneumatically expanding, spirally wrapped external element to engage the core. Available for core diameters of 2-18 in., chucks use split bushings to lock to thru shafts for fast and easy placement and installation. Said to be effective with virtually all types of cores in light- to heavy-duty applications. All models are lightweight and designed for easy, safe operation.
Converter Accessory Corp. | 800-433-2413 | www.converteraccessory.com

Calculate Foil Advance Accurately

Visionfoil 104 is for converters that want the flexibility to produce high quality foil stamping with the possibility to convert the machine to regular die-cutting and stripping. Expertfoil 104 FR, with patented Power Register system, is targeted to dedicated foil stamping producers and can achieve 8,000 sheets/hr. Both available with a 330-ton pressure option. Ideal foil advance for a job can be calculated directly on the machine using the OACS (Optimal Advance Computing System).
Bobst Group | 973-226-8000 | www.bobstgroup.com

Rules Cut Costs

The Dieflex Platinum range of hard-edge coated rules achieves reduced life cycle costs, company says. Recommended as an alternative for high-volume, quality applications, such as food packaging and coated boards for tops of high-end packaging. Said to cut tough materials at a lower cutting pressure with improved release properties, reducing dusting problems and providing excellent and even cutting results on long runs.
Sandvik | 800-253-2437 | www.smt.sandvik.com

Design Packaging in 3D

Studio plug-in environment for Adobe Illustrator brings interactive 3D packaging design to the Adobe software. Studio Toolkits is a collection of supporting simplified structural design solutions. Products, suited for folding cartons, corrugated, and flexible packaging, reportedly integrate perfectly with company's other software.
Esko ArtWork | 937-454-1721 | www.esko.com

Shrink Sleeves Are Disposable

Expanded line of disposable roller coverings includes a full range of JemmSil FEP Teflon heat shrink sleeves. Said to be ideal for extrusion and converting applications requiring a low COF, high operating temperatures, or nonstick characteristics. Sleeves can be bonded or unbonded, and are available in diameters of 1.5 in. or larger, with custom sizes available.
Jemmco | 262-512-9559 | www.jemmco.com

Hot Stamp Many Products

FR Series high-performance rotary hot stamping, heat-sealing, and laminating equipment features a high-speed drop-in system. Applications include foils, magnetic tapes, scratch-off, security seals and tapes, holograms, pouches, bags, sachets, and holders. Automated and programmable hot stamp shaft cooling ensures precise temperature control with any material and for any press condition, company says.
DMS | 800-655-7882 | www.dmsdies.com

Primer/Adhesive Resists Grease, Moisture

Aqua-Corona 831 is a water-based primer/adhesive that requires only small application levels to treat a variety of compatible substrates. Said to provide excellent resistance to grease, oil, and moisture, with application levels proportionate to 1 gal of product to every 20 reams/substrate. Company reports it can replace the corona treatment of films as well as other low-energy substrates.
Aqua Based Technologies | 201-767-6040 | www.aquabased.com

Apply Glue in Multiple Patterns

The MCP-4/F Series adhesive system is a pattern control with encoder input and integral flow control module for variable-speed applications. Offers four-channel outputs, each capable of multiple glue patterns. Features include four product sensor inputs, job storage memory, and compact controls with plug-and-run connectors for quick and easy installation. Available as horizontal or vertical mount.
Valco Melton | 513-874-5581 | www.valcomelton.com

New Epoxy for Cylinders

Cerface magnetic hot stamping cylinders are permanent magnets embedded in a new high-temperature epoxy and mounted level with the surface so they are in direct contact with the plates to hold them securely in place. Epoxy is formulated to handle temperatures as high as 400 def F, and cylinders are designed to be heated with conventional calrod elements or by hot oil.
Bunting Magnetics Co. | 800-835-2526 | www.buntingmagnetics.com

Layers of Security

Verigard covert technology has dye-based attributes for use in formulating inks and coatings. The V400 reader can be programmed to store multiple codes. Technology can be combined with an array of diverse covert, semi-covert, and overt technologies and can be integrated into almost any design.
Sun Chemical | 860-767-7711 | www.sunchemicalsecurity.com

Two Laminators Offered

The 1-Shot (pictured) laminates three webs together in a single pass using solvent-free adhesives on both coating stations. Machine is able to handle any mix of substrates and is available in the single-position unwind/rewind configuration as well as in the fully turreted version. The Linear two-ply coater/laminator has fully turreted unwind and rewind and interchangeable coating heads. Drying system, which comes with two separate chambers that allow for independent temperature and air flow control, reportedly provides top performances while minimizing energy consumption.
Nordmeccanica | 631-242-9898 | www.nordmeccanica.com

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