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August 2008 PFFC What's New Products: Part two

Process Tags, Tickets With RFID

The STP (Smart Tag and Ticket Processor) incorporates company's 2nd-generation RFID technology with the ability to read HF, UHF, and EPC Gen 2 tags. Features include a redesigned tag dispenser with web tensioning, strategically placed start/stop buttons, and more data-gathering capabilities. Interchangeable laminating, die-cutting, and punching stations allow jobs to be completed in roll, zig-zag folded, or as single product.
Schober USA | 800-344-8324 | www.schoberusa.com

Mounting Tapes in 3 Levels

The R/bak SA 3000 Series of cushion mounting tapes now includes three levels of compressibility to accommodate the full range of flexo printing applications, from process work to combination jobs, as well as line and solid work. All three — soft, medium, and firm — are available in 15-20 mils and are said to offer consistent print results, higher print quality, and easier handling.
Rogers Corp. | 860-928-3622 | www.rogerscorporation.com

Flexo Press Has Smart Features

The Miraflex CM CI flexo press is offered with eight- or ten-color capability. A sleeve-type nip roll prior to the first printing deck and automatic sleeve pushers facilitate sleeve changeover. Featuring automatic and “smart” solutions, press includes the latest safety systems and enclosures. Can be supplied with a variety of drying systems.
Windmoeller & Hoelscher | 800-854-8702 | www.whcorp.com

Overprint Varnish Is Glossy

ThermaGloss 460 water-based, heat-resistant overprint varnish produces high gloss, low odor, and excellent dry rub resistance, company reports. Said to be ideal for use on corrugated preprint liner or other packaging where high-temperature processing could cause conventional overprint varnishes to pick, soften, or smear. Typical applications include retail packaging, POP displays, and ink protection.
Michelman | 800-333-1723 | www.michem.com

Software Aids Integration

The Connect software solution permits simple integration of company's products in Prinergy, Esko, and Dalim workflow environments. Also said to benefit remote proofing, enabling cross-platform checking of print job status.
GMG Americas | 781-740-4077 | www.gmgcolor.com

Metallic Printing For Flexo

Company now offers a flexographic version of its metallic printing technology. Especially recommended for label and package printers, process is said to offer a lower cost alternative to foil stamping and metallic substrates and enhanced design capabilities.
MetalFX | 513-770-1052 | www.metal-fx.com

Gravure Press Offered in Two Versions

The RS 4004X fully automatic gravure press integrates several technically innovative advanced features said to provide excellence in quality and performance. Available in two versions with either shaftless or shafted cylinders, press can be configured for either short or short to medium production runs and consistently achieves a production speed of 450 mpm.
Rotomec | +39 0142 4071 | www.bobstgroup.com

Treat Contaminated Solvents and Inks

The Rotomax distillation line, with increased performance capabilities, allows the automatic treatment of contaminated solvents and residue inks without operator supervision. Diluted or washing solvents with difficult contamination properties also can be regenerated and recycled.
D.W. Renzmann | +49 06751-878 290 | www.dw-renzmann.de

Inspect Pharma Printing

Prinect Inspection Control for the Speedmaster XL 105 is a customized in-line sheet inspection solution for the production of pharmaceutical print products. Offers integrated inspection solution with PDF checking, production monitoring in the press, and ultimate process automation in quality control. The system is based on two high-resolution grayscale line scan cameras and is said to deliver 100% monitoring and documentation of the entire press run.
Heidelberg | 888-472-9655 | www.us.heidelberg.com

Make Plates Easily

The PlateMaker5 total prepress system allows user to go from proofs to approval and directly to plate or film using only one device. Plate production is completely process- and chemical-free. Z-7 technology assures clean plates, crisp film, sharp images, and exact halftones.
Xanté | 251-473-6502 | www.xante.com

CI Press Starts Quickly

The FP 16S-10 ten-color CI press offers repeat lengths to 34.6 in., print widths to 65 in., and speeds to 2,000 fpm (on demonstration model). It is capable of printing on all customary substrates, including film, aluminum, paper, and paperboard. The smartGPS (Graphic Positioning System) allows instant job startup with no impression- or registration-related setup required.
Fischer & Krecke | 973-882-9460 | www.fischer-krecke.biz

Cure Inks on Many Materials

The VSOP (Variable Sleeve Offset Printing) press with the ESI EZCure DF EB system cures inks on a variety of substrates. The press has been demonstrated running at speeds to 400 mpm with high print quality, company says.
Drent-Goebel North America | 450-687-7262 | www.drent-goebel.com
ESI Energy Sciences Inc. | 978-694-9000 | www.ebeam.com

Image Flexo Plates Quickly

The Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) Advance Cantilever platesetter for sleeves is designed for the imaging of large-format sleeves as well as optional large format flexo plate imaging. Addressing the wide web flexible packaging market, it reportedly provides faster setup time for greater productivity. Features a cantilever air cylinder allowing a fast exchange of print sleeves without the need of additional handling equipment. System can be optionally equipped with the EasyClamp III vacuum drum sleeve, a pneumatic clamping mechanism that further accelerates plate loading.
EskoArtwork | 800-743-7131 | www.eskoartwork.com

Match Colors Throughout The Process

Colorflow software reportedly provides a reliable color match from the original electronic file all the way through the production process to the final output on both digital and conventional presses. Enables reduced costs by helping ensure critical color control elements are used together correctly; reducing the number of press runs for setting up color; and reducing training needs. Uses Smart DeviceLink technology to create device links for applications such as proofing, press stabilization, and ink savings.
Kodak | 866-563-2533 | www.graphics.kodak.com

Imaging Head For Digital Presses

A 1,200-dpi imaging head option now is available for company's 6000 and 5000plus digital color printing presses. Said to offer high resolution, high addressability, and multi-bit depth, resulting in high print quality, sharp details, high definition, and smooth tone transitions. The technology makes use of the Pericles screening library, further optimizing overall image quality.
Xeikon, a div. of Punch Graphix | 877-934-5661 | www.xeikon.com

Communication Aid for Printing

The inpO2 version 3.0 imposition software for Adobe Acrobat features a new module for ganging optimization and a imposition planning module to enhance communication between job planning and print production. Version 3.0 also will introduce Check Points, a built-in monitoring system to alert user to potential problems with imposition layouts, and an enhanced user interface that allows for easy localization into any language.
Dynagram | 418-694-2080 | www.dynagram.com

DFE Solutions Offered

Company offers a suite of digital front end (DFE) solutions for its HP Indigo label and packaging digital presses. Developed in collaboration with EskoArtwork, suite includes DFE server that establishes PDF 1.6 workflows, eliminates time needed to prepare files for raster image processing, and enables on-screen soft proofing and ICC color management. Suite also includes connectivity module enabling server to connect to the press, VDP tools, and Color Kit management solution offering the ability to match Pantone colors and flexo, offset, or other print outputs quickly.
Hewlett Packard | 800-752-0900 | www.hp.com

Press Runs EB Inks

The CI Flexo 10 color press runs WetFlex inks. Press handles EB-curable wet-trapped inks with no interstation or downstream dryers. All the inks are applied wet over wet and then cured with one ESI EZCure DF EB system.
Comexi North America | 866-594-3800 | www.comexi.com
ESI Energy Sciences Inc. | 978-694-9000 | www.ebeam.com

Streamline Production

STS dual-spindle slitter/rewinder is capable of maximum production speeds of 700 mpm and can rewind finished rolls up to 600 or 800 mm dia, company reports. Machine is equipped with lay-on rolls said to guarantee maximum efficiency and control sensitivity in rewinding. Unwind tension is controlled through a regenerative self-braking motor. Can be supplied with Easy Start system facilitating the automatic cutting of the web at the end of the run.
Bimec | +39 0331 307051 | www.bimec.it

Folder/Gluer Makes Envelopes and More

The ProFold 74 finishing folder/gluer features a tool mounting grid that enables tools to be positioned rapidly in any desired order, ensuring short setup times and quick changeovers. Unit creates intricate cross folders, ticket pockets, mailing envelopes, CD cases, and capacity folders.
Kama | +49 351 27036 20 | www.kama.info

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