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Higher Output UV LED Lights

Black Diamond 365 Series UV LED curing units reportedly provide a shorter single-peak 365nm UV light wavelength and higher outputs in an air-cooled-only lighthead for units delivering up to 4.0W/cm2 peak irradiance. Reported benefits are said to include low heat generation, instant on/off, no bulbs (including no mercury bulbs) or other consumables, no ozone emissions, and low energy costs.

Summit UV | 260-224-1820 | www.summituv.com

Manage Emissions

Enterprise software helps companies create greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions strategies. By using specific metrics and timelines to compare actual and projected performance, the software is said to give companies, government agencies, consultants, and developers simple, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions for GHG and carbon emissions management.

Carbonetworks Corp. | 800-571-0694 | www.carbonetworks.com

Servo Drive Offers Flexibility

Model 941 PositionServo drive measures the position of the motor shaft within a revolution. Features an integrated resolver with a scalable emulated encoder output. Customers can choose their own level of control with drive's capability of controlling basic torque and velocity applications up through fully programmable coordinated motion.

Lenze-AC Tech | 800-217-9100 | www.lenze-actech.com

Conveyor System Aids UV Curing

The UVCS SideCure conveyor system is designed for UV curing company's adhesives and coatings from the left, right, and/or top. Can be outfitted with up to eight 5000-EC UV curing flood lamps. Relatively small conveyor size (51 × 30 × 21.5 in.) minimizes the footprint required for curing, and system often can eliminate potential “shadowed areas” around components that are detrimental to a light curing process.

Dymax Corp. | 860-482-1010 | www.dymax.com

UV Systems Are Tough

UVXL shuttered UV systems are offered in standard and custom configurations for a wide range of applications. Standard lamp sizes are from 6 to more than 80 in. in web or conveyor configurations. Said to be rugged and require low maintenance, making them suitable for the harshest environments.

American Ultraviolet/Aetek UV Systems Div. | 800-288-9288 | www.aetekuv.com

Hold Shafts Safely

The Bulldog medium-weight, low-profile Shaft-Lok shaft holder system for unwind and rewind rolls has no pinch points, which is said to offer a high level of worker safety. Designed for loads to 3,000 lbs, system opens in the up position and allows a safe, easy unload operation. All models lock automatically to hold rotating shafts and feature all-steel, extra-heavy-duty construction.

Converter Accessory Corp. | 800-433-2413 | www.handleyourweb.com

Recover Many Solvents

Adsorption and distillation systems for solvent recovery are said to exceed EPA emission control requirements. Offered in a variety of airflows and solvent loadings, systems are suitable for a wide variety of solvent types. Feature a high turndown ratio and are constructed for minimal maintenance and extended life.

MEGTEC Systems | 800-558-2884 | www.megtec.com

IR System Keeps Dust Out

The Quik Dry IR drying system features a patented, high-velocity air management system. Chamber is pressurized with “positive” air, which prevents board dust from migrating to the inside of the unit. Reportedly, this virtually eliminates the need for periodic cleaning and allows the system to perform at maximum efficiency while maintaining a safe operating temperature.

PRI Technologies/Printing Research Inc. | 800-627-5537 | www.superblue.net

Ovens, Dryers in Many Designs

Custom-designed ovens and dryers offer a wide range of air-supply nozzle configurations. Designs include air flotation and roll support web dryers, vertical tower web dryers, and conveyorized curing and baking ovens. All designs are available in single or multi-zones with a variety of product support and/or carrier options.

The CMM Group | 920-336-9800 | www.thecmmgroup.com

Oligomer Won't Yellow

CN3109 UV/EB-curable oligomer is said to offer formulators excellent adhesion to opaque plastic substrates and more. Also reportedly features non-yellowing and moisture-resistant capabilities with low viscosity for ease of processing.

Sartomer Co. | 800-727-8663 | www.sartomer.com

Drive Info Offered

Illustrated guide covers VLT variable frequency drives and MCD soft starters for machine and plant automation. Includes product benefits, specs, dimensions, performance data, options, and accessories.

Danfoss Drives | 800-432-6367 | www.danfossdrives.com

UV Dryers for CI Presses

UV dryers designed for the food packaging converter and printer are engineered for installation on CI flexo presses running flexible films. The Perfect-Cure UV lamp system guarantees complete cure of UV inks and coating at speeds over 1,800 fpm. Lamp system is designed to fit easily between color units on a CI press and to install over CI drums inline after the UV varnish application.

Prime UV Systems | 630-681-2100 | www.primeuv.com

Monitor Plant Temps, Humidity In Real Time

The Wireless Wizard data logger monitors plant and inventory temperature and/or humidity. Features real-time alarms of out-of-range conditions and backup storage for up to nine days with failsafe Data-Keep. Setup and monitoring are said to be easy, and system can be monitored in real time from a desktop PC or other computer workstation.

Dickson Co. | 800-757-3747 | www.dicksondata.com

Remove Dust On Sheeter

Vacuum system for company's sheeter removes dust at the slitters, ensuring the cleanliness of sheeted stock and minimizing hickies at the printing press. Suction is applied at the point of slitting, removing any debris from the slit edge. Said to be especially effective when converting high-bulk board substrates or multiple webs of coated papers.

Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. | 401-596-0162 | www.maxsonautomatic.com

UV Dryers Aid Print Quality

UVAPRINT UV high-performance dryers for wide-format inkjet printing are said to produce top print quality even at high speeds. Dryers feature dichroitic reflectors that give 35% IR reduction and ozone-free lamps with both standard and special spectrums. Featuring temperature-controlled ventilators, dryers are said to be easy to operate and to need little maintenance.

Honle UV Technology | 508-229-7774 | www.hoenle.com

EB System Is Efficient

Modular EB technology is said to offer complete cure. Compact form reportedly minimizes the amount of in-line space consumed and enables curing systems that scale up or down economically. Features high efficiency, ease of use, high system reliability, and self-service maintenance.

Advanced Electron Beam | 978-658-8600 | www.aeb.com

Test Packages Accurately

The Lippke 4000 Series of package test systems performs leak and seal strength tests on a variety of materials. Said to provide precise, accurate, and reproducible test results under a wide range of conditions. Includes flow booster technology as a standard feature, ensuring the required volume of gas necessary to perform a test is available when needed.

Mocon | 763-493-6370 | www.mocon.com

Features Make UV Printing Easier

The third-generation P3 UV system has new patent-pending features said to make UV printing easier and increase the durability and performance of UV curing on press. Multi-axial MAX motion is designed to maximize thermal durability of moving components. Self-healing shutters guarantee self-alignment of reflectors in the face of ongoing physical stress in printing, and in-line anodes protect against water corrosion of internal components.

Air Motion Systems | 303-277-1162 | www.printuv.com

Catch UV Flexo Problems Early

The FlexiProof UV enables users to highlight and overcome problems with UV flexo inks off-press rather than on-press. One type of problem that can be picked up is pinholing. Unit is a scaled-down but component-critical exact version of a flexo production press.

RK Print Coat Instruments | +44 (0) 1763 852187 | www.rkprint.com

Analyze Vibration Cost-Effectively

The VSA-1225 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer is a PDA-based system that includes new version 1.8 of company's Spectrum software suite. Comprises hardware and software plus the HP iPAQ hand-held computer and one or more sensors. Said to allow cost-conscious companies to use vibration analysis in machine condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and routine troubleshooting.

Datastick Systems | 408-987-3400 | www.datastick.com

PSA Runs at High Speeds

Duro-Tak UV 5200 PSA for transfer tape is 100% solids. Allows user to run thicker coatings at higher speeds. Designed to be fully crosslinked after UV curing, so there is no residual monomer and no need for inerting. Said to retain adhesive properties even at elevated temperatures or when exposed to solvents.

National Adhesives | 800-797-4992 | www.nationaladh.com

Inks Are Made For Adhesive Lamination

Synergy high-performance adhesive lamination inks work with a variety of solvent-based and solvent-less adhesive systems. Reportedly, inks offer excellent film adhesion and bond strength; exceptional printing at high speeds; very clean printing; heat resistance; low solvent retention; and more.

INX International Ink Co. | 800-452-6425 | www.inxink.com

Core Chucks Are Auto Expanding

Model 1480-LGAX auto-expanding axial chuck (seen here) expands with machine side arm pressure. As core wall pushes against a flange on the outer housing, lugs or leaves expand to grip the core. A set of internal springs retracts expanders. Other expanding core chucks include the 1420 pneumatic-mechanical chuck; the 1440-RC pneumatic chuck; the 1440-LG pneumatic chuck; the 1460-LDX pneumatic chuck; and the 1480 auto-expanding Model LFTX torque chuck.

Goldenrod Corp. | 800-465-3763 | www.goldenrodcorp.com

UV Cure with Speed

Accu-Cure UV curing units are engineered for the high-speed curing of panel substrates, including vinyl, paper, polyester, and more. Company says computer-designed cooling system protects both stock and belt, keeping distortion to a minimum. Low-maintenance system has a repositionable curing head with an easy-to-clean focused reflector. A simple gate height adjustment accommodates varying stock thicknesses.

A.W.T. World Trade | 773-777-7100 | www.awt-gpi.com

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