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Move Large Rolls Without Damage

The Big Wheel RollMover is designed to move larger rolls of tissue, toweling, and nonwovens gently, without damaging outer surfaces. Utilizes a larger diameter drive-roller to provide improved contact with the surface of master-sized rolls without creating indents and marks. Operators control unit with a variable-speed, twist-throttle handle. Throttle response and movement speeds can be fully programmed to customer preference.
Appleton Mfg. | 800-531-2002 | www.appletonmfg.com

Two Ink Systems Fill Different Needs

Two Inuline ink-coating systems are said to improve profitability. One system provides high gloss values to 90% with a water-based varnish. Applications include products that demand very high gloss but not the properties of a UV varnish. The other system enables a UV varnish to be applied directly onto a conventional sheet-fed offset ink, inline, and without the use of a primer. Suited for use on highly absorbent substrates and jobs that require mechanical durability and chemical stability but not necessarily the gloss of UV varnish.
Flint Group | +49 711 9816 0 | www.flintgrp.com

Learn About Recyclables

Recyclable packaging and printing materials are featured in a reference guide, printed on company's recyclable holographic UniLustre board, a multidimensional, nonlaminated, metallized material. Guide features samples of recyclable papers, boards, and plastics.
Unifoil Corp. | 973-244-9900 | www.unifoil.com

Tilt, Lift Heavy Rolls

The E-Z Tilt 600 large roll tilt system is capable of lifting and tilting rolls to 600 lbs. Said to be a simple, inexpensive, and effortless solution for heavy products, system offers robust all-steel construction and fully mechanical design. Features a side-shift lever for precise core boom adjustment and an automatically activated safety brake.
AzTech Converting Systems | 800-829-8351 | www.aztechconverting.com

Handle Cores Effectively

Core adapters with company's Cor-Lok core support technology use sleeve-based technology and operate to handle core sizes from 2-18 in. dia. Said to be effective with virtually all types of air shafts and thru shafts. Reportedly, split bushing design clamps and releases quickly and easily, holds the core adapter securely in place, and will not mark or damage the air shaft or thru-shaft support.
Converter Accessory Corp. | 800-433-2413 | www.converteraccessory.com

Imager Option Now Offered

The Trendsetter NX Hybrid Imager enables users to image offset plates in addition to flexo plates on company's Trendsetter NX Imager. Reportedly, option is an ideal combination for package and label printers who want to expand their businesses. The Imager is a component of the Flexcel NX digital flexographic system.
Kodak | 800-22-kodak | www.graphics.kodak.com

Lift Suited for Light Rolls

The Model LD1-3 tip lift is designed to handle light rolls of paper to 340 lbs. Uses ergonomically designed handles and controls featuring interlocking safety switches. Unit is equipped with a short probe and manual tooth release and is furnished with fused power and control circuits.
Tilt Lock | 800-999-8458 | www.tiltlock.com

Stack in Many Areas

The PowerStak Counterbalance Stacker works with any style pallet or skid. Said to be ideal for servicing racks, loading/unloading trucks, feeding machinery, and other applications in which straddle legs could get in the way. Load capacity is 1,100 lb and stacker features a load center of 15 in., a lift height of 62 in., and many ergonomic features.
Presto Lifts | 508-222-0177 | www.prestolifts.com

Control UV Lamps

The Zone UV curing system offers variable lamp control and a continuous air management system. Features a patented air-cooled design and reportedly can save to 35% in yearly energy costs over conventional water-cooled UV systems. System also increases curing and production speeds. Quick-access design allows easy inspection and maintenance.
Printing Research Inc. | 800-627-5537 | www.superblue.net

Inks Low in VOCs

EcoTech process color inks are low in petroleum solvents/VOCs (less than 3% by weight) and rich in renewable vegetable oils (more than 45%). Said to deliver superb dot sharpness, press stability, and fast set and dry times. They conform to ISO 2846-1 and are suitable for GRACoL G7 certification. Reportedly, these stay-open inks reduce waste and washups and can be left in the fountain overnight.
INX Intl. Ink Co. | 800-233-inks | www.inxinternational.com

Handle Heavy Loads

The Yardmaster II reach stacker is designed to fit demanding material-handling jobs and work with load capacities to 101,000 lb. Offers tight turning radius and moves the heaviest loads quickly and efficiently, company says. Uses an advanced combination of engine, transmission, and hydraulic technologies and features the ComforCab II to optimize driver comfort and visibility.
Hyster Co. | 800-hyster-1 | www.hysteramericas.com

Aid Ink Correction

The Easy-Col system reduces makeready times and improves ink correction quality on printing presses, company says. Allows press operator to make fast and reliable color matches. Color data can be calculated and the correct ink quantities can be mixed accurately at the press. System was developed in cooperation with X-Rite and Sun Chemical.
Windmoeller & Hoelscher | 800-854-8702 | www.whcorp.com

Encoder Offers Variety of Outputs

The RE200 encoder is said to improve on typical read-head-style products by providing six different connector configurations with a variety of output options. Encoders use readily available, low-cost, industry-standard connector systems with integral locking features. Each connector option comes in a radial or axial orientation.
Renco Encoders | 805-968-1525 | www.renco.com

Make a Mini-Forklift

Company reports the availability of a new interchangeable fork attachment for The Mule, its all-in-one portable hand lift-truck. The attachment, which turns the Mule into a mini-forklift for material handling, is available as a separate accessory and is said to be installed easily.
Beyond Products | 866-813-3751 | www.beyond-products.com

Coater Is Easy to Use

The VividCoater off-line flood coater is capable of handling a sheet as small as 5.5 × 8.5 in. and as large as 21.5 × 26 in. Incorporates a large, user-friendly touchscreen, and interactive screen allows operator to control the machine for greater ease of use, higher productivity, and longer machine life. Maintenance schedules and fault code tracking are built into the control system.
Graphic Whizard | 800-265-3376 | www.graphicwhizard.com

Analyze Many Materials

The MMR Duplex is suited for analysis of materials, including polymers, films, carbon fibers, and single and multiwall carbon nanotubes. Double-wavelength micro raman system features modular design and a 1.3 mega pixel CMOS camera for sample imaging and capture.
Lambda Solutions | 781-478-0170 | www.lambdasolutions.com

Roll Handler Is Easy to Maneuver

The Schlumpf ERH-300-P roll handler is said to be perfect for labeling and packaging applications with rolls up to 300 lb. Described as fast, lightweight, and easy to maneuver. Standard features include 24V DC operation with on-board battery charger; quiet, high-speed electric lifting and turning mechanisms, and an adjustable straddle base for pallets up to 48 in. Equipped with a quick-change mandrel holder for 3-12 in. cores.
Conversource | 314-824-0001 | www.conversource.com

Clean Many Line Screens

MultiMedia plastic media products are said to offer flexo printers that clean a wide range of anilox line screens a new option for anilox cleaning. Developed for use in company's MicroClean anilox cleaning systems, product is a premixed combination of two existing media types: LaserMedia and FineMedia. Reportedly saves printers time and money by eliminating the need to mix the two media types by hand and by consolidating inventory to just one media type.
Flexo Concepts | 508-830-906 | www.flexoconcepts.com

Handle Different Size Loads

Adjustable Load Lifter features a lifting bail that adjusts to the correct center of gravity for balanced handling of different sized loads. The throat opening adjusts for different load heights and, on the tri-adjustable model, the fork spread is adjustable. Lifter is equipped with an auto-return bail to hang level when empty, saving time and effort. Models are available in 1- and 2-ton capacities.
The Caldwell Group | 800-628-4263 | www.caldwellinc.com

Remove Shafts Easily

The Model 200 shaft extractor is designed to grip and remove a shaft from a finished roll and hold the shaft cantilevered for easy manual loading of new cores or semi-automatic re-insertion of the shaft into cores properly positioned by the operator. It comprises a platform fitted with two longitudinal rails, on which slides a carriage base driven by a hydraulic motor. The carriage base supports a tower, on which an additional carriage slides vertically on linear guides.
Goldenrod Corp. | 800-465-3763 | www.goldenrodcorp.com

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