Constantia Flexibles Introduces Quality Tests

The Live Stress Check and Cross-Permeation Simulation tests for Coldform pharmaceutical packaging are said to improve quality and lengthen shelf life

ISM Launches Miniature Filters for Flow Control

Industrial Specialties Mfg. brings miniaturization trend in electronics to fluid flow control, reportedly offering reduced costs

Nexen Brakes Said to Use Less Energy

Eclipse Servo Motor Brakes reportedly offer flexible mounting options and high torque

Lake Image Systems Debuts Roll Inspector

The Discovery Roll Inspector is said to provide 100% print quality assurance with ease and speed

Siemens Launches Gear Motor Drive

The motor-integrated Sinamics G110M drive offers onboard safety features and communications

Siemens Offers Free App to Select Drives

Sinamics Selector app for smart phones allows users to select by product and/or application

Nexen to Partner with Industri/Motion

Industri/Motion will offer coverage of Nexen motion control products in Chicago area

Allied Development Adds Feature to SavvyPack

The SavvyPack Barrier Assistant offers permeability data for all types of packaging materials

HERMA Calculator Determines Roll Dimensions

Calculator allows label printers to determine the running length and outside diameter of any roll of self-adhesive material

MOCON Offers Oxygen Permeation Analyzer

The OX-TRAN Model 2/22 L, which measures OTR for high-barrier materials, features a number of automation features

Lloyd Instruments Jig Is for Contact Lens Blister Pack Testing

Force testers from AMETEK work with the jig to test peel strength of the blister packs, making sure it is neither too high or too low

MOCON Partners to Open Life Pack Labs

Venture gives pharmaceutical and medical device companies access to package development and testing for life science products

Montalvo Announces Magnetic Particle Brakes

The MP-B Series Magnetic Particle Brake is said to offer smooth, repeatable performance and comes with a number of options

Defect Detection | Filmquest Enhances its Reputation with Surface Inspection System

Questar PET film supplier adds Unilux LED strobes into quality program

AVT and Nilpeter Develop Register Control

The D2D Register, based on AVT’s Helios platform, is said to be fully automatic, improve efficiency, and minimize waste

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