ISM Launches Miniature Filters for Flow Control

ENGLEWOOD, CO | Industrial Specialties Mfg. (ISM) now offers manufacturers and OEM designers a more extensive lineup of miniature in-line filters with many new feature options.

Company says miniaturization has long been a design trend in electronics, evolving to include air and fluid flow control miniaturization. The proliferation of “smaller-is-better” designs, company adds, continue to deliver reduced manufacturing costs, consumables expenses, shipping costs, and space requirements. "Customer design specifications continue to evolve and expand", says James Davis, president of ISM, "and flow control miniaturization has become a major driver of product development." 

According to Davis, the recent expansion of ISM’s miniature in-line filters offering is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to provide an extensive and useful assortment of miniature parts, manufactured in North America with quality as the number one priority.

In addition, ISM has taken advantage of developments in manufacturing techniques for producing ever-smaller miniature in-line filters. These filter designs come with ports and micron ranges to handle a wide range of applications in smaller spaces. Flow diameters range down to 3 mm or 1/16 in., and pore sizes run as low as 0.2 microns while housing and filter media are offered in an increased variety of materials. Miniature filters are offered from tiny inserts to completed assemblies in plastic housings for immediate use in flow control circuitry.

  • Examples of the range of company’s customer miniature flow control design projects include the following:
  • Biological specimen flexible transport system with built in gas venting and filtration
  • Automated lens cleaning system for miniature video cameras in exposed environments

Course particle filtration for small-scale portable and easy-to-maintain potable water systems

ISM is ISO 9001:2008 certified to assure quality control processes. Company says this emphasis on quality guides all product development, customer service, logistics, and custom component and sub-assembly projects.

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