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PCE Instruments Announces Gloss Meter

JUPITER, FL | PCE Instruments (PCE) offers a gloss meter said to assess gloss variation on packaging quickly, easily, and accurately.

Company says a glossy package adds perceived value to a product and has been shown to have as much psychological impact on a consumer as its color. On food packaging, gloss does more than just maximize customer appeal. Gloss plays a vital role in ensuring consumer safety, company adds

For example, if the gloss level of an ultraviolet varnish drops during the production of food product packaging, there could be curing problems. Poorly cured inks and coatings can rub, chip, and flake off of the packaging to contaminate the food within. By monitoring food packaging gloss levels during production, problems such as these can be detected early to avoid the cost of recoating or recalling.

Each of company’s gloss meters said to be is compact, user-friendly, and designed to take gloss measurements on the spot.

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