BinMaster Technology Measures in Real Time

LINCOLN, NE | BinMaster offers the RL dust-penetrating, non-contact technology for what is said to be accurate level measurement in real time.

Works in pellets, including plastic ones, powders, granules, and solid materials, including low-dielectric materials. Company says the self-cleaning, minimal-maintenance sensor is economical to buy and easy to use.

User can view data for all bins from a PC or a 4-20 analog output to control system or display module. Unit can be combined with other models of 3D scanners in a common network and used with MultiVision software for viewing all bins at an operation.

Said to provide highly reliable level data, even in challenging environments where dust levels are extremely high. Narrow beam provides continuous and reliable level information with minimal time lag. Repeatedly measures the level of material in the bin and updates the level information quickly for real-time inventory management of all of the bins that need monitoring at a facility.

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