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ADVANCED Motion Controls Launches Servo Drives

CAMARILLO, CA | ADVANCED Motion Controls announces AxCent, a new servo drive targeted for centralized motion control systems. The product platform encompasses company’s non-digital architecture servo drives, including: plug-in, panel mount, and vehicle mount servo drives. 

Panel-mount AxCent servo drive

Company says AxCent consolidates company’s previous panel-mount offering into a more flexible and feature-rich solution. Benefits are said to include the following:

  • Application flexibility
  • More modes of operation in each unit
  • Built-in brushed and brushless compatibility
  • Expanded DIP-Switch tuning options on selected parts
  • Solderless solution to achieve optimal performance
  • Available for both current loop and velocity loop tuning
  • Quick response and high bandwidth
  • Encoder Velocity, Duty Cycle Feedback, and Current Modes on the same model
  • Custom modifications are readily available to supplement the standard offering

AxCent for the Micro-sized Z-Drives family now has Velocity Mode capability. With the addition of three models with built-in interface cards and three more with plug-in style mounting, these full-featured drives operate with brushless and brushed servo motors and are available immediately.

Weighing as little as 9 grams and capable of outputting 10A peak and 5A continuous without a heatsink, the micro-sized Z-Drives are company’s smallest off-the-shelf servo drives. These plug-in drives are designed for embedded applications in a wide range of industries.

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