Global Paper Solutions Reports Paperboard Benefits

Zenith Hi-Brite Premium paperboard is said to offer economic and environmental benefits, and company offers quick turnaround

New Era Converting Machinery Develops Flexible Glass

Working with a glass manufacturer, company designed and engineered a flexible glass substrate that could have use in electronics

Iggesund Develops Its European Service

Company will expand its agreement with SCA to create cost-effective transport solutions

Toray Plastics (America) Celebrates 30 Years

Company, with three decades of manufacturing history in the US, now has three divisions and sells into a wide range of markets

FiberMark Cover Material Has Look of Luxury

LaCrema, which reportedly combines the look of leather and the feel of PU, has a reduced price and new service platform

Specialty Papers Conference Coming in September

Sponsored by Smithers Pira and TAPPI, the annual event covers markets, innovations, and applications for specialty papers

Plastiprint Announces Window Cling Film

Said to be PVC free, film reportedly is easy to install, won’t damage surface, and is durable

Mohawk and Arjowiggins Creative Paper Announce Alliance

The former competitors now will share manufacturing facilities, expertise, and proprietary technologies

Freedonia Issues Study on Stretch and Shrink Film

The study looks at US demand and reports on sales, applications, materials, and more

Neenah Packaging Releases Swatchbooks

Swatchbooks for box wrap and folding board product lines, said to well suited for many types of premium packaging

Filmquest Signs Agreement with JK Materials

Filmquest will distribute the South Korean company’s Nylon in the US

Clondalkin Barrier Film Is Suited for Dry Foods

WENTOPRO barrier film is said to eliminate the migration of harmful mineral oils from the outer packaging of dry foods

Innovia Films Offers BOPP with Barrier

Propafilm RCU acrylic coated BOPP film is said to offer barrier to mineral oil migration, and a white version is on the way

Ultimet Films Celebrates Partnership with Filmtech

Both companies report standout years and note that a five-year partnership has produced quality products

Cortec Film Offers Protection for Metal Parts

VpCI-126 EM UV film provides high-tech corrosion protection from aggressive environments and UV exposure

Toray Lidding Films Have Environmental Benefits

LumiLid bio-based, dual-ovenable lidding films are solvent-free and are made with more than 50% renewable feedstocks

Ceresana Issues Study on Polyamides

The reports shows the material known as nylon has a number of applications, including some found in the converting industry

Drytac Offers Self-Adhesive Print Vinyl

Polar print vinyl with acrylic adhesive is said to provide consistent print surface and durability in both indoor and outdoor settings

ExxonMobil Polymer Is for Cast Power Pre-Stretch Films

Vistamaxx 6000 performance polymer for high-performance cast power pre-stretch films is said to combine ultimate stretch with high holding force

Toray Announces Metallized BOPP

Torayfan PWX5 film is said to deliver superior metal-adhesion and barrier-durability performance for products requiring a prolonged shelf life

DUNMORE Materials Protect MMS Spacecraft

Multilayer films lend insulation to NASA Magnetospheric Multiscale components and vehicles in space

Allied Plastics Holdings Launches Synthetic Paper

EcoTag I and 2 synthetic paper is said to offer high quality type and other properties in demanding narrow web uses

Web Industries Named 3M Preferred Converter

Company will offer medical device companies a single source for contract converting and manufacturing services of medical devices using 3M materials

Johns Manville Expands Glass Fiber Operation

Company says the expansion in its Tennessee plant is intended to support growth in engineering thermoplastics

Archroma Additive Is FDA Approved for Food Packaging

Cartaguard KST, reported resistant to oil, grease, and water, is approved for use in the manufacture of paper and board for food packaging

Drytac Overlaminate Has Improved Finish

Interlam Pro Emerytex clear overlaminate now offers a durable, sand-textured finish for greater uniformity and appearance

Cosmo Films Offers Metallized BOPP

Metallized BOPP film is said to provide good barrier and a treated surface for printing, as well as good heat seal strength

Polymax Materials Suited for Sensory-Sensitive Applications

Thermoplastic elastomers are said to protect the freshness, quality, and safety of food and beverages

ExxonMobil Adds to Polymers Line

Vistamaxx 3588FL is said to combine low seal and hot tack initiation temperatures with broad hermetic seal range in cPP and BOPP films

DUNMORE Materials Again Go Into Space

The DSCOVR satellite includes company’s multilayer insulation films and polyimide tapes to protect it during its five-year mission

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