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Iggesund Develops Its European Service

HELSINKI, FINLAND | Iggesund Paperboard reports it is taking steps to further develop its delivery service. The company will now expand its long-term cooperation with SCA, a global hygiene and forest products company, which dates from 1995.

As of summer 2016, about 1,000,000 tonnes of paperboard, paper, and pulp will be shipped annually via the new transport link to and from Kiel. Together SCA and Iggesund reportedly have the necessary volumes to create cost-effective transport solutions with a high service level to continental Europe. The change involves the vessels and also a new main terminal in Germany. 

“We are gaining access to more modern vessels,” says Christina Törnquist, logistics director at Iggesund Paperboard. “Combined with changes to our European sheeting operations, this will lay the foundation for a better delivery service.”

Next year Iggesund will move from its present terminal in Lübeck to the Port of Kiel. The latter was chosen for its better development possibilities and good long-term owners, who are also willing to invest in high quality, company says.

“The location is optimal for our planned service development,” says Törnquist. “It is close both to our customers and to our service station. It is also strategically positioned close to the Kiel Canal, which allows for many new possibilities in the future.”

Under the new arrangement, Iggesund will be able to ship paperboard with the same frequency as before, both to Kiel and to other ports. The new sea transport arrangements and new terminal are part of the in-depth review of its service that Iggesund is currently conducting.

“Delivery service is my specialty,” notes Törnquist, “and I am pleased with the measures we are taking now. Equally important, though, is the service package we are launching under the name of ‘Care by Iggesund’. It includes everything from the fast delivery of samples to local technical support and an extensive range of knowledge material that enables customers to get the most out of our paperboard.”

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