Converting Industry Material Suppliers Wacker Chemical and Brenntag Announce Distribution Agreement

Wacker Chemical Corp. is the North America-based headquarters for Wacker Silicones and Wacker Ceramics, business divisions of Wacker-Chemie GmbH. Brenntag Inc. is the Reading, PA-based North American operation of Brenntag AG, Mulheim, Germany.

Sniffing Out the Sources of Packaging Odors

Packaging products consist of substrates, and they can contain adhesives, primers, coatings, or inks. Converting processes involved in package manufacturing


New from: CPFilms Inc., FLEXcon Co. Inc., Iggesund Paperboard, International Paper, Jetrion LLC, MACtac, National Adhesives, Seaman Paper Co., and Transilwrap Co. Inc.

Security Inks Raise Our Level of Protection

Dramatic advances in digital photographic and reprographic technology were made during the 1990s. These advances have had an undesirable side effect in that such technology provides counterfeiters greater capability to create counterfeits.

Drug Dispensers

Transdermal patches—used for years to help smokers quit—now offer healthy growth opportunities due to improved materials.

Hard Copies Keep Paper in Demand For Now

The origin of the word comes from the word Ancient Egyptians created this paper-like substance from papyrus reeds more than 6,000 years ago by taking

Meeting the Need

Exciting new materials work hard, solve problems, and open new markets for you. New from: Ampacet, Cabot Corp., Cargill Dow, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, FLEXcon, Intelicoat, Kraton Polymers, MACtac, MeadWestvaco, Michelman Inc., National Adhesives, Pechiney, Smurfit-Stone, and Toray Plastics (America).

What Can Conductive Organic Polymers Do?

One difference between metals and organic materials is that metals conduct electricity. We know biological systems work in a complex matrix of electrical responses to control various activities, yet most organic materials are considered nonconductors compared to metals, such as aluminum, copper, and silver.


New from: Ampacet Sales, InteliCoat Technologies, Kraton Polymers, MetalFX Technology Ltd., National Adhesives, Pliant, Thibierge & Comar Papetiers, and Toray Plastics.

Ink Jet PigmentsThe Land of the Small

If you've ever had your ink jet-printed copy get wet, you saw all the inks became soluble and you had a mess on your hands.


New materials from: ADM Tronics Unlimited, Eastman Chemical, Environmental Inks and Coatings, Flint Ink, G7 Productivity Systems, H.B. Fuller Co., Milliken Chemical, National Adhesives, Powder Coating Inst., Rohm & Haas Co., Spectra Group, Toray Plastics, and Uvitec Printing Ink.

An Innovative Approach to Coloring Adhesives & Coatings

In the April 2003 issue, this column (Do You Really Want to Color That Adhesive or Coating?) explained that coloring adhesives and coatings often is not

Phthalo Green: How Can You Tell If It's Always the Same?

Recently, a question came in from one of our readers (thank you, Joe Woods) as to how one can assure the copper phthalocyanine green pigment purchased from two suppliers is the same chemically.

A Small Part of Big Performance

Hot melt adhesive converters be cheered: Hot melt technology is ripe for peak performance.


New material products from: Advanced Polymers Intl., Avery Dennison, CPChem, Econo Products Inc., H.B. Fuller, Kraton Polymers, Teknor Color Co., Transilwrap Co. Inc., and Wisdom Adhesives.


New products from: Akzo Nobel Inks, Contract Converting LLC, Eckart America L.P., Flex America Inc., Flint Ink, Leonhard Kurz GmbH & Co., MeadWestvaco Corp., UVitec Printing Ink, and Water Ink Technologies Inc.

FTIR Spectroscopy Means Faster, More Reliable Analysis

Although I didn't appreciate it at the time, as I was going to college in the 1960s, major changes were taking place in analytical instrumentation.

Good Advice Is Key When Purchasing UV/EB Inks

With costs coming down and application possibilities going up, converters are talking about UV (ultraviolet)/EB (electron beam) inks. But before you stop

Fit for Use

Hard and strong or soft and weak, picking the right substrate depends on your application.

Do You Really Want to Color That Adhesive or Coating?

Anyone who has been in the converting business and uses adhesives and coatings has at some time or another asked (or heard someone else ask) the question,

Ink Quality Control Is Complex, But It's Worth the Trouble

Inks are formulated with many different ingredients to produce unique recipes that provide color on your finished printed package. End-use properties,

UV-Curable Jet Inks Are We There Yet?

Ultraviolet-curable inks and coatings have been used in packaging for 30 years. From their humble beginnings in the early 1970s, they now hold significant

A Lesson in Amines Used in Water-Based Products

One of the key ingredients of many water-based inks and coatings are amines. Amines and ammonia are used in water-based products to control pH required

Redefining Plasticizers in Inks and Coatings

The dictionary defines plasticizers as any of various substances added to plastics or other materials to keep them soft or pliable. For the purpose of

Focus on Crosslinking in Fluid Ink Systems

Crosslinkers are an important class of additives ink and coating formulators use to enhance properties. These materials must be selected carefully to

Kurz Transfer Products and General Roll Leaf Expand Partnership

Kurz Transfer Products announces an expanded partnership with General Roll Leaf. According to the co., General Roll Leaf has long offered Kurz foils as an integral part of its product line, but an expanded partnership will benefit the industry.

UV and EB: Making the Trek into Energy Curing

Electron beam accelerator, electrodeless microwave ultraviolet bulbs… Neither of these exotic-sounding expressions figured in a conversation between Captain Kirk and Scottie or Jean Luc Picard and Jordy (though either one certainly sounds as if it could). But all three are part of the “energy curing” language that soon may become part of your operation's vernacular — as you contemplate and/or enter the radiation curing frontier.

Think the Ink You're Using Is A No-Brainer? Think Again.

Well, here we are inside the new millennium and things certainly are complicated, aren't they? Though we entered Y2K without the many catastrophes predicted

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