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Barrier Films Offered in Five, Seven Layers
Pliant Corp.
, Schaumburg, IL; 330/896-6732; pliantcorp.com
Five- and seven-layer coextrusions of EVOH and nylon barrier films are available. A combined barrier and sealant film can reduce the number of lamination passes required in the converting process, says co. Films are suited for packaging products that require high barrier, such as cheese and meat, and also are recommended for coffee, condiment, and confectionery packaging.

Films Provide Hard Surface, Custom Benefits
InteliCoat Technologies
, Matthews, NC; 704/847-9171; 800/688-9171; intelicoat.com
StratFX CFS film is said to provide a durable, hard surface resistant to scratching, abrasions, and solvents. Available in gloss and anti-glare versions, films are designed to offer high clarity and toughness for display applications where physical contact with a screen is a concern. For highly critical applications, two-sided CFS features a clear, hardcoated interior sputtering surface. Films can be tailored to match almost any manufacturing requirements.

Polymers Are Tough and Clear
Kraton Polymers US LLC
, Houston, TX; 832/204/5384; 800/457-2866; kraton.com
D-1400P Series is the next generation of high-styrene polymers. Transparent, toughened styrenic block copolymers (SBCs) are said to provide high clarity. Designed to add key performance benefits to PS formulations, polymers reportedly deliver a good balance of stiffness, high strength, impact resistance, ductility, and processing benefits.

Paper Lets Designs Shine
Thibierge & Comar Papetiers
, Middletown, DE; 800/474-4629; thibierge-comar.com
Evanescent paper allows the use of custom iridescent colors, including shimmery effects. Co. reports unique effects are possible with offset inks, since the inks are opaque.

New Process Adds Color Dimension
MetalFX Technology Ltd.
, Leeds, U.K.; +44 (0) 1943 884888; metal-fx.com
The MetalFX process allows the printing of hundreds of metallic colors by adding only one spot silver base to the usual CMYK printing mix. Said to be simple to use, process is integrated into the job during the design/prepress stages using ICC profiled color plug-ins. Co. says hundreds of dazzling effects can be created, and security text and images can be achieved by using varying percentages of metallic to create multiple effects.

Films Block UV and Retain Clarity
Toray Plastics (America) Inc.
, North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511;
UV-blocking polyester Lumirror films are said to provide advanced protection against light, rain, ozone, and pollution in many applications. U6V and U6V1 films are color-neutral, don't degrade or yellow, and retain high optical clarity, mfr. reports. Also said to be easy to handle during manufacturing.

PSAs Stay On, Remove as Needed
National Adhesives, unit of National Starch and Chemical Co.
, Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992; adhesives.nationalstarch.com
Duro-Tak 34-176A hot melt PSAs are said to excel in peel and tack in applications in which labels must stick to fruit and vegetable surfaces. Called an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional solvent-borne adhesives, the adhesives resist removal of labels from foods during handling yet permit clear removal when peeled by a customer. Also reportedly resist loosening due to moisture.

Masterbatch Program a New Service
Ampacet Sales Corp.
, Tarrytown, NY; 914/631-6600; ampacet.com
Optimizing Process and Package Performance is a new program for co.'s film packaging business. Said to offer customers innovative, customized masterbatches that ensure package integrity and improved process efficiencies. Also gives customers the benefit of a fully staffed, advanced R&D department.

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