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Reflex II hardcoated graphic overlay film has been designed to meet the high-performance requirements of both manufacturers and end-users of membrane touch switches, nameplates, special labels, and durable back-printed graphics. Employs a UL-listed base film said to guarantee flame retardancy. The print-receptive and thermally stabilized PET film reportedly provides a high degree of adhesion to both UV and solvent-based hardcoats and graphic inks and is said to have a superior scratch- and chemical-resistant surface to protect against dust, cleaning, and damage from many of the chemicals used in industrial environments.
InteliCoat Technologies; intelicoat.com

A range of metallized PET films is called ideal for food, dairy, lidding, coffee, personal care, pharmaceutical, board lamination, and electronic applications. The films reportedly provide excellent oxygen barrier properties as well as enhanced thermal stability for products exposed to high levels of heat during the packaging process. The MPET films are said to offer important visual characteristics including bright shine and superior printability to prevent scuffing and rub off.
Toray Plastics (America); toraytpa.com

Kraton A polymers are said to be unique, high performance elastomers with extraordinary versatility due to their distinctive molecular structure, which can be precisely controlled and tailored to perform in specific applications. Polymers reportedly can be compounded to produce materials that can improve the adhesion, elasticity, feel, and appearance of a diverse range of applications including packaging, toys, automotive, sports, construction, and molded and extruded goods. Design advantages are said to include improved adhesion to polar substrates, better mold definition, improved dimensional stability, and a broader range of stiffness.
Kraton Polymers; kraton.com

An antifog film additive masterbatch reportedly eliminates cold-fog formation, enhances package aesthetics, and improves product appearance. Offering is said to provide longer efficiencies by as much as 35% improvement over earlier products when used at 5%-10% letdown.
Ampacet; ampacet.com

IMAGin JT5915P perforated window film is said to provide see-through graphics capabilities and is recommended for vehicle and public transportation advertising. Designed for solvent-based ink jet printing, the 7.1-mil soft white vinyl film with a black reverse side is coated on one side with a semi-permanent, clear, acrylic PSA and is supplied on a 98# polycoated kraft liner with a clear black laminate. Its perforation level reportedly enables the application of window graphics onto flat glass surfaces, showing advertising on one side, while being transparent from the other.
MACtac; mactac.com

Black Pearls carbon black pigments for film materbatches are said to provide a particular performance balance in terms of opacity, weatherability, film smoothness, and dispersability. The 3030 product is suitable for photographic and surface protection film, while 4040 is recommended for most agricultural film requirements. Black Pearls 4060 reportedly offers superior opacifying power, excellent weathering performance, and long service life.
Cabot Corp.; cabot-corp.com

The optiFLEX product line of pressure-sensitive film constructions is designed for package decoration. Custom and off-the-shelf products are called ideal for full-squeeze, semi-squeeze, and rigid containers. Reportedly perfect for no-label-look graphics, films are available topcoated for optimum ink receptivity, have a permanent or repositionable adhesive, and are backed with a roll form release liner. The optiFLEX 3-mil clear PET is said to withstand brewery conditions, such as pasteurization, and to offer stiffness that allows it to be removed easily by the consumer.
FLEXcon; flexcon.com

The brightness level of Premium White Top Liner has been increased from 76 to 80. The liner, which is produced at the mill in La Tuque, QC, Canada, reportedly offers better print contrast, more hold out than typical white liner grades, and better graphic reproduction. Offered in basis weights of 31, 36, and 42.
Smurfit-Stone Board Sales Div.; ssccboardsales.com

RustBan 105, a vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) treatment for primary packaging of ferrous parts, is applied directly to corrugated, solid fiber, and other paperboard packaging during the converting process. Can be applied with blade or rod coaters, either in-line while corrugated board is being made, or off-line to linerboard that will be converted later. Treatment is said to eliminate the material and handling costs associated with placing corrosible products into VCI bags or wrapping them with VCI-treated paper prior to insertion into a box or package. Treated materials reportedly are gluable with a wide variety of coldset and hot melt adhesives.
Michelman Inc.; michem.com

A desiccating sealant film, high-barrier lamination pouch (PET/ink/white extrusion lamination PE/foil/extrusion PE/desiccating sealant film) reportedly is a much safer consumer alternative vs. incorporating desiccant sachets into packaging, which risk accidental ingestion. This desiccating sealant film is said to eliminate the moisture ingress point found in all heat sealable foil high-barrier laminations and to inhibit moisture ingress from pinholes or foil fractures often seen in the filling and final conversion process. Reportedly offers reduced packaging cost when replacing an HDPE bottle and desiccating twist-off cap configuration. Also suitable for food packaging applications.
Pechiney Plastic Packaging; pechineyplasticpackaging.com

Printkote EasySeal and Printkote EasySeal Plus extrusion-coated paperboards, designed for construction of fold-over blister cards, are said to seal with a fiber-tear bond to themselves and most commonly used blister films and foils, including PVC, PVDC-coated PVC, and PET. Described as the only commercially available paperboard that seals consistently to Aclar, product reportedly seals at lower temperatures with shorter dwell times than many competitive, heat-sealable paperboards, which is said to result in faster line speeds and less product and ink degradation. Product line reportedly helps lower total packaging costs as compared with press-applied coatings and delivers premium graphics for enhanced branding and shelf presence.
MeadWestvaco; meadwestvaco.com

Cups and trays for desserts and other milk-based products are one of the main applications for Appeel sealant resins. Food processors can take advantage of lids said to peel easily from the container in one piece; have high puncture-resistance properties; and require no plant investment for lacquering, drying, and air purification. Easily processable sealant resins reportedly provide cost savings over conventional aluminum/lacquer lid systems. Called ideal for multi-layer film lids for rigid food packaging and said to seal very well to APET.
DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers; dupont.com/packaging

Cool-Lok 34-207B low temperature, hot melt adhesive reportedly sets in 2-3 sec and bonds well to difficult board stocks, including recycled and high-performance liners. Said to form strong bonds with some coated substrates, SBS board, clay-coated newsprint, and corrugated. Reportedly enables high-speed sealing of cases and cartons stored in freezers or refrigerators, and its heat-resistant properties are said to keep cases and cartons sealed reliably in hot environments.
National Adhesives; nationalstarch.com

NatureWorks PLA polymer reportedly offers excellent performance capabilities combined with a unique blend of physical properties that make it well suited for a range of applications in the film market. This is said to include being a clear alternative to cellophane, as well as a low temperature heat seal layer and/or flavor and aroma barrier in co-extruded structures where its combination of properties allows layer simplification or replacement of nylons. From pillow packs to lollipop wrappers and twist wrap, film reportedly has excellent twist retention and printability. Also recommended for film windows for bread bags and for cereal and cake bags.
Cargill Dow; cargilldow.com

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