ExxonMobil Adds to Polymers Line


HOUSTON, TX | ExxonMobil Chemical has launched a new grade of its portfolio of Vistamaxx performance polymers. Vistamaxx 3588FL used pure in the sealing layer is said to provide outstanding sealing performance in cast polypropylene (cPP) films and heat-sealable biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films designed for fast and reliable packaging operations.

Company says the new grade combines very low seal and hot tack initiation temperatures with broad hermetic seal range, making it well suited for applications such as snack, biscuit, and candy packaging.

“Vistamaxx 3588FL is designed to balance excellent processability and outstanding sealing performance in heat-sealable cPP and BOPP films,” says Miranda Lo, Vistamaxx business manager Asia Pacific, ExxonMobil Chemical. “Asia Pacific continues to be an important market in terms of capacity and demand. Moreover in the food packaging segment we see trends towards more economically accessible pre-packed food and smaller packaging sizes that require faster and more efficient packaging operations. This new grade is tailored to meet those needs of the industry.”

Reportedly, using pure Vistamaxx 3588FL to replace standard terpolymer PP in the sealant layer of three- or five-layer heat-sealable cPP or BOPP films can enable higher speeds for horizontal and vertical f/f/s packaging operations.

In cPP films, the use of Vistamaxx 3588FL in the sealant layer extends the hermetic seal range which is critical for applications that require leak-free and airtight packaging, company says. Additionally, COF is easily controlled using commercially available masterbatches, leading to trouble-free VFFS operations even with more sensitive films such as metallized cPP film.

Uflex Ltd., one of the largest packaging film conglomerates in India with significant market presence in cPP film production, has been running Vistamaxx 3588FL. “Having run a significant production of heat-sealable cast PP film using pure Vistamaxx 3588FL in the sealing layer, we were impressed by the film’s excellent processability, says Ajay Gupta, Uflex VP–PP Group. “There was no fall in output, and minimal changeover time was required when transitioning from our standard production platform to the new Vistamaxx 3588FL. Also, the film’s appearance, measured by haze and gloss, was outstanding, and COF control provides smooth packaging operations.”


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