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Watch the Fasted Die Cuts In Action

The future of die cut technology has been launched. Blanks/USA's Lift Off™ Die Cuts and Dimensional products are faster, better and smarter. See Lift Off race against the industry standard in this Lift Off Face Off.

Filmquest update

President & CEO John Felinski of of Flimquest, Bolingbrook, IL, explains to Paper, Film & Foil Converter president/editorial director Yolanda Simonsis the benefits and advantages of NanoShield clear high-barrier coating for PET film, OPP, PLA, and nylon as a "green" replacement for PVDC.

The PrimaPak™ System by Clear Lam - Full Video

The PrimaPak™ package is the first of its kind flexible, stackable, and reclosable "pop-up box" produced from custom rollstock on vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machinery. Designed as a replacement for rigid cans, bottles, trays, jars, and select flexible packaging, the PrimaPak™ package is lightweight, stackable, and merchandises on six sides. As a result, the PrimaPak™ technology improves the package cube up to 30 percent or more, maximizes manufacturing efficiencies, and improves warehousing space and transportation demands. Each benefit offers multiple opportunities to achieve measurable cost savings and sustainability improvements throughout the supply chain. The package is ideal for a variety of foods, such as nuts, snacks, crackers, produce, cookies, dried meats, candies, chocolates, cereals, cheese, meats, and non-food applications such as pet snacks, personal healthcare items or detergent pods. Visit for more information.

Eastman Embrace™ copolyester

packaging. From Method Products Inc. to Brown-Forman Beverages to Bayer Garden, brands have realized the power of shrink films. The challenge is always to grab consumer attention and stand out on the shelves. Embrace™ catches the eye, but its appeal goes beyond the superficial. When Method launched their baby line in North America, they needed a durable, non-PVC option to fit smoothly around the egg-shape container they created. "We wanted something soft and gentle," noted Sally Clarke of Method. Similarly, Embrace™ was chosen by Bayer to not only engage consumers differently, but for its performance characteristics. Unlike the old-school pressure-sensitive labels they supersede, Embrace™ shrink films offer great performance when faced with long-term exposure to the garden spray's natural habitat: the damp, musty shed. Steve Mead of Bayer Garden commented, "Sales of the RTU's took off once we started using Embrace™. I can't stress how big an improvement it is over pressure-sensitive labels. It makes the bottles look better but also nicer to pick up and handle. Consumers staring at a busy gardenshelving unit tend to go for the impulse purchase: they buy whichever product leaps off the shelf". Most recently, Brown-Forman Beverages embraced shrink films to launch a limited edition package for its 70cl bottle of Southern Comfort liquor in the United Kingdom. The bottle features 360-degree graphics in vivid colors made possible by the high printability of the full sleeve label. "We were delighted with the success of the limited edition bottle -- the reaction generated by the sleeve was fantastic, with some of our customers selling out early." -Jaime Butler, Southern Comfort Brand Manager, Brown-Forman Beverages Europe Ltd. Where cost, intricacy, or durability requirements make the use of a dynamic container hard to manage; Embrace™ copolyesters for shrink film allow your bottle to POP off the shelf.

Filmquest Featured on Manufacturing Marvels

Filmquest was featured on a segment of Manufacturing Marvels aired nationally on Fox Business Network.

World of Distilled Spirits

You're Invited to the Party! Across the globe, the distilled spirits industry has used packaging to delight the consumer. Packaging is a powerful influence. It connects not only on a functional level, but on an emotional and sensory level as well. Eastman has travelled the globe to bring innovative materials to this segment. From luxurious, extremely glass-like appearances to difficult-to-wrap items, Eastman™ copolyester technology is connecting brands to consumers in new and exciting ways. Learn how Europe has used Eastman Embrace™ copolyester to effectively turn packaging into 360* billboards for the Jack Daniels and Good Ol' Sailor brands. Or travel to Latin America to see how Ypioca Sport has moved from PVC to Eastar™ copolyester, creating a durable flask that provides a modern cachaça experience. In a design collaboration with Ziba, Eastman recently unveiled the TOPO Flask made with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. The thick-to-thin mold has the design community asking, "How did you do that?" When it comes to innovative packaging design, Eastman's materials are the perfect choice to maximize shelf-appeal with an unrivaled ability to put the sparkle in packaging for an impressive range of products.

Toray Plastics (America) New Market Commitments

Lauritz Goodrich, national sales manager with Toray Plastics (America), reveals to Yolanda Simonsis of Paper, Film & Foil Converter during Pack Expo 2012 some new markets his company is exploring that require renewed commitment to research and development for new products and future growth opportunities.

Griff Services Video

The Griff Network is global leader in providing high quality products and services to a mulititude of businesses ranging across a variety of industries. Watch our video to learn more about The Griff Network

Griff Decorative Films

Brief overview of The Griff Network's Decorative Films Division in Lakewood, NJ. This video contains information on Griff's decorative films and extrusion capabilities.

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