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Confirm quality at full speed with brighter, lighter LED strobes

See how a printing training center reduces waste by checking registration at each print station without slowing the press, and how a PET film supplier protects their reputation for quality.

FireGuard2 Intrinsically-Safe Tension Transducer Amplifier

The FireGuard2 Intinsically Safe tension signal amplifier measures process tension while providing peace of mind to converters, printers, coaters and laminators whose machines and operators may be exposed to flammable solvent vapor. The FireGuard2 is an Intrinsically Safe, UL listed electronic device for measuring process tension from a Class I Division I or 2* manufacturing area. FireGuard2 connects to tension transducers and a tension display installed in the hazardous area. By limiting energy delivered into the area below the level required for spark ignition, FireGuard2 significantly reduces the risk of fire and explosion when used with Dover’s UL approved tension transducers.

Unilux Strobes for Coated Film

See how Filmquest, the exclusive supplier of Questar™ PET film uses Unilux LED strobes to identify and respond to extremely small defects without stopping production.

QuadTech Tour Demo - Color Measurement System with SpectralCam™

A demonstration from the QuadTech Engineering Test Lab: The Color Measurement System for packaging and converting printers uses our innovative SpectralCam to accurately measure the spectral response and calculate L*a*b*, ΔE, Density and ΔDensity... all at full press speeds. Our optional high-resolution dot viewing gives your operators unprecedented ability to view dot reproduction and diagnose problems quickly. To see how we've taken a completely new approach to an old problem, be sure to also watch the video "Quad Tech Tour Demo - Stabilizing Film."

SENSIFLEX Tension Control Clutch Demonstration

For more information: A demonstration of the smooth operation and sensitivity of the Mach III 58PI SensiFlex tension control clutch. SensiFlex® clutches and brakes are designed for one purpose -- tension control. They are not standard clutches and brakes that have been repurposed as slip clutches by substituting a low coefficient friction pad. SensiFlex® clutches and brakes engage at low pressures and are capable of a broad range of torque output. They supply the processing flexibility demanded from today's label printing and narrow web converting machinery without sticking, pulsing or cogging.

EasyWeb Torque Controller

The EasyWeb Torque Controller is an open-loop control device for maintaining a set tension during web winding or unwinding operations for converters and package printers. Unlike DFE's tension controllers that take an input signal from tension transducers (load cells), web tension with the EasyWeb™ is maintained by controlling motor or brake torque based on the calculated variation of roll diameter as a roll is wound or unwound. An inertia compensation parameter is provided to obtain greater control of web tension during changes in line speed. The EasyWeb™ Torque Controller can accept input signals from a direct diameter sensor or can calculate diameter using line and roll speed signals. It's a lower cost alternative to DFE's transducer-based tension controllers.

V Brake Installation Walkthrough

Get up and running faster with one of the easiest brakes to install in the industry. See for yourself just how easy it is to install Montalvo's V Brake. Performance & Productivity combined.

Dover Flexo Electronics Debuts New EasyWeb Torque Controller

Mark Breen , Marketing Manager for Dover Flexo Electronics, demonstrates the company's new Easy Web open loop torque controller during CPP EXPO and explains when it's the right time to purchase a torque controller rather than a tension transducer or load cell.

QuadTech Tour Demo - Stabilizing Film

A demonstration from the QuadTech Engineering Test Lab: Measuring color inline on film has always presented problems with stabilizing the substrate, preventing corrugation, and providing a constant backing medium. QuadTech has taken a completely new approach to an old problem. Our patent-pending web stabilizer expands your ability to achieve accurate color faster on a variety of substrates.

Montalvo US4 Ultrasonic Sensor Calibration Instructions

A walk-through of how to calibrate your Montalvo US4 Ultrasonic Sensor

It's What's on the Outside that Counts

The POWER of BETTER, episode 1 Meet Laura Casale, staff engineer in program management at QuadTech. But she's also a mom who's very particular about the food she buys. Gluten-free, all the way. She understands the importance of packaging, and how the information impacts her buying decisions. The customers she works with are packaging printers, and their customers (CPG brands) are very particular about color accuracy, and the overall quality of their printed packaging. Because if it doesn't look good, it doesn't move off the shelf.

Montalvo Range Expander Demonstration & Details

Take a detailed look at how Range Expansion helps eliminate waste while increasing the capabilities of your machine to run a wider range of materials and tensions. This video walks you through the concepts of range expansion as well as provides a demonstration on how it works.

Montalvo Corp. Debuts New Web Tension Control Products

Bryon Williams, Marketing for Montalvo Corp., describes to PFFC's Yolanda Simonsis the company's new i4 Tension Indicator with push-button zeroing and calibration that connects with the new, highly sensitive RF Load Cell for very thin and delicate applications, and the X Series Load Cell for pulleys or cantilevered rolls allowing customization.

Blended infrastructure

Various Sercos III and EtherNet/IP devices can coexist within one network environment using a common Ethernet infrastructure on a single cable. Peter Lutz, managing director of Sercos International e.V. explains, how that works and how machine builders and users can benefit from this new conceptual approach. More information:

The V Pad - Productivity Defined.mp4

How do you measure productivity? Time spent changing the friction pads on your brakes can really add up, especially if maintaining multiple brakes. Montalvo's exclusive V Pad reduces maintenance time to mere seconds. See the definition of productivity!

LCR and TNT Convenience and Performance

Montalvo's LCR (Load Cell and Roller) and TNT epitomize convenience and performance

A4 Features Video

A in depth look and demonstration of the major features of Montalvo's A4 Digital Amplifier including push button zeroing and calibration, and automatic load cell fault detection.

Tidland PressureMax Airshaft Pressure Monitoring System

PressureMax from Tidland offers real-time air shaft and chuck monitoring to detect problems BEFORE they become critical. Reducing downtime and scrap while improving safety. Find out more at or 1-844-MAXCESS

Converting Paper Application Moisture Sensing from MoistTech Corp

Incorporate a moisture control system into your production line today to decrease human error and waste, providing higher quality products and increased productivity.

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