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Goldenrod Corporation: Who We Are

You've probably heard of our products or seen them in use around the converting industry, but we wanted to share more about who we are as a company. This video is a short introduction to Goldenrod Corporation, our key staff, and our central values. We are proud of our culture and our history here, and invite you to contact us after watching the video ( to learn even more!

Tidland Control Series Electronic Knifeholder

Valley Roller, Webex, Fife, Tidland and MAGPOWR Having a global presence means more than a responsive, convenient sales presence. It means a one-stop-shop for your web handling needs. With manufacturing and sales locations throughout North America, Europe, India and China, Maxcess offers an unrivaled presence worldwide. We are there where you need us, when you need us, anywhere in the world. By combining more than 340 years of global service and support across our storied brands of Fife, Tidland, MAGPOWR, Webex, Valley Roller, Menges Roller and Componex, nobody can match our expertise in web handling applications, innovation or customization.

Labelexpo America Preview 2018

Get a sneak peek at what Martin Automatic will be showing for Labelexpo America 2018.

Auto-Lock Safety Chuck by Double E - An Overview

An overview of Double E's Auto-Lock™ Safety Chuck, the World's Safest Safety Chuck™ featuring a unique Fail-Safe Closing™ mechanism. Increase safety and efficiency with the Double E Auto-Lock Safety Chuck

Elite Cameron Product Range

Elite Cameron Product Range - Join the Winning Team. For more information on our product range or to discuss your application contact our sales team below: Email - Telephone UK - +44 (0)1823 283411 Telephone US - (207) 894-7016 Website - We specialize in versatile Slitting and Rewinding, Coating and Laminating Machines capable of processing delicate materials such as non-wovens, flexible packaging, self-adhesive tapes and laminates, papers, foils, rubber and plastics. Types of Slitter Rewinders We Offer • Center surface slitter rewinders • Duplex slitter rewinders • Surface slitter rewinders • Turret slitter rewinders Our Ancillary range includes Manual and Automatic Core Cutters, Automatic Knife Systems, Laser Core and Knife Positioning Systems and our Patented Differential Rewind shafts all of which are available for retro-fit on to other makes of equipment. We have an experienced team of engineers with a wealth of application knowledge who adopt a fresh approach with new and unique concepts to solve your web processing problems. Connect With US:

Martin Automatic Unwinds and Rewinds

Martin Automatic Inc specializes in high performance splicing, rewinding and tension control systems.

Goldenrod Differential Shafts Video HD

This video highlights Goldenrod Corporations line of differential shafts. It will give you a brief overview of the product line and its advantages.

Elite Cameron CW250 250mm Rewind Diameter on 1" Cores Elite Cameron has over 90 years experience of manufacturing and supplying web processing equipment, around the world, including the CW range of slitter rewinders Film / Foil Films and foils can have properties that make them sensitive to over-tensioning, wrinkling or tearing. Because of our experience with tension control, web handling, and differential winding, our converter-sized equipment has gained a reputation for quality, reliability, and flexibility.

Custom Laminator Rewind Cut-To-Length 213039

This application required a system with an unwind roll having the following dimensions of 3" core, 18" or less OD, up to 8" wide weighing under 50 lbs. Our Solution Model# UD1 Dancer Unwind/Rewind Stations ( Unwind/rewind are cantilever design Unit is powered by a variable speed motor and drive Drive motor maintains a consistent loop of material The dancer assembly will feed back the motor control creating consistent tension Rocker switch allows the unit to change direction for easy setup and versatility. Unit can handle a roll of material with a maximum OD of 18", a maximum width of 8" on a 3" ID core weighing less than 50 lbs AZCO SUR-FEED Roll Feed Assembly Precision ground urethane drive rollers advance the material Top idler roller is spring-loaded Precision ground ball bearings, which require no lubrication A guide will help direct the material through the unit Linear ball bearing bushings Idler rollers will guide the web through the system from the unwind, through the feeder assembly to the rewind Base Plate ½" thick aluminum plate clear anodized Integrated system where each unit is aligned for accurate tracking Adjustable leveling screws Free standing assembly is available #AZCO Find more information here: See more information on custom rewind machines at the link here: Watch these videos on other custom machines that can be outiftted with other components: Follow us on your favorite social platform! Facebook: LinkedIn: Google+ :

Goldenrod Maintenance Video HD

Goldenrod Corporation walks through the basic maintenance of one of their air bladder shafts. Change your bladder in under 2 minutes!

KAMPF Autoslit III - Dual Turret Slitter Rewinder

The slitting and turret- winding machine Autoslit III is the logical advancement of the world wide leader, Conslit, ideal for larger orders. The fully automatic operation produces high volume output using KAMPF's dual turret technolgy with winding on four shafts. The Autoslit III produces the highest quality finished rolls so that films, refined papers and laminates can be produced further at highest precision and productivity.

A400 Multi-Diameter Core Cutter from Appleton Manufacturing Division

A400 Multi-Diameter Core Cutter from Appleton Manufacturing Division

Appleton Mfg - Instant Diameter Change

Our Patented Instant Diameter Change (IDC) System permits the operator to change diameters without changing out the mandrel. This system will fit existing S200 & S210 Semi-Automatics; A300, A301, A350, A360 & A400 Automatics, P500 and P510 Programmable Core Cutters.

Custom Shear Cut Traveling Knife Assembly 213067

SHEAR CUT TRAVELING KNIFE ASSEMBLY Cuts flexible material 1400mm wide and 3mm-55mm thick Fairfield, NJ -- May 12, 2014-- AZCO Corporation has designed a shear cut traveling knife assembly ideal for material 1400mm wide and 3mm-55mm thick. This cut to length unit is built to feed the material all the way through the knife assembly. A precision ground urethane drive top roller supplies a force which provides positive traction between the material and the drive system. The brushless servo motor provides high accuracy and low maintenance. A 1400mm [55"] traveling knife assembly shear cuts the material to size. The knife assembly is servo driven with linear guides for extra strength and support. Easy to use, the unit can be bolted right into an existing process. A color touch screen is used to set up the unit. PLC controls run the servo motor drive and the entire process. To interface the unit to the process, a loop sensor is used. When material is present, the unit will operate; if there is no material, it will wait. Requires 110V AC single phase power, 15 amp current, and 80psi compressed air. AZCO Corp. has over 30 years experience developing solutions for a wide range of feeding and cutting applications. They offer cutting edge, field proven systems and components that are easily adapted to meet the needs of the most complex applications. AZCO Corp. will provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for you. #AZCO For more on this, visit: Follow the link below to learn more about shear cutting: A knife assembly and shear cutting machines help shear cut materials with precision, watch more here: Follow us on your favorite social platform! Facebook: LinkedIn: Google+ :

Test Strip Cutter from Rolls

Rolls of material will be loaded onto an unwind that will allow for quick and easy loading. After unwound, the web will travel through a dancer assembly that will be used to help monitor web tension and increase overall cut consistency. The roll feed will push the material into the knife assembly. There will be material guides and a registration eye to see the markings on each strip. The material can be indexed based on either dimensions or a registration mark on the material. The knife assembly will shear the material and it will place onto the conveyor. #AZCO Find a test strip cutter here: Check out the link below to see other test strip cutter machines: Strip cutter machines can be fed in numerous ways from rolls or sheets, check out the videos below: Follow us on your favorite social platform! Facebook: LinkedIn: Google+ :

Rotary Knife Assembly MC-110

Our compact rotary knife cartridge is reliable and easy to install. It features an extended shaft with a gear, pulley or direct motor drive. This smaller, shear cut unit offers clean, precise cuts on film, foil, paper, non-woven and most flexible materials. It has a built in modular configuration so it can be easily incorporated into new machines or inserted into an existing process. Mounting holes are provided so you can bolt it in. The output shaft is provided to be driven or we could install a drive package for you. We can customize our standard designs to meet your requirements. #AZCO Find this product here: To learn more on rotary knife assemblies: Knife assembly components help make any cutting job go smoothly, watch more in action at these links: Follow us on your favorite social platform! Facebook: LinkedIn: Google+ :

Guillotine Knife Assembly GC Series

The midrange knife assemblies cut a variety of materials from 250mm to 630mm. Their compact shape allows them to be incorporated into automated machinery. A heavier duty model is available. #AZCO Examples of our GC Series available: Other cutter machines and more can be found at the link below: Look at the following links to see more guillotine knife assemblies: Follow us on your favorite social platform! Facebook: LinkedIn: Google+ :

Guillotine Knife Assembly GO Series

AZCO offers complete, modular guillotine knife assemblies ready to install as stand-alone or in-line units. These units can be mounted in any position for convenient operation. They cut a wide variety of flexible materials such as film, foil, paper, light gauge metals (.25mm/01 in.), non-wovens, foam rubber, ribbon cables, and many others. The small SUR-CUT knife assemblies are widely used for cutting various strips of flexible materials. The open frame design gives easy access to the material. Mounting holes allow quick installation. #AZCO Examples of GO Series offered: See more cutter machines at the link below: Check out other videos at the following links: Follow us on your favorite social platform! Facebook: LinkedIn: Google+ :

The Faustel PerfectStart Rewind Transfer

The Faustel PerfectStart™ is a patented core-to-core rewind transfer system that allows a running web to transfer to a new core on the fly. PerfectStart™ transfer units leave no tail, eliminating waste, and have been used effectively for fold-free transfer of a wide variety of material types, thicknesses, and widths.

Wide Web Slitting Pro 407

Pro® 407 is a double coated polyester film tape coated on both sides with an aggressive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Pro® 407 is used for bonding to polyethylene and polypropylene and many other plastic or paper surfaces. Pro® 407 is commonly used for indoor mounting of signs, plaques and trim. Slitting directly from master or jumbo rolls using a wide web slitter is the most cost effective slitting method. Pro Tapes® has eleven wide web slitting units of which six are fully automated. Some advantages of wide web slitting are yield per spin (higher output), less waste/scrap, and the best quality.

Contract Converting Capabilities Virtual Tour

We hope to host you for an in-person tour in the near future, but until then, please feel free to contact us with any opportunities we can assist you with! About Our Facility: With headquarters in North Brunswick, New Jersey, Pro Tapes & Specialties® operates out of a 150,000 sq. ft. facility, equipped with a full range of state-of-the art converting and custom packaging equipment. From fully automatic high speed wide-web slitters to precision rotary die-cut and flatbed presses, Pro Tapes® has invested profoundly in equipment and technology designed specifically for the conversion and packaging of pressure sensitive tapes.

NEPATA UA770 30" Coreless Rewinder

The NEPATA UA770 Coreless is a 30" high performance rewinder engineered to support rewinds with or without a paper core. Expand your converting capability with the UA770 Coreless Rewinder from NEPATA. Engineered to rewind media up to 77cm or 30 inches in width without a paper core yielding an inner core diameter after rewinding of approximately 35mm or 1.40 inches. The UA770 features a pneumatically activated tension shaft that clamps the material securely for rewinding. When the rewind is complete, the shaft reduces in size so the converted roll can be removed with ease. The UA770 also includes the NEPATA pre-feeding unit with a digital measuring system, optical edge detection sensor, and an automatic crosscutter that cuts the material after the rewind process. The coreless rewinder accurately and quickly measures film rolls with a maximum diameter of 400mm or 16 inches while cutting exact short rolls up to a diameter of 100mm or 4 inches. Fully compatible with NEPATA ConvertPlus2 software, providing full control over converting workflow, including ERP integration, bar code scanning, lot number traceability, and label printing. The UA770 also includes a touch panel display to configure operating modes and systems settings.

NEPATA UA1650 Converting Center

The UA1650 ADWS is the most successful and established converting center for film media worldwide. Equipped with high precision rewinding and automatic cross cutting, the UA1650 ADWS supports exact slitting, rewinding and cross cutting of media. Film rolls with a maximum diameter of up to 16in may be mounted as master rolls. Rolls with a maximum diameter of 280mm / 11in may be rewound, the maximum diameter for slitting rolls is 280mm / 7.87in. The maximum media width for rewinding is 1650mm / 65in, whereas rolls with a width up to 1900mm / 75in may be slit. Top converters and distributors around the globe use the UA1650 ADWS to process a wide range of media including, self-adhesive films, sandblasting films, masking films, vehicle wrap films, magnetic films, flex films, flock films, heat transfer films (HTM), banner material, photo paper, papers, wall paper, reflective films, mesh, dye sublimation transfer paper, digital magnetic window tint film (Suncare Select, MAC, SOLYX, 3M Fasara, MADICO), canvas, leather and more.

Dienes High Speed Positioning Industrial Machine

Dienes High Speed Positioning Industrial Machinery is nothing but innovative quality equipment that will help give users the "cutting edge" over the competition. As a leading manufacturer of slitting machines, industrial knives, and slitting equipment, Dienes takes pride on having the “cutting edge”.

eXTRASLIT: The Fully Electric Slitter Rewinder for Converting Films

LAEM IMS Slitter rewinders: discover eXTRASLIT the fully electric slitter rewinder, with modular design, able to converting a large variety of films and flexible packaging materials.

RIBOSLIT 4: The Compact Double Turret Slitter Rewinder for the Flexible Packaging Industry

LAEM IMS Slitter rewinders: introducing RIBOSLIT 4 compact, double turret slitter rewinder ideal for both film manufacturers and converters in film and flexible packaging industry.

RB 4: Dual Shaft Turret Slitter Rewinder for Quick Cycle Times

LAEM IMS Slitter rewinders: RB4 is a centre-driven slitter rewinder designed for film manufacturers and converters who need to produce several finished reels of relatively small- diameters.

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