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Webex Centers of Excellence- One Source for Precision Rolls

A behind the scenes look into our Centers of Excellence, where we manufacture Precision Rolls from Webex including Heat Transfer Rolls and Chill Rolls, Idler Rolls, Spreader Rolls, Rubber Covered Rolls, Flaking Rolls and more. In addition, we repair your precision rolls. Having a global presence means more than a responsive, convenient sales presence. It means a one-stop-shop for your web handling needs. With manufacturing and sales locations throughout North America, Europe, India and China, Maxcess offers an unrivaled presence worldwide. We are there where you need us, when you need us, anywhere in the world. By combining more than 340 years of global service and support across our storied brands of Fife, Tidland, MAGPOWR, Webex, Valley Roller, Menges Roller and Componex, nobody can match our expertise in web handling applications, innovation or customization.

Menges Roller Company - Heat Transfer & Chill Rollers

Menges Roller Company is a leader in the design, fabrication and finishing of heat transfer rollers. Our acclaimed CFD Thermal Modeling Technology won AIMCAL's "Technology of the Year Award." We guarantee our rolls will perform as planned, with temperature variances of just +/-1 degree. Our high-performance heat transfer rolls (sometimes called chill rolls) optimize the outcome of many processes - from extruding and laminating applications to coating and curing processes. Located in northeast Illinois, we serve OEMs and converters worldwide. The Menges Team works directly with design engineers and plant managers: we design, fabricate, finish and deliver custom-made thermal rollers to meet their specific process requirements. Menges offers an array of finishes, from chrome-plated mirror finishes to specialty offerings in nickel, tungsten carbide and black chrome. So watch the video, then give us a call: 847-487-8877, or check us on the web at

Menges Roller Company - Extra Large Industrial Rollers

Menges Roller Company is a leader in industrial rollers, specializing in heat transfer rollers (chill rolls), rubber & elastomer-covered rollers, and large-sized process rollers. This video covers Menges Roller's products & services surrounding large process rollers. With a capacity that extends to over 30 feet (10 meters), Menges Roller offers a range of large-format roller design, fabrication, maintenance, recover and repair services. For more information, contact Menges Roller at 847-487-8877 or check

JEMMCO LLC at Converters Expo 2013

Jeff Opad,, VP of JEMMCO, LLC, describes to PFFC's editorial director Yolanda Simonsis new roller coverings. Included is the RS200 high release rubber sleeve with excellent release properties; the RS100 new sleeve material for a very economical roller covering alternative; and the HST (heat-shrink Teflon) sleeve roller covering for easy cleaning in such applications as printing idler rolls or extrusion lip nip rolls.

Menges Roller Company - About Us Overview

This video describes Menges Roller's history, leadership and key product offerings. We are leaders in heat transfer rollers, covered industrial rollers, and large-format process rollers for a variety of industrial applications. Menges Roller serves the plastics, paper, non-wovens and allied metals markets with new industrial rollers and a wealth of refurbishing services for existing rollers. Located just north of Chicago, Menges Roller Company serves converters throughout North America and in key global markets. Our heat transfer roller are known as the best in the industry, and Menges Roller won a Technology of the Year Award from AIMCAL for our work using CFD Thermal Modeling technology to design heat transfer rollers. For more details, contact Menges Roller at 847-487-8877, or check our website:

Menges Roller Company - Rubber Rollers

Menges Roller Company is a leader in the design, fabrication, refurbishing and recovering of industrial rollers for the plastics, paper and allied metal industries. This video highlights Menges Roller's products & services surrounding rubber and elastomer-covered rollers. Menges Roller has a large in-house rubber department where we develop & test new compounds, cover new rollers and re-cover existing rollers, and complete secondary services such as grooving, serrating, crown profiling and balancing services. Menges has won several awards for our rollcover technology, and we can cover industrial rollers with any of dozens of compounds featuring silicone, rubber, urethane or synthetic chemistries. For more information on Menges Roller Company, call 847-487-8877 (US tel) or go to

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