Encoder Self-Diagnoses

The MNI40 Incremental Rotary Encoder features intelligent diagnostics suitable for a wide range of applications. Magnetic, noncontact encoder delivers

Measure Color Precisely

The SpectroDens Premium color instrument package offers speeds of 1 sec/measurement; high accuracy; precise feedback for accurate color adjustments and

Measure Battery Coatings Accurately

Company announces enhancements to the Spot-On software platform for its TDi (Total Distributed Intelligence) System, helping battery makers operate their

Detect Odors

The AromaTrax GCMS-Olfactometry System combines state-of-the-art technology with the human nose to identify specific chemical odorants down to parts per

Viscometer Is Rugged

The AST-100 in-line viscometer has no moving parts, simple Clean-In-Place design, rugged 316 SS construction, and compact size for easy installation.

High Cooling Power Is Available

The X10 Mini-Loop heat exchanger uses facility water to cool one side of the heat exchanger while de-ionized water (or a coolant of choice) on the second

Monitor & Control Temperature

Gold Series single-wavelength IR temperature sensors provide reading measurement accuracy to 0.25% for monitoring and controlling product quality and

Sensor Agreement Is Reported

TWINSBURG, OH | Pepperl+Fuchs, Mannheim, Germany, has signed an agreement with Siemens Industry Automation Div., Nuremburg, Germany, to acquire Siemens'

Sensors for Many Applications

Cylindrical (tubular) magnetic proximity sensors designated PRX+3800 (Form B) and PRX+3900 (Form C) are said to deliver the advantages of reed switch

LED-Based Densitometers Are User Friendly

XPress densitometers offer advantages of LED technology, including instant, automatic 1/10 sec measuring with no buttons to press for density, dot gain,

Blown Film: Measuring Melt Temps

Blown film producers are challenged by the continual search for high-value-added products to bring to their portfolios. Often, these products are in small

Blender Now Has Lift

The Weigh Scale Blender now features a patented Pneumatic Loader Lift that raises a platform on which loaders are mounted, allowing access to material

Sensors in AC/DC

Econo-Vue photoelectric sensors now are offered in AC/DC versions. Series is offered in five sensing modes and more than 100 models. Said to be likely

Analyze Powder Flow

The Powder Flow Tester reportedly delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior. It also can perform QC checks on incoming materials, quickly

Get Infinitely Adjustable Air

Long Super Air Knives produce a laminar sheet of air flow to blow off, dry, or cool surfaces to 96 in. Compact, energy-efficient design minimizes compressed

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