Optimize Assets

The ProcessMaster magmeter can help maximize asset optimization when integrated with an asset management solution. Reported benefits include superior

Log Data Accurately

The TR-77Ui data logger features a range from 0%-99% RH and an expanded temperature range from -30 to +80 deg C. Compact, lightweight unit has an RH accuracy

Measure Simultaneously

The Oriel IQE-200 permits simultaneous measurement of both the external quantum efficiency and the internal quantum efficiency of solar cells, detectors,

Cool Air for Blown Film

Redesigned blown film air coolers offer improved performance, energy efficiency, and reduced space requirements, company says. Compact design features

Choose Data Logger Features

Data Logger Selection Guide provides multiple selection factors, including instrument displays, remote probe availability, alarm options, wireless/Ethernet/battery-operated

QC for Nips

During tough economic times, it may be tempting to reduce quality control to cut costs. However, Dolph Beyer, an engineer with Mohawk Fine Papers, asserts

Load Cell Is Sensitive

The U-25 Series load cell is small and sensitive and has been designed for harsh environments. Said to be well suited to specialty converting processes,

Protect Machinery

The TL Series pneumatically engaged, single-position torque limiters are said to deliver superior overload protection for industrial machinery. Several


Pouch Machine Saves Scrap The 750 servo pouch machine uses a single web of film to produce two-up, stand-up resealable pouches. Uses less scrap than multiple

Picking Up the Pace

As press manufacturers continue to introduce presses that can run faster in theory but not necessarily in practice it falls to the manufacturers of register

Parallel Protocol

Roll alignment is a requirement for every converting process that produces some sort of web, film, or coating. When a machine is first installed, each

NDC Introduces X-Ray Coating Weight Gauging Solution

NDC Infrared Engineering has introduced SPOT-ON, a new X-Ray coating weight gauging solution for accurate differential coat weight measurement.

How to Drive a Winding Roll

What is the best way to drive a winding roll? You have three choices: from the surface, from the center, or both.

Driving Performance

Mondi Packaging Heerlen (formerly Akrosil Europe) is a vibrant example of how change and the subsequent growth it can bring is critical to a company's

NDC Infared Awarded Grant to Develop Non-Nuclear Gauges

NDC Infrared Engineering has been awarded funding by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop new technologies that reduce industry’s reliance on radioactive isotopes.

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