A Menu for Thickness Control

Some applications require a heavy coating weight of an adhesive, coating, or primer, but others might require a lower coating weight. The choice depends on the particular adhesive, coating, or primer in use and the final application.

What's Driving Your Operation

Performance, safety, and user-friendly are just a few of the buzzwords coming up in conversations about today’s drive controls.

You're Too Tense!

When planning to purchase tension controls, there is a lot for the converter to consider. "It's not just as easy as buying brand X controller and throwing it on your system and away you go." Here are some of the important questions to consider.

In Defense of Control Freaks

Control freaks, flaunt your obsession! You will be doing yourselves, your companies, and your customers a huge favor.

Getting it Right, the First Time

Sorting good from bad is a pretty basic part of any manufacturing process, and according to Bob Chiricosta, marketing manager at Cognex, Natick, MA, that’s why most converters begin the process of investigating web inspection.

Printing: Italian Style

Converters in Italy use BST's print process management system to gain a competitive edge.

The Rx for RH

Remember the converting problems you had last winter? Reducing them this year might be easier than you think.

Embedded Control

Drives and controllers come together to meet user demands for high performance, greater flexibility, and cost-effective control.

Fun with Force Gauges

In today's world of high-tech electronic gadgets, a force gauge may seem unglamorous, but I hope to convince you a force gauge is something you should have and use.

Futec to Show Latest Advances in Automated Web Inspection at Drupa

Futec plans to show its latest in automated web inspection equipment at Drupa this year, including the EasyMax, KaleidoEye, and the MaxEye. Visit Futec at futec.co.uk.

Just Rolling Along

Optimize production rates and control costs with a rolling ring linear driver system.

Testing Equipment: Does Your Lab Measure Up?

Performance. It's a key word for converters whose products have to meet rigorous standards and customer expectations. To predict product performance or

Measure Pressure with Thin Film

Tactile pressure-sensor films offer converters an easy pressure-measuring tool.

Minimize Slip of AC Induction Motors

The AC induction motor often is referred to as the workhorse of the industry, but there are inherent limitations of the AC induction motor—no constant speed and no speed control.

Servo Savings

Ward/Kraft, a private, nationally known manufacturer of business forms, labels, and documents, also manufactures all its own machinery in-house. Five years ago, the company conducted a cost/benefit analysis comparing line-shafted and servo driven machines.

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