Nonwoven Laminations: Absorb Profit

Tranquility adult disposable incontinence products are the flagship brand of Principle Business Enterprises, Dunbridge, OH. A roll of the nonwoven material

Monitor Heating Surfaces

Thermex temperature distribution film is described as an economical thin film for use in virtually any application to monitor heated contacting surfaces

Mocon Installs Permeation Units at High-Altitude Tibetan Lab

Mocon, Inc. recently installed oxygen and water vapor permeation units in a Lhasa, Tibet, pharmaceutical testing laboratory. Located at 11,450 ft, the 2-mile+, above sea-level location, represents Mocon’s highest altitude installation

Measure Accurately

The OptiMike OM190 optical micrometer provides direct, noncontacting, single-sided thickness measurement. Technique does not penetrate the product surface

Rheometer Now Features USB Connectivity

The Brookfield DV-III Ultra Rheometer now features USB connectivity. Company's applications software, Rheocalc and Rheoloader, has been upgraded to recognize this new communications capability

Sensor Helps Produce Flat Film

The FG710S IR optical sensor measures the thickness of clear, filled, voided, and pearlized films with a patented optical design, selection of discrete

Switches for Safety

Interlock switches are designed for safety applications for the automation and specialty machine market. Switches are used to protect personnel by monitoring

Brakes Hold Securely

The RB Series, Generation II linear profile guide rail brakes for stopping and holding in e-stop and power-off situations are said to deliver high spring

Test Powder with Updates

Powder Flow Pro V1.1 is an updated version of company's automated software used to control its Powder Flow Tester. Changes include a modified test method

Sensors for Tight Spaces

Right Angle LVDT Linear position sensors offer shortened unit length and resistance to debris for operation in tight spaces with environmental contaminants.

Mocon Receives Leader in Packaging Honor

MOCON, Inc., has just received a leadership honor from Packaging World magazine in the inspection/testing category. Packaging World's 2010 Leadership in Packaging program

Measure Multiple Components

The InfraSpec VFA-IR spectrometer is well suited for handling multiple flexible film measurements with one instrument. This spectral range analyzer utilizes

Measure Straightness To Aid Efficiency

The Microgage 2D system measures straightness to improve operating efficiency and reduce downtime. Said to be compact and easy to set up, product combines

Dispense Adhesive with Automation

The Volumetrix adhesive dispenser uses positive displacement pumps that have no pulsation, automatic calibration, configurable dispense methods, including

Digital Gauge Quick & Easy

The PG10 digital pressure gauge is called simple to set up and operate. Standard features include tare, peak hold, and max-min readings, as well as user-selectable

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