Montalvo Among First to 'Play Tag'

GORHAM. ME | The Montalvo Corp., international specialists in industrial web control systems, is adding to the ways it provides customer support by using the Microsoft Tag system. President Ed Montalvo says he believes Montalvo is among the first in the industry to do so.

“It’s in keeping with our corporate philosophy to stay ahead of today’s technology and to provide the best possible service to our customers,” he says.

The Tags, a product of Microsoft, is a new type of bar code that, when viewed through the camera of today’s smart phones, will scan the Tag and automatically connect to the linked webpage or document for that specific Tag.

Montalvo is using Tags on its controllers and other products, so an operator can simply take a picture of that Tag and instantly find the entire operating manual for the product on his/her phone. Montalvo is also using Tags in its print advertising to  lead a reader to a product data sheet.

The Tag System is a free application, available to anyone from the Microsoft website or from the smart phone marketplace. It operates as a scanable bar code, designed specifically to be read by mobile phones. Tags can provide access to websites, promotions, product information, videos, and other information. Each Tag is specific to a particular piece of information.

The Tag application can be downloaded to a customer’s phone by visiting: .  Or it can be downloaded via .  Once installed on a smart phone, a Tag can be scanned and its information viewed.

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