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Harper Corporation of America Presents at NPIRI Summer Course

CHARLOTTE, NC | Tony Donato, Product Development Engineer at Harper Corporation of North America, recently presented at an NPIRI Summer Course held at The Sunoco Institute at Clemson University, Clemson, S.C. from July 15-20, 2018.

The course brought together around 50 attendees, who work as ink formulators and ink development professionals and were interested in learning the press processes and elements that interact with ink. The course covered the full spectrum of flexo and gravure printing, lamination and converting processes, including observation of flexo and digital press runs; flexo plate making and mounting; substrates for surface and reverse printing and lamination; proofing and printability demonstrations; and anilox discussion and application.

Donato led the anilox discussion and application portion covering the purpose of anilox, what is necessary for anilox printing and how to choose the appropriate anilox. He provided insight into the basics of the mechanical dimensional requirements including roundness, taper and T.I.R. cell count (CPI) and volume (BCM), as well as the ratios of anilox cells to plate dots. Furthermore, attendees learned about the ratio between pigment size and cell opening for pearlescents and metallics.

A major focus of discussion was also explaining why BCM controls color and why cell count is tied to the plate screen. Donato also emphasized the importance of proper anilox handling, cleaning and storage.

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