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Tension Control

Controller Offers Ethernet Connection

Designed for precise closed loop tension control, the Spyder is capable of controlling web tension in unwind, rewind, point-to-point, or dancer applications. It measures tension from one or more Magpowr load cells and outputs a corrective analog signal to control a torque device. Its reduced size means it can be hidden away in an enclosure or underneath the machine. With its Ethernet connection, the Spyder can be viewed on a web browser for remote troubleshooting, programming, and/or data collection. Additionally, the Spyder provides an analog input for manual level setpoint; control inputs for run/stop, auto/manual, tension on/off, and E-stop; and a 0-1mADC meter output proportional to measured tension. The Spyder is a cost effective, easy-to-use control capable of delivering advanced features such as adjustable taper tension to nearly any application.
Magpowr | 800-624-7697|

Tension Controller Combines Control, Keypad

The compact WebHandler 3 combines automated closed loop process tension control with an easy-to-use keypad interface. It maintains a pre-selected tension set point by measuring web tension from a tension transducer, then sending a compensating signal to a device such as a pneumatic brake, clutch, or DC drive. This closed loop capability improves process consistency and productivity. Features include touchpad setup and calibration, job setup storage and recall, and LCD scroll-through of an array of simple-to-activate functions including push-button rezero. Controller features soft start and bumpless auto/manual switching. Automatically compensates for speed changes, roll diameter changes, and other factors to maintain desired tension. Ten different measurement units are available for expressing a tension reading on the digital display.
Dover Flexo Electronics | 603-332-6150 |

Output Directly Into Controller

Ultra ISC tension tranducer directly outputs a ±10VDC signal into a controller, PLC, PAC, drive, or local I/O. Signal outputs are zeroed, scaled, and summed (if a pair of transducers is used) by software. Transducer is shipped preset with 0V representing no load and 10V representing the full rating of the transducer. All units include an Integrated Signal Conditioner (ISC) that is embedded directly in the “Ultra” type load cells.
Cleveland Motion Controls |216-524-8800 |

Dancer Controller Is Accurate

The DTI-3400 dancer controller with web tension indication provides a higher standard of tension control by combining the storage and shock absorption capabilities of a dancer with the accurate, repeatable results of a load cell system. Control is provided by Progressive PID circuitry, which regulates the output to the unwind brake and maintains the position of the dancer arm. Signal provided by the load cells is displayed on the analog tension meter. Actual web tension is used by the operator to adjust the load on the dancer arm and maintain the desired tension.
The Montalvo Corp. | 207-856-2501 |

Control System Is Integrated

Integrated Tension Systems package all electrical and pneumatic components in a single, ready-to-mount, NEMA-style enclosure. EP Series allows quick connection to pneumatic brakes; EL Series does the same for electromagnetic powder brakes. Typically contains the new T-One controller, an E/P converter, air pressure gauges, and manual override dials. T-One controller offers three P.I.D. settings for acceleration, running, and deceleration to maintain consistent tension relative to line speed.
Double E Company | 508-588-8099 |

Tension Amplifier Is Digital

EMGZ309 Series digital tension measuring amplifiers with EtherNet/IP connectivity are available in DIN rail mount, panel mount, and wall mount versions. They are galvanically isolated, offer both current and voltage outputs, and have built-in signal filtering capability. Microprocessor controlled for high performance at any application speed.
FMS USA | 847-392-7872 |

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