Anti-counterfeiting Technologies for Packaging

Adding Taggants, Hidden Indicia, and Color-Changing Pigments Provides Valuable Protection against Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting has become a worldwide epidemic and the dangers it poses are vast.

The problem of counterfeit products cuts across industries and can be found in a wide range of diverse product types. Some of the key industries most vulnerable to counterfeiting include automotive parts, alcohol, computer hardware, mobile phones, packaged foods, personal goods, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco products.

While there are no “silver bullets” for dealing with counterfeiting, there are strategies, options and techniques commonly used across industries to address brand protection issues.

Sun Chemical is a global ink manufacturer with an integrated brand-protection business. This white paper will show how Its expertise in packaging, printing and security, and its diverse brand-protection product portfolio and presence around the world, can help resolve counterfeiting issues on packaging for any multinational brand.

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Methods and Design Considerations for the Application of Hot Melt Coatings
- Written by New Era Converting Machinery’s Tom Lombardo and Bob Pasquale.

As the use of hot melt coatings continues to grow and evolve so too have the operating parameters and requirements for applying these coatings. This article covers several of the coating methods currently used to apply hot melts, including a review of the typical operating parameters and conditions for each method. as well as the associated advantages or disadvantages. Additionally, we discuss the critical features that should be incorporated into the design of the application system. Though we touch upon the systems that are used to melt and deliver the hot melts to the coater, we do not cover them in any detail.

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Using Specialty Coatings to Help Packaging Stand Out in the Grocery Aisle

Sun Chemical’s SunInspire Coatings Engage the Senses to Grab Attention of Shoppers

Traditionally, packaging was developed and used for purely functional purposes, including the transport, storage and protection of everyday goods. Now we live in a different world where packaging drives sales, communication, advertising, branding, and product security.

Shelf appeal has long been at the heart of marketing campaigns, but simple glossy coatings alone no longer add the differentiation needed to stand out on a shelf. Sun Chemical’s SunInspire specialty coatings featured in this white paper can add value to the finished package, booklet, report or sales item by providing a differentiating property. These specialty coatings will entice interest and lead to increased sales if printers are willing to experiment with their equipment configurations.

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Mid-Web Flexo Press Answers Shift to More SKUs, Shorter Runs
- By Wallace Nard, president and owner, KYMC America
First of a Three-part Series

A newly introduced MidCentral (mid-web) flexo CI press responds with an ideal solution for SKU proliferation while reducing capital investment for a faster profitability in short runs.

By the end of 2015, the baby boomer generation will be 76 million members strong, with male boomers’ life expectancy at 75 years old, and female boomers living to nearly 80 years old. This aging demographic is projected to control 53 percent of the ~$700 billion spent on groceries. On the other end of the age spectrum is the on-the-go Millennial generation. Both demographics have contributed to the rise in the number of single-person households, which has created the need for smaller portion-packs and ready-to-eat foods. Of course, there are the existing consumers that are looking for products in convenience packaging as well.

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How a Full Lineup of Coatings Can Transform Packaging

Coatings Enhance Packaging, Engage the Senses, Increase Functionality, Create Impact

The demands placed upon packaging today far exceed anything that existed just a few decades ago. In addition to appealing graphics and colors that help packaging pop off the shelf, packaging may need to meet a variety of requirements including: regulatory standards to keep food and consumers safe, less weight, extended shelf life, recyclability, consumer access to more complex information, and more.

To provide solutions to these needs, Sun Chemical has developed a full lineup of coatings for all types of packaging to enhance, reinforce and reduce packaging materials. Although not readily visible and seldom recognized by consumers, coatings bring unique and economical attributes which allow today’s packaging to perform as well as it does.

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