Label PRomotion

Label PRomotion | Content Marketing, PR Complement One Another

Marketing expert Mark Lusky offers 3 tips to help you rev up your reputation and credibility in the marketplace

Label PRomotion | What Is Labeling's Top Purpose: Promotion or Information?

Mark Lusky offers a few guidelines to consider when it comes to what should be said on a product label.

Label PRomotion | Brand Design Shifts from Good Looks to Good Feelings

Marketing communications expert Mark Lusky offers three tips to rethinking your branding in light of the movement toward "humanized" design

Label PRomotion | Labels Need to Embellish Personal Experience

Here are three simple steps product manufacturers can take to help ensure good PR—personal relations—with prospects and present customers alike

Label PRomotion | Reports of Print's Demise Prove Greatly Exaggerated

Just as the advent of television didn’t destroy the appeal of print communications, digital won’t relegate it to the junk heap either.

Label PRomotion | Labeling Marijuana, Edibles Leaves Room for Promotion

Here are 3 ideas to consider for branding in an industry that initially requires no promotion

Label PRomotion | Keywords Can Make, Break Reputation

As consumers become much more savvy about ingredients, product manufacturers would be wise to examine their claims

Label PRomotion | Shock Value: Yea or Nay?

Can label shock value give a product's audience a reason to buy?

Label PRomotion | When Labels Are the Story

Here are three tips that can help trigger ideas for your customers' labels

Label PRomotion | Use Labels To Encourage User Reviews

Labels can provide one excellent channel for encouraging reviews and suggestions for improvement

Label PRomotion | Label Errors Generate PR—But Not the Kind You Want

There’s an old adage that any PR is good PR—that exposure is valuable regardless of the reasons. I beg to differ

Label PRomotion | Custom Labels Can Extend PR Influence, Impact

PR pro Mark Lusky offers 5 ways to use labels to expand and reinforce communication

PRoactive Labels | Make PR Progress in Your Workplace

PR efforts with your staff and suppliers can prove a very valuable complement to customer and shareholder relationship-building.

PRoactive | Negative Reviews Can Be Your Best Friend

PR pro Mark Lusky offers 6 tips on how to handle negative feedback from online reviews

PRoactive | PR-Always Important, Ever Evolving

This isn't your mother's PR. Company reputations can be built and burned in a day.

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